Alpinestars KMX-9 V2 Kart Suit Review

The Alpinestars KMX-9 V2 Kart Suit features excellent materials that ensure a feeling of lightness, comfort, durability, and safety. It has a two-layer construction that is designed to provide kart drivers with exactly what they need to do their absolute best on the race track. The race suit allows for a great range of motion, without feeling too restricted.

As the name suggests, the KMX-9 V2 is an updated version of the previous Alpinestars KMX-9 karting suit. The newer V2 race suit comes with necessary improvements and certifications to make it the default choice for intermediate to professional kart racers. Moreover, it fits nicely into the mid-high price bracket thanks to its high-quality construction and it’s many other features. 


  • Absorbs sweat well
  • Ergonomic fit for various sizes
  • Great ventilation panels
  • FIA-CIK Level 2 homologation

The large number of color variations and sizes, means that you’ll be able to find a karting suit that is perfect for your style. In essence, the Alpinestars KMX-9 V2 is a great choice for a large variety of people looking for a fairly affordable, race-ready karting suit.


In this review, we’ll be taking a more detailed look at various features and properties of the KMX-9 kart suit. Here’s a quick summary of the highlights:

  • 2-layer construction for extra durability
  • Mesh panels for optimized ventilation
  • Formula 1 style suit design
  • Stretchable panels on back and shoulder
  • Angled zip closure and waist strap

Build Quality

The KMX-9 V2 is made of a dual-layer construction that consists of an outer layer with abrasion-resistant properties, while the inner layer is made with poly-toweling materials that have special moisture-wicking characteristics to help with comfort and breathability.

The end result is a suit that is highly durable and long-lasting, while also being very lightweight and comfortable – exactly the combination that any serious race kart driver needs in their suit.

Being the second version of the model, this one also comes with materials that are lighter and more breathable than the previous version. More specifically, it’s supposedly 70% more breathable, which is always a welcome feature, especially during hot track days.


If you’re worried that most kart suits feel tight, hot, and uncomfortable, you won’t really need to worry about this one. The KMX-9 V2 is designed to be as comfortable as possible. Other than the materials used, the suit also comes with an angled front opening to help with getting the right fit as well as an adjustable waist belt that helps you tighten the suit to your level of comfort.

Alpinestars KMX-9 V2 Kart Suit comfort

Key Comfort Features

  1. Angled front opening
  2. Adjustable waist strap
  3. Ergonomic collar

The collar area is also very ergonomic, made of a soft knitted lining that is not only comfortable but also uses a closure system that is very secure. To top it all off, there are knitted panels on the back as well as in the lumbar area that are stretchable, minimizing the resistance you feel between the fabric and your body.

Some other elements of the suit that aid with comfort include the patterned paneling in the arm, leg, and torso areas for optimum positioning. The wrist and ankle cuffs are knitted for a snug fit, and even two pockets for some storage needs when you are not in your kart.


Even an ergonomic and well-fitting suit can lead to discomfort due to inner heat. This can become extremely uncomfortable and can also affect the driver’s performance on the track.

Therefore, it’s important to ensure that a racing suit has appropriate ventilation features! The KMX-9 V2 takes advantage of this as the suit is not only built to fit well, but also features plenty of breathability.

The Alpinestars KMX-9 V2 Kart Suit comes with mesh panels that are located on the underarm area as well as the seat area. These mesh panels are excellent for keeping the driver cool, as they help with the airflow. You’ll definitely notice the fresh air circulation, especially at higher speeds.


The design of the KMX-9 V2 suit is inspired by a Formula 1 style, which makes it look modern and aggressive. To appeal to a wide variety of drivers and styles it’s available in many different color combinations.

Some of these are neutral, such as the classic black and white and red and black look, while others are rather eye-catching like the green, white and red, and the cobalt blue and black variants.

No matter which one you go for though, the overall style of this kart racing suit looks very professional. That is because the base color lives on most of the suit with only a few highlights of the contrasting color to give the suit some personality – no overly complicated patterns running through the suit.


The Alpinestars KMX-9 V2 race suit is available in various different sizes that are suitable for youths and adults. The sizes range from 40 to 60, both in EU and US versions, making the suit ideal for racers of various builds and heights.

It’s important to ensure that you gather your measurements correctly before deciding to purchase a race suit. This is because a wrongly-sized suit can not only feel unformfortabe during a race, but it can also limit your race performance.

Check out the KMX-9 V2 kart suit sizing guide below to get a better idea. You can click on the following link to visit the official size chart.

KMX-9 V2 SUIT size chart


FIA-CIK is the governing body for most of the major karting events in the world. A suit that is certified to their standards means that it has been tested on various aspects such as build quality, materials and overall construction.

Level 1 certified suits are cleared to be used for leisure activities but if you want to use a suit for professional racing, then you should opt for a kart suit that meets FIA-CIK Level 2 homologation.

The good news is that the KMX-9 V2 karting suit is indeed certified to the CIK-FIA Level 2 homologation. Having this certification means that you can use the suit for professional and competitive karting without any safety concerns or wondering if you’ll be allowed to compete with it.


The Alpinestars KMX-9 V2 is a great all-round kart racing suit that is an excellent choice for semi-professional and professional racers. Given its many great qualities, such as material construction, ventilation and comfort, its price range is very attractive.

If you’re an owner of the original KMX-9 suit, you may consider the newer KMX-9 V2 for extra comfort and breathability. You’ll also notice several design and feature upgrades that are worth considering.


  • Absorbs sweat well
  • Ergonomic fit for various sizes
  • Great ventilation panels
  • FIA-CIK Level 2 homologation

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