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The Baja Electric Go-Kart, also known as the Go-Bowen Electric Go-Kart, is a great option for parents who are on the lookout for a rugged, fun and thrilling off-road kart for their kids. This go-kart comes with a powerful brushless electric motor, a long-lasting battery, and many additional features that make it a great option for parents. Moreover, with its all-terrain tires, it can easily be taken off-road and works great on sand, concrete, grass or other rough surfaces. 


  • For Kids 6 – 12 Years
  • Parental Speed Controls
  • 1000W Electric Motor

One of its best features is the in-built speed limiter. Parents can choose any of the three different speed settings that range from 13 – 18 mph. This way, you’ll be able to prevent potential accidents and are able to ensure that your kid drives at safe speeds. 

As far as the design and functionality goes, this electric off-road go-kart doesn’t disappoint. It features a modern design with easy-to-use controls for kids. Overall, the Baja Electric Go-Kart is a great model to consider, especially if you’re a parent looking for something safe and adventurous for kids.


This go-kart is equipped with various features for children. Before we get into that, here’s a list of the specifications:

  • Motor: 1000 Watt
  • Battery: 48 Volts (4 x 12 Volts)
  • Runtime: About 3 Hours
  • Go-Kart Weight: 141 lbs.
  • Max Driver Weight: 179 lbs.
  • Suitable Ages: 6 – 12 Years
  • Top Speed: 13 mph, 16 mph & 18 mph
  • Dimensions: 55″ x 33″ x 26″ (L/W/H)


The Baja Electric Go-Kart comes with a powerful 1000W brushless electric motor. This is a high-torque motor that makes the kart a joy to drive and also offers quick acceleration. It manages speeds of up to 18 mph, which is really impressive for its size. The kart also has a 48 Volt battery that is removable and designed as a quad-battery system, meaning 4 x 12 volts each. 

Thanks to the upgraded battery system used in this model, your child will be able to drive around for almost 3 hours on the medium speed setting. Compared to other off-road go-karts for kids on the market, the Baja Electric Go-Kart has a long runtime, providing hours of fun. 

Build Quality

This kart is built with the highest quality in mind. It’s constructed with a sturdy steel frame that has a high tensile strength and is therefore very durable. This lends it the ability to be driven off-road on pretty much any type of solid surface.

baja electric build quality

The pneumatic tires are large and provide great grip. They come with durable steel rims and are 13” in diameter to ensure that the kart can be driven on different kinds of terrains without the frame coming into contact with any objects while riding over them. 

The length of the kart is 55 inches, its width is 33 inches, and it’s height 26 inches. This makes it fairly compact in size, but is perfect for kids aged between 6 – 12 years old.

Steering & Controls

The steering wheel of the Baja Electric Go-Kart makes it very easy and intuitive to control. This is a completely round wheel that has a grippy texture to ensure that your children can hold on to it at all times. 

The foot pedals are also easy to operate and are within reach. The disc brakes help the kart come to a complete stop fairly quickly and smoothly. It’s also important to note that the brakes are controlled via a foot pedal, offering a real driving experience compared to models using hand brakes.

There’s even a speed selector that parents can control. This ensures that this off-road go-kart only goes as fast as the parents deem safe for their child. Setting this up is easy and there are three speed settings to choose from – 13 mph, 16 mph and 18 mph.

With a simple switch of a button, kids can make the go-kart go forward or in reverse. This makes it easy and simple to drive, without having to fiddle with multiple gears or having to push it back manually to back up. 


The kart has a bucket seat that is relatively comfortable to sit in. Although a padded seat would have been the better choice, it still gets the job done. The seat is adjustable too and is suitable for kids up to about 5 feet tall.

There is no suspension on the Baja go-kart, which can make off-road drives quite bumpy. To make up for the lack of suspensions, the pneumatic tires help cushion any bumpy rides and handle rough terrain fairly well. 

The overall frame of the kart has padding in places where the drivers might come in contact with the tubular frame. This padding also makes it much more comfortable to hold on to while getting in and out of the kart. 


The Baja Electric Go-Kart features several safety systems. And, if you’re a parent, this is something that should be extremely important to you. This go-kart comes with shoulder strap-styled seat belts, ensuring that the driver is always safely secured in the seat no matter how rough the terrain. 

Unfortunately, this kart isn’t equipped with any lights making it not suitable for driving in darker conditions, although that would be something you could modify yourself. 

The frame of the kart also has a roll bar which protects the driver in the event of an accidental flip. While a roll cage would have been the safer option, it would have added a considerable amount of weight to the design. 

Another highlight of it’s safety features is the parental speed limiter. This is great for younger children, as you’ll be able to adjust the maximum speed to any of the three available speed settings. Overall, the Baja Electric is a safe go-kart for kids. 

Additional Features

The cockpit of the kart is kept as clean as possible to make the driving experience easy for children. There is no complicated display or complex controls, apart from the gear selector and the parental speed controls. 

There are several great additional features that the Baja Electric Go-Kart is equipped with:

  • Removable batteries
  • Charge indicator lights
  • Motor chain guard
  • Hydraulic disc brakes 
  • Parental speed limiter
  • Padded roll bar


The Baja Electric Go-Kart is an absolutely fun racing machine for kids who are up to 5 feet tall with a maximum weight of 179 lbs. Not only will they be able to drive this around the neighborhood – they can also take it off-road. 

baja electric fun

Its excellent build quality and all-terrain tires make racing this kart on any type of off-road surface extremely fun and adventurous. And the best thing is that it caters to a wide range of age groups (6 – 12 years old), thanks to the speed limiter function. 

What makes this even more fun to drive are the easy and intuitive controls. And with a runtime of almost 3 full hours, you kids are bound to run out of fun, before the battery runs out of charge!


The kart looks very modern and rugged. Its off-road design is on point and its large pneumatic tires make it look like an off-road dune buggy. Depending on the distributor, the Baja Electric Go-Kart comes in various colors such as black, green, and red. All of these options have a matte black seat, black tires, and a lot of other black elements. 


The Baja go-kart comes almost completely assembled right out of the box. The only thing you need to do is attach the two roll bar connectors at the back and the steering wheel with a total of just 5 screws. You’ll have this off-road go-kart set up in just under 5 minutes!

Final Thoughts

All in all, if you’re on the lookout for an awesome and safe off-road go-kart that is designed for children, you should consider the Baja Electric Go-Kart. With a powerful motor, large pneumatic tires and sturdy build construction, this is a great option for kids who wish to experience off-road racing. 

One of its highlights is the speed limiter, allowing parents to select from 3 preset speed settings. In combination with countless safety features, this off-road go-kart is sure to provide many hours of fun and excitement.


  • For Kids 6 – 12 Years
  • Parental Speed Controls
  • 1000W Electric Motor

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