The 5 Best Carburetors for Go-Karts

A go-kart carburetor is a mechanical component that is attached to the engine of a kart. The carburetor is responsible for mixing the correct air-to-fuel ratio, before the mixture goes into the combustion engine. 

While carburetors are optional, they help to increase the performance of a go-kart, as the engine requires an optimal air/fuel ratio for maximum performance. In this review, we’ll be taking a look at the best carburetors for go-karts. 

There is always a buying guide towards the end of this review that addresses some key aspects that should be taken into account before deciding to purchase one.

1. Hooai Go-Kart Carburetor (PZ20)


  • Center-to-Center: 48mm 
  • Inner Intake ⌀: 20mm 
  • Inner Air Filter ⌀: 28mm

The Hooai Carburetor is the best carburetor for go-karts, as it strikes the perfect balance between affordability, compatibility and build quality. The great thing about the PZ20 is that it comes in a set of 12 parts and contains all the items that you need. 

This set even contains an air filter and the required fuel lines to ensure compatibility and a hassle-less setup. It will fit most types of go-karts, but you should always ensure to check the specifications and measurements.

Just take note of the intake diameter (20mm) and air filter diameter (32mm) if you choose to customize it with your own parts.

Hooai Carburetor Kit:

  • 1 x Carburetor (PZ20)
  • 1 x Fuel Line
  • 2 x Fuel Filters
  • 2 x Gaskets
  • 2 x Intake Manifold Gaskets
  • 2 x O-Rings
  • 1 x 35mm Air Filter
  • 1 x Air Filter Clamp

2. Auto Parts Go-Kart Carburetor (PZ22)


  • Center-to-Center: 45mm 
  • Inner Intake ⌀: 22mm 
  • Inner Air Filter ⌀: 42mm

The Auto Parts Go-Kart Carburetor is another great set containing a carburetor, an air filter and the intake manifold. There are also certain accessories included such as clamps, meaning that you won’t have to source these parts individually.

If you want to upgrade certain parts, you’ll need to ensure that the measurements are compatible. The inner intake and air intake diameter are slightly larger than the standard go-kart carburetors, which is great for larger sized karts.

Auto Parts Carburetor Kit:

  • 1 x Carburetor (PZ22)
  • 2 x Intake Manifold
  • 1 x Air Filter
  • 1 x Air Filter Clamp

3. QKPARTS Go-Kart Carburetor (PZ22)


  • Center-to-Center: 48mm 
  • Inner Intake ⌀: 22mm 
  • Inner Air Filter ⌀: 35mm

The QKPARTS Go-Kart Carburetor comes with a 38mm air filter, inlet pipe manifold, two gaskets and an O-ring. These are all the parts you need to install this carb on your go-kart without having to source for any other parts.

This go-kart carburetor features a great build quality and can be easily assembled. It’s also relatively large in size (PZ22) and is therefore recommended for medium to large-sized go-karts.

QKPARTS Carburetor Kit:

  • 1 x Carburetor (PZ22)
  • 1 x 38mm Air Filter
  • 1x Inlet Pipe Manifold
  • 2 x Gaskets
  • 1 x O-Ring

4. DKII Game Go-Kart Carburetor (PZ19)


  • Center-to-Center: 48mm 
  • Inner Intake ⌀: 19mm 
  • Inner Air Filter ⌀: 37mm

The DKII Game Go-Kart Carburetor (PZ19) is a carb that is designed for smaller go-karts. The great thing about this carburetor set is that it comes with quite an extensive kit. Besides a PZ19 carburetor you’ll get a fuel line, fuel filter, gaskets, intake manifold, air filter clamp and an air filter.

The air filter in this set is relatively small, as it’s designed for smaller go-karts. This means that if you’re looking for a larger one, you’ll need to replace it with a bigger air filter.

DKII Game Carburetor Kit:

  • 1 x Carburetor (PZ19)
  • 1 x Fuel Line
  • 1 x Fuel Filters
  • 1 x Gaskets
  • 1 x Intake Manifold Gaskets
  • 1 x 35mm Air Filter
  • 1 x Air Filter Clamp

5. FitBest Go-Kart Carburetor (PZ19)


  • Center-to-Center: 42mm 
  • Inner Intake ⌀: 19mm 
  • Inner Air Filter ⌀:

The FitBest Go-Kart Carburetor is a great choice for people who want to replace their carb on their Harbor Freight Predator 6.5 HP 212cc engine. It’s a perfect fit and won’t require any type of adjustments or customizations.

Moreover, it’s a budget-friendly carburetor. However, you should take note that this carb only comes with basic parts. This means that you’ll need to look for fuel and air filters separately. If you do so, please take note of the specifications, to ensure a perfect fit.

FitBest Carburetor Kit:

  • 1 x Carburetor (PZ19)
  • 1 x Fuel Line
  • 1 x Gasket set

Buying Guide: Go-Kart Carburetors

When it comes to purchasing a carburetor for your go-kart, you’ll most likely be overwhelmed by the amount of offerings on the market. These go-kart carbs come with various components, have different compatibility, contain various set parts and have different prices. 

To make your purchase decision easier, we’ll be taking a look at all of these aspects. I’ll explain in detail what you should look for and what things to consider before making your decision.


Measurements are an extremely important aspect of go-kart carburetors to consider. You’ll need to ensure that the carb you opt for is compatible with your go-kart, as well as its many other components such as the air filter and intake.  

go-kart carburetor description

Carburetor Measurements:

  1. Inner Air Filter Diameter: (in mm)
  2. Center-to-Center: (in mm)
  3. Inner Intake Diameter: (in mm)

Take note that there are also outer air filter and intake diameter values.

In particular you should take note of a carbs inner and outer air filter diameter, inner and outer manifold diameter as well as the fuel line diameter. This may be less of a worry if you’re getting a carburetor set that contains compatible air filters and manifolds. 

You can use the image above for reference on how each of these diameters are measured and to which components they apply to.

Model Compatibility

On some product pages you’ll be able so see that some go-kart carburetors are compatible with specific go-kart models. Model compatibility means that all the specifications and measurements should be compatible with the indicated go-kart model.

However, it’s important that you still check the specifications – especially the manifold and air filter – to ensure the right fit.

Here is a list of the most common go-kart manufacturers that have carb compatibility:

  • Yerf Dog
  • Roketa
  • Manco
  • Kazuma
  • Taotao
  • Coleman

Carburetor Sets

As having previously mentioned, a go-kart carburetor is the component that mixes the air and fuel ratio before feeding the mixture into the combustion engine. It draws fuel from the intake and air from the air filter that are both attached to the carb. Most carburetors in this review come with additional parts to form a set. 

The great thing about carburetor sets is that you won’t need to ensure that additional parts such as the air filter and the intake manifold cause any compatibility issues, as the set components are all compatible with each other. 

If you’re considering customizing your go-kart with additional carburetor parts you’ll be better off without a set instead and just getting the carb on its own. 

Each carburetor set or kit can contain several parts. Here is a list of the most common carb set components:

  • Carburetor
  • Gaskets
  • O-Rings
  • Intake Manifold
  • Air Filter
  • Air Filter Clamp


A carburetor set for go-karts costs about $10 – $30 depending on the manufacturer and the parts included in the set. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve compiled some of the most common questions about go-kart carburetors. If you have any additional questions, please write them in and I’ll be happy to add them to the list.

Should I Get a Carburetor Set or Only the Carb?

This depends on the setup you’re running on your kart and you’re planning on getting a custom air filter and intake manifold. If you are looking for convenience and compatibility, I would suggest getting a carburetor set as it contains all relevant components. 

On the other hand, if you’re planning on getting a different air filter, then I would suggest getting only the go-kart carb and sourcing the additional parts yourself.

Do I Need a Carburetor on My Go-Kart?

It really depends on the application of yor go-kart. A properly tuned carb can increase the performance of your kart, as you’ll be able to tune the optimal air-to-fuel ratio.

If you’re looking to increase performance or gain the most of your go-kart, then you should definitely consider installing a carb.

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