Black Widow Go-Kart Parts List

The Black Widow is an off-road go-kart manufactured by American Sportworks and features a powerful 136cc gas-powered engine. As it’s a fairly popular go-kart, I’ve created a Black Widow parts list to help you locate and identify each part for replacement or modification purposes.

The parts list is grouped into several components that each feature an illustration with respective part numbers. Here’s a list of the Black Widow part groups:

  1. Frame Parts
  2. Interior Parts
  3. Suspension Parts
  4. Steering Parts
  5. Swing Arm Parts
  6. Jackshaft Parts
  7. Rear Axle Parts

1. Black Widow Frame Parts

black widow frame parts

NoPart NumberPart Description
114787-20Bar, Rear C Pillar - 3170 - Yellow
214795-20Bar, OO Cross - 3170 - Yellow
314603-20Bar, LH B Pillar - 3170 - Yellow
414604-20Bar, RH B Pillar - 3170 - Yellow
514465Bolt, M12 X 1.75 X 30 Flag Mount
614492Nut, M12 X 1.25 Hex ZN
714087Washer, 8M Concave Clamp ZN
814696Bolt, M8 X 1.25 X 50 Fhcs ZN
914088Nut, M8 X 1.25 Locking Flange ZN
1014466Nut,1.75 Thread Decorative Plstc Flg Mnt
1114607-20Bar, OH Front - 3170 - Yellow
1214084Endcap, Bar - 1.00 Black Plastic
1314464Flag, Safety - SLI

2. Black Widow Interior Parts

No.Part NumberPart Description
114686Bolt, M10 x 1.25 x 30
215053Seat, Black Vinyl Bench - 3171
314435Bolt, M8 x 1.25 x 22 FHCS
414088Nut, M8 x 1.25 Locking Flange ZN
5614451Bolt, M12 x 1.25 x 25 FHCS ZN
614687Bolt, M10 x 1.25 x 20 ZN
714289Spacer, M10 Stepped
814324Nut, M12 x 1.25 Locking Flange ZN
914243Nut, M10 x 1.25 Locking Flange ZN
1014786Retractable Seatbelt (Without Sleeve)
118375Seatbelt Sleeve (Not Illustrated)
1382073Bolt M10 x 1.25 x 25

3. Black Widow Suspension Parts

No.Part NumberPart Description
114615M15 Inner Gear - 150cc
214126Nut Cover Rub - Blk -3170/4170
314617Ball Joint - 31xx/41xx
414618-20M10 x 1.25 Locking Flange ZN
514088Nut, M8 x 1.25 Locking Flange ZN
614246Bolt, M10 x 1.25 x 40 FHCS ZN
714793Shock, Front Black 2
814620Bolt, M8 x 1.25 x 105 2
914621Lower Suspension Arm Collar, 85mm
1014622-20Lower Suspension Arm Assy - 3170 - Yellow
1114623-2Spindle And Strut Support, R - 3170 - Black
1214624Bearing 6003Z
1314794Asm, Tire/Wheel Front - 3170
1414626Bearing 6201
1514244Nut, M12 x 1.25 Castle ZN
1614627Hub Cover, Front 36mm Id
1714242Nut, M10 x 1.25 Castle
1815557Pin, M2.5 x 30 Cotter
1914629-2Spindle And Strut Support, L - 3170 - Black
2014241Washer, M10 Split Lock ZN
2114150Pin, M2 x 20 Cotter
2214316Spacer, M15 Inner Gear - 150cc
2314923Cap, Nut Cover Rub - Blk -3170/4170
2414857Seal, Ball Joint - 31xx/41xx
2514243Nut, M10 x 1.25 Locking Flange ZN

4. Black Widow Steering Parts

No.Part NumberPart Description
114631Cover, Steering Wheel - 31x/41x
214426Bolt, M6 x 1.00 x 14 FHCS ZN
314632Steering Wheel - 31x/41x
414633-2Shaft, Steering - 3170 - Black
514634Bearing, 18 x 16
614635Key, 4 x 4 x 11.5
714341Bolt, M6 x 1.00 x 20 FHCS ZN
814636Steering Ball Joint Dust Cover
914565Screw, M5 x 12 Ph
1014637Asm, Tie Rod End - 31x/41x - Black
1114638Steering Shaft, Plastic Housing
1214639Steering Gear
1314243Nut, M10 x 1.25 Locking Flange ZN
1414641Dust Cover
1514236Nut, M6 x 1.00 Nyloc Flange ZN
1614642-2Steering Gear Bracket (R.S.B.) - Black
1714643Spring, Throttle Pedal
1814119Bushing, Sleeve 12 x 21 x 12
1914645-2Pedal, Throttle - 3170 - Black
2014526Cap, Throttle Pedal - 31x/41x/61x
2114646Cap, Brake Master Cylinder
2214647Bolt, M6 x 1.0 x 25 ZN
2314648Bolt, M8 x 1.25 x 144 HHCS
2414649-2Pedal, Brake - 3170 - Black
2514650Pad, Brake Pedal - 31x/41x - Black
2614651Spring, Brake Pedal
2714239Bolt, M8 x 1.25 x 20 FHCS ZN
2814088Nut, M8 x 1.25 Locking Flange ZN
2914652Lever, Parking Brake - 31x/41x
3014628Pin, M1.6 x 14 Cotter
3114653Stud, 6 x 16
3214654Kit, Brake Pad - 31x/41x
3314236Nut, M6 x 1.00 Nyloc Flange ZN
3414655Asm, Hydraulic Brake
3514656Boot, Brake
3614657Shaft, Brake Master Cylinder
3714658Asm, Brake Caliper - 31x/41x
3814455Bolt, M8 x 1.25 x 14 Shcs Pl
3914744Master Cylinder, Brake - (Reservoir And Cap Included)
4014130Hose, Hyd Brake - 75”
4114748Washer, M8 Split Lock

5. Black Widow Swing Arm Parts

No.Part NumberPart Description
114799-2Asm, Rear Swingarm - 3170 - Black
215018Engine, Lct 136cc W/Tank
2a15426Engine, Lct 136cc W/Tank 50 State
314341Bolt, M6 x 1.00 x 20 FHCS ZN
3a14236Nut, M6 x 1.00 Nyloc
414246Bolt, M10 x 1.25 x 40 FHCS ZN
514796Shock, Rear 3170 - Red & Black
614243Nut, M10 x 1.25 Locking Flange ZN
714661Bushing, Swingarm Isolator - 150cc
814243Nut, M10 x 1.25 Locking Flange ZN
914778Screw, M4 x 1.75 x 12 Ph
1014662Bolt, M10 x 1.25 x 174 HHCS
1214426Bolt, M6 x 1.00 x 14 FHCS DAC
1315054Cover, Drive - 3171 - Plastic
148227Nut 1/4-20 Clip
1515055Cap, Fuel - Lct 136cc / 208cc 49 State
15aN/ACap, Fuel - Lct 50 State
1715057Spark Plug, Torch F6Rtc
1815058Dipstick, Oil - Lct 136cc
1915059Plug, Oil Drain - Lct 136cc
2015491Air Filter - Paper Element (For 136 / 208cc Engines)
2015060Air Filter (Entire Assembly Includes 15491)
2115390Brkt, Belt Cover
21a14426Bolt, M6 x 1.00 x 14 FHCS DAC

6. Black Widow Jackshaft Parts

No.Part NumberPart Description
114150Speed Reduction
214727M16 Flat 29.5Mm x 17Mm x 3.0
314690Washer, M12 ZN
414691Shaft, Sprocket & Driven Pulley
714800-2Engine Mounting Plate - Black
814088Nut, M8 x 1.25 Locking Flange ZN
1114697Bolt, M8 x 1.25 x 60 FHCS
1214698Sheave, Stationary
1414700Sheave, Moveable
1714703Washer, M8
181454Bolt 5/16-24 x 1.750 HHCS G5
2014705Nut, M16 x 1.25 Locking Flange
2114706Driven Pulley
2215061Guard, Rear Chain - 3171 - Black Plastic
2414446Bolt, M10 x 1.25 x 45 FHCS ZN
2514243Nut, M10 x 1.25 Locking Flange ZN
2614708Chain Adjuster
2714709Nut, M12
2814710Washer - Chain Adjuster
2914469Spacer, Engine Adj Alignment - 150cc
3014467Bushing, Engine Adj Isolator - 150cc
3114468Spacer, Engine Adj Cup - 150cc
3214714Sprocket, 10T Driven
3314423Screw, M5 x 16 Phsm ZN
3414791Harness, Wiring - 3170
3514716Driver Pulley
3615062Plate, Back - 3171 (With Tabs)
36a9101Bolt, 5/16 - 24 x .5 HHCS (Not Shown)
3714723Cap, Jackshaft 2 In
3814838Washer - Speed Reduction
3914724Washer, M16 Flat 29.5Mm x 17Mm x 3.0

7. Black Widow Rear Axle Parts

No.Part NumberPart Description
114627Cap, Hub Nose - Black
215557Cotter Pin 2.5 x 30
314249Nut, M16 x 2.00 Castle
414797Asm, Tire/Wheel Rear - 3170
514434Bolt, M8 x 1.25 x 16 FHCS ZN
614668Flange Bearing - 150cc
714593Bearing 6005Z
814669Master Link
914670Disk, Rear Brake - 150cc
1014671Spacer, Sprocket
1114769Screw, Set M8 x 1.25 x 14 Shcs Pl
1314434Bolt, M8 x 1.25 x 16 FHCS ZN
1414798Axle - 3170
1514724Washer, 29.5 x 17Mm x 3.0 ZN
1714676Key, 5 x 5 x 75

How to Read the Black Widow Go-Kart Parts List

The Black Widow parts list is relatively easy to read. In the following section, I’ll be going through the number, part number and part descriptions. We’ll also go through some examples for easier understanding.


The number is a reference number that lets you trace a particular part back to its location on the go-kart. You can use the illustration and simply locate it.

Part Number

The part number is a unique number that is assigned to each part. It is similar to a stock-keeping unit (SKU) number. For example, the part number 14639 will always refer to the Steering Gear.

Part Description

The part descriptions show more information about a particular part. It typically indicates the part type, color, dimensions, size or configuration. For example, the part number 14686 refers to an M10 Bolt with the dimensions 1.25 x 30.

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