Coleman BK200 Go-Kart Parts List

The BK200 is a popular two-seater off-road go-kart that is manufactured by Coleman Motorsports. I’ve created a list of all the parts for owners to easily identify the part number and description for easy upgrades and replacements. There’s also a guide below that you may use as reference.

BK200 – Frame Parts

Part NumberPart Name and Description
TT-110067Roller Cage Middle Tube
TT-109928Roller Cage Front Tube
TT-D101252Driver side mirror
TT-P101252Passenger side mirror
TT-109775Arm rest fix seat
TT-100280Handlebar grip
TT-109773Arm rest support
TT-107271Sponge pipe - 30*5*970
TT-107272Sponge pipe - 30*5*700
TT-107274Cover - 975*17.5
TT-107275Cover - 715*17.5
TT-109820Roller Cage Rear Tube
TT-101740Nylon cover
TT-108099Bolt bracket
TT-101044Tool box
TT-102415Rubber plug
TT-105276Lock nut - M8
TT-112033Master cylinder
TT-112032Rear disc brake pump
TT-D112034F. Driver side caliper
TT-P112034F. Passenger side caliper
TT-112035Front brake pad
TT-112036Rear brake pad
TT-105605Cross Pen Head Bolt - M6*16
TT-108166Front brake disc
TT-108167Rear brake disc
TT-108111Bushing - 21x12.5x12
TT-108115Brake pedal cover -STOP
TT-109953Go Cart Foot Brake Pedal
TT-108113Brake pedal fix shaft
TT-105271Lock nut - M5
TT-105234Flange bolt - M8*55
TT-105558Cross Flat Head bolt - M5*16
TT-105223Flange bolt - M8*35
BGB16674-M8x25Hexagon Flange Bolt M8x25
BGB16674-M6x16Flange Bolt M6x16

BK200 – Electrical & Fuel

Part NumberPart Name and Description
TT-104670Headlamp - LED - Brush Guard - Female Connector
TT-900901Headlamp - Halogen - Brush Guard - Female Connector
TT-104671Headlamp - LED - Male Connector
TT-109734Electric device fix seat
TT-100714Electric box
TT-105273Lock Nut - M6
BGB16674-M6x16Flange Bolt M6x16
TT-105141Flange bolt - M6*20
TT-105132Flange bolt - M6*12
TT-105821Cap Head Socket Screw - M6*80
TT-108177Gear indicator switch
TT-108235Front light switch
TT-100643Gear Indicator Display
TT-108279Horn switch
TT-108244Fuel tank crash pad
TT-105345Hollow Spacer - M6x60
TT-100701Ignition Key Switch
TT-100678Battery - 12V9AH
TT-100681Battery Strap
TT-102855Wire Harness
TT-101010Ignition Coil
TT-102354Rear light
TT-102304Fuel tank cap
TT-102303Fuel tank
TT-102305Fuel Tank Filter
TT-110033Fuel tank fix seat
TT-105148Flange bolt - M6*16
TT-110887Button Head Socket Bolt - M6x16
TT-105797Column Hex Socket Bolt
TT-108289Fuel Valve (Petcock)
TT-101449Pinch Clamp - 4.5*8.5*200
TT-100271Fuel Line - 4.5*8.5*100
TT-100269Fuel Line - 2460mm*110mm
TT-102524Throttle Cable - 1727mm
TT-110031Foot Throttle Pedal
TT-108114Throttle pedal cover - Go
TT-105276Lock nut - M8
TT-102485Meter cover
TT-1102485Meter Cover Blank Insert
TT-2102485Meter Cover, Gear indicator Insert
TT-607717Spark Plug - A7RTC

BK200 – Front End Assembly

Part NumberPart Name and Description
TT-100928Steering Wheel
TT-108165Steering Shaft
TT-105137Flange bolt - M6*16
TT-109760Fixed seat
BGB16674-M8X20Flange bolt - M8*20
TT-108151Split washer
TT-102345Universal Joint
TT-602226Rack and Pinion Fixing Bracket
TT-105254Lock Nut - M10*1.25
TT-105006Flange bolt - M10*1.25*40
TT-101956Front absorber - 450mm
TT-105098Flange bolt - M12*1.25*65
TT-600585Cotter - 2*40
TT-101541Pull rod
TT-100921Rack and Pinion
TT-108123A-Arm Bushing
TT-601223Cam Shaft Seat - 18*12*40
TT-105259Lock Nut - M12*1.25
TT-110084Driver Side Upper A-Arm
TT-104871Spring Washer M12
TT-105323Slotted nut - M12*1.25
TT-110090Driver Side Lower A-Arm
TT-102895Steering Knuckle - Driver
TT-102002Steering Knuckle - Passenger
TT-102446Front Rim Hub
TT-105326Slotted Nut M14x1.5
TT-105414Flat gasket - 14*40*2
TT-108150Cotter Pin - 3.5*40
TT-108326Dust Cover
TT-110053Passenger Side Upper A-Arm
TT-110059Passenger Side Lower A-Arm
TT-108163Rim- Front
TT-105392Flat gasket - 10*20*1.5
TT-100537Valve Stems w/ Cap
TT-102016Front tire - 21*7-10
TT-109931Front Fender Driver Bracket
TT-105273Lock nut - M6
TT-109934Front Fender Passenger Bracket
TT-110887Button Head Socket Bolt - M6x16
TT-105450Flat Washer 6x16x1.5

BK200 – Seat & Harness

Part NumberPart Name and Description
TT-107380Seat Belt
TT-108343Seat-Go Kart - Passenger
TT-108249Seat-Go Kart
TT-107379Seat Track
TT-110104Seat support
TT-108142Column Hex Socket Bolt - M8*50
TT-105837Column Hex Socket Bolt - M8*20
TT-108136Flange bolt - M8*75
B05-M8x40-57Flange Bolt M8x40
TT-105276Lock nut - M8

BK200 – Rear Suspension & Engine

Part NumberPart Name and Description
TT-109859Fender-Rear fix seat
TT-102417Rubber plug
TT-109790Fender-rear support fixed tubeI
TT-105273Lock nut - M6
TT-109791Fender-rear support fixed tubeII
TT-104985Flange bolt - M10*1.5*25
TT-108164Rim- Rear
TT-100537Valve Stems w/ Cap
TT-101288Rear tire - 22*11-10
TT-606587Rear Wheel Hub - New version
TT-105232Flange bolt - M8*50
TT-105137Flange bolt - M6*16
TT-102842Bearing block cover
TT-102810Bearing 6206RS
TT-105330Slotted nut - M16*1.5
TT-105418Gasket - 16*45*2.5
TT-108149Spring washer - M16
TT-105340Cotter - 3*40
TT-108326Dust cover
TT-105276Lock nut - M8
TT-104884Spring washer M8
B35-M8-57Exhaust Self-lock nut M8
TT-100238Muffler gasket
TT-105146Flange bolt - M6*25
TT-100798Gulp valve
TT-105006Flange bolt - M10*1.25*40
TT-105256Lock nut - M10*1.25
TT-101192Rear absorber - 345mm
TT-101647Chain - 530-54
TT-101595Sprocket - 530-35
TT-109881Chain Cover
TT-101290Rear Axle
TT-110021Go Cart Swing Arm
TT-105022Flange bolt - M12*1.25*65
TT-108123Swing Arm Bushing;
TT-601223Swing Arm Bushing tube - 18*12*40
TT-105259Lock Nut - M12*1.25
TT-102227Output chain wheel - 530-14
TT-104872Spring washer
TT-105411Flat gasket - 14*28*2
TT-600811Lock nut - M14*1.25
TT-104621Air filter
TT-109725Gear cover
TT-110308Output support
TT-110307Adjusting screw
TT-108144Nut - M16*2
TT-108116Engine Mount Rubber Cushion
TT-101035Spacer - 25*17*18
TT-108148Flange nut - M16*2
TT-607728Engine Cover Gasket
TT-607732Engine Left Cover
TT-109743Engine Hanger
TT-105179Flange bolt - M8*115
TT-101024Spacer - 16*12*123
TT-104958Flange bolt - M10*1.25*190
TT-109669Gear Shifter Angle
TT-110270Gear Shifter Cables fix support
TT-101358Gear Shifter Cables - 1220mm*70mm
TT-601232Gear Shifter Seat
TT-109780Gear Shifter Rod
TT-108344Column Hex Socket Bolt - M10*1.5*50
TT-105151Flange bolt - M6*30
TT-108122Foot washer
TT-108102Rubber plug
TT-109982Upper A-Arm; Proprietary
TT-102211Hand/Emergency Brake Handle
TT-102877Emergency Brake Cable
TT-101088Gear Shifter Ball

Where Can I Buy Coleman BK200 Parts From This List?

Spare parts for your Coleman BK200 can be bought directly off the official Coleman website. I’ve included a link below that brings you directly to the parts list, where you’ll be able to place an order.

You may also be able to find OEM spare parts or other suitable replacement parts at various online retailers and market places. You can use the spare parts list above to refer back to the part numbers.

Buy Coleman BK200 Go-Kart Parts: Coleman’s Online Shop (external link)

How To Read the Coleman BK200 Parts List

Reading the Coleman BK200 parts list is easy. Simply trace back your part number in the respective parts table and check the corresponding part name and description.

Part Number

The part number is a unique reference number that identifies a particular part. Each part on the BK200 is unique and corresponds to a part name and description. For example the part number TT-112035 refers to a Front Brake Pad.

Part Name and Description

The part name and description identifies the type of part and also its specifications. For example the part number TT-108111 refers to a Bushing with the specifications 21 x 12.5 x 12.

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