Coleman CK100 Go-Kart Parts List

The Coleman CK100 is a popular go-kart in the Coleman Powersports lineup. It’s an ideal off-road go-kart for racers above the age of 13 and is suitable for all types of terrains. I’ve compiled a CK100 parts list so that you’ll be able to identify parts easily if you need to upgrade or replace them.

CK100 – Frame Parts

Reference NumberPart NameDetails
1Frame Joint Parts-
2Pressing Line Plate-
3Hexagon Flange BoltM6x12
4Bracket IFront Panel
5Front Body Panel -Black/Red
6Socket Hexagon BoltM6x16
8Engine Stop Switch-
9Brake Disc Cover I-
10Brake Pedal-
11Spring M-
13Cotter Pin2x25
15Pressing Spring-
17Accelerator Pedal-
18Net ILeft
19Net IIRight
20Hexagon Flange BoltM6x12
21Hexagon Flange NutsM6
22Accelerator Cable AG-

CK100 – Engine & Drive Parts

Reference NumberPart NameDetails
1Engine Assembly-
2Hexagon Flange BoltM8x20
3Hexagon Flange Locked NutM8
4Mounting Bracket-
5Hexagon Flange BoltM8x30
6Spring Washer-
7Plain Washer8x24x2
8Chain Wheel I-
9Hexagon Socket Cap ScrewM6x16
10Chain Shaft I-
11Bear 6002-2RS6002-2RS
12Plain Washer16x20x3
13Chain Wheel II-
14Decoration Cover-
15Hexagon Flange BoltM6x16
16Clutch Cover Mounting Plate-
17Jackshaft Chain-
18Spring Washer-
19Plain Washer6.4x12x1.6
23Hexagon Flange BoltM6x20
24Hexagon Flange BoltM8x25
25Fuel tank-
26Fuel filler cap with packing ring-

CK100 – Steering Parts

Reference NumberPart NameDetails
2Seat Mounting Bracket-
3Hexagon Flange BoltM6x16
4Hexagon Flange BoltM8x22
5Spring Washer 8-
6Plain Washer10x28x2
7Hexagon Flange LocknutM10x1.25
8Safety Belt Assy-
9Hexagon Step BoltM10x14x5x22

CK100 – Brakes

Reference NumberPart NameDetails
1Disc Brake Assembly-
2Hexagon Flange BoltM6x25
3Hexagon Flange BoltM6x16
4Brake Caliper-
5Brake Pad Set-
6Hexagon Flange boltM10x1.25x22
7Brake Fluid Reservoir Cap-
8Brake Fluid Reservoir-
9Elastic Hoop E-
10Brake Line Fluid-
11Brake Master Cylinder-
12Main Brake Line-
13Bolt I, Brake Line-
14Gasket, Brake Line-

CK100 – Rear Wheel & Axle

Reference NumberPart NameDetails
1Rear Axle-
3Plain Key5x46.5
5Sprocket Mounting Bracket-
6Rear Brake Disc-
7Plain Washer6.4x12x1.6
8Spring Washer 6-
9Hexagon Socket Cap ScrewM6x16
11Rear Rim Assy-
13Dust Cover14.5MM
14Castle NutM14x1.5
16Decoration Cover A, Rim-
17Chain Sprocket III-
18Main Drive Chain-
19Valve Stem w/ Cap-
21Plain Washer-
22Spring Washer-
23Rim and Tire Assembly-

CK100 – Seat & Safety Belt

Reference NumberPart NameDetails
2Seat Mounting Bracket-
3Hexagon Flange BoltM6x16
4Hexagon Flange BoltM8x22
5Spring Washer 8-
6Plain Washer10x28x2
7Hexagon Flange LocknutM10x1.25
8Safety Belt Assy-
9Hexagon Step BoltM10x14x5x22

CK100 – Front Wheel & Knuckles

Reference NumberPart NameDetails
1Front Left Knuckle Assy-
2Front Right Knuckle Assy-
3Front KnuckleLeft
4Front KnuckleRight
5Dust Cover, Knuckle-
6Axle Sleeve Liner-
7Hexagon Flange BoltM10x1.25x80
8Hexagon Flange LocknutM10x1.25
9Steel Front Rim6"
11Front Rim Spacer-
12Valve Stem w/ Cap-
15Dust Cover14.5MM
16Castle NutM14x1.5
18Decoration Cover A for Rim-
19Plain Washer14-
20Steel Front Rim & Tire Assembly-

CK100 – Roll Cage

Reference NumberPart NameDetails
1Roof Rod ILeft
2Roof Rod IIRight
3Hexagon Flange BoltM8x50
4Arc Gasket-
5Hexagon Flange Locked NutM8
6Front Roof Rod III-
7Rear Bracket-
8Roof Rod Protective Cover II-
9Roof Rod Protective Cover I-
10Net AssemblyRear
11Hexagon Flange BoltM10x1.25x130
12Rear Rim Assembly-
15Hexagon Flange Lock NutM12x1.25

Where Can I Buy Coleman CK100 Parts From This List?

It’s always best to buy parts directly from the manufacturer, as they are genuine and 100% compatible. I’ve left a link below to the official Coleman Powersport online shop. However, please take note that not all parts may be in stock or available. In that case, you may want to look for an aftermarket alternative.

How To Read the Coleman CK100 Parts List

Reading the Coleman CK100 parts list is relatively simple. There are three columns that you’ll need to familiarize yourself with, which I will explain below.

Reference Number

The reference number is a number that is assigned to a particular part. If you are unfamiliar with what these numbers refer to, I recommend you click here and then click into the part category to see an illustration of the reference numbers.

Part Name

This is the name of the part. For example, under the CK100 part category “Engine & Drive Parts” the reference item 12 refers to a “Plain Washer“.


The details column provides more information about a certain part, for example its color, dimensions or type. Sticking with the same example, the “Plain Washer” with reference number 12 has the following dimensions under the details column: 16 x 20 x 3.

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