Go-Kart Pedal Grips: Benefits and Guide

When it comes to go-kart racing performance, grip is an essential component. And that’s not only on the race track, but on your kart as well. Your grip on the steering wheel, as well as on the accelerator and brake pedals are vital aspects to consider.

In this guide, we’ll be exploring the importance and benefits of go-kart pedal grips and how they differ from traditional pedal pads. I’ve also included a buying guide towards the end of this article so that you’re able to make an informed purchase decision. 

What Are Go-Kart Pedal Grips?

Go-kart pedal grips, also known as pedal covers, are additional components that are slid over the accelerator and brake pedal rods allowing for increased foot grip when racing. These pedal grips are typically made of anodized aluminum and come in various colors.

1/2-Inch Pedal Grip (Pair)

3/8-Inch Pedal Grip (Pair)

The surface area of the pedal grip features a knurled texture. These angled knurling lines provide increased grip to go-kart racers and can allow for more accurate braking and accelerating controls. 

The anti-slip properties make for a safer ride, as you’ll be reducing the risk of your feet slipping off your pedals. It’s also worth noting that go-kart pedal grips are usually sold in pairs, one for the accelerator pedal and the other for the brake pedal. 

Go-Kart Pedal Grips vs Pedal Pads

Most racing go-karts are equipped with pedal grips as opposed to traditional accelerator and brake pedals. The reason for this is because they offer a lot more grip and have a lightweight construction, which are important aspects for racing.

While pedal pads are more affordable and arguably more comfortable to drive with, they’re not recommended to be used for racing karts due to the lack of grip. Especially in wet racing conditions, the knurled surface on pedal grips ensure that your go-kart racing shoes have enough grip throughout the race. 

Pedal Grips

  • Used for racing
  • More grip
  • Less comfortable
  • Less weight
  • More expensive

Pedal Pads

  • Used for leisure/recreation
  • Less grip
  • More comfortable
  • More weight
  • Cheaper

What Are the Common Pedal Grip Sizes 

Most pedal grips come in 1/2-inch or 3/8-inch sizes. This means that they are not cross compatible and would therefore need to be fitted to your go-kart pedals. Each grip typically comes with M4 set screws that are tightened with 3mm hex keys.

How Much Do Pedal Grips Cost?

The great thing about pedal grips is that they are very affordable and provide a much better racing experience. The average pair costs anywhere between $10 – $30 depending on the manufacturer and build quality. It goes without saying that pedal covers are a great and low-cost investment for the added grip they offer. 

How to Install Go-Kart Pedal Grips

Installing go-kart pedal grips is really easy. All you need to do is to slot them over your pedal rods and tighten the set screws with a 3mm hex key. The set screws are usually M4, but it’s always best to check on the product page before purchasing. 

What You Should Look Out for Before Buying Pedal Grips

I hope that this guide was able to give you an overview of what pedal grips are and how you can benefit from them in your next race. However, there are several things you should consider before purchasing a pair. 


One important factor you’ll need to consider is the compatibility of the pedal grip with your pedals. There are typically two different sizes, 1/2-inch and 3/8-inches. Ensure that you get the right size, or else you won’t be able to install them. 

Simply measure the diameter of your pedal rods using a measuring tape and find a compatible pair of pedal grips. 


You’ll also need to consider the cost of go-kart pedal grips. Everyone has a certain type of budget to work with. Fortunately, they are very affordable and sell for as low as $10. Higher quality sets typically cost about $20 to $30 but in my opinion are very worth it. 


Pedal grips come in various colors, so you’ll definitely be able to get a pair that suits your style and that of your go-kart. The standard color is silver, as they’re commonly made of aluminum. Colored versions are made of anodized aluminum. 

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