Best Places To Find Go-Kart Repair Shops Near You

If you’re a go-kart owner, chances are that you do your own maintenance and repairs. As go-karts contain many moving parts and components, certain things may break or need to be replaced due to regular wear.

As a go-kart owner myself, I always try to fix or repair most of these issues myself before trying to seek help from others. That’s also the main reason why I created this website, to help people out there fix their go-karts!

However, it’s understandable that not everyone has the tools and knowledge at their disposal to repair go-kart engines, clutches, gears or other intricate components. If this is the case, then finding a repair shop for go-karts may be the best option for you.

If you are interested in trying to repair your go-kart yourself, simply type in the part or component that you’re trying to fix below, and you’ll be directed to one of my many guides that will contain a step-by-step process. 

On the other hand, if you prefer to have the part fixed by someone else or require professional help, feel free to continue reading. In this guide, I will share with you tips on how to find the best places and repair shops near you that will help you fix your go-kart. 

1. Go-Kart Repair Shops

Without a doubt, the most obvious place to send your go-kart for repairs is a go-kart repair shop. While there aren’t too many around, they exist in some areas that will have all the expertise and tools for fixing any type of go-kart related issue that you may have. 

The best way to find go-kart repair shops is by simply using google to search for the nearest one in your area or by asking in your local go-kart racing community if there is a shop anywhere nearby that you can go to. 

The main advantage of sending your go-kart for repairs there is that they are able to fix pretty much anything, from engines to clutches and tires to frames. Here’s a list of items that they are able to repair:

  • Frame
  • Engine
  • Transmissions
  • Components
  • Tires
  • Wheels

2. Go-Kart Retailers & Distributors 

Another great place to have your go-kart repaired is at an official retailer or distributor. This is because most of these locations sell spare parts and also have a workshop where they fix defective and broken go-karts. 

However, it’s important to take note that some retailers and distributors will only repair your go-kart if you bought it from them. It’s always best to check with them first with a simple inquiry. Let them know what needs to be repaired and always ask for a quote first.

For example, manufacturers and distributors like GoPowerSports or GoKartUSA offer go-kart service and repair in some of their locations. Some even let you purchase directly from their website and they’ll even install the parts you ordered for you. 

When repairing your go-kart at a retailer of distributor, here are the most common parts they fix:

  • Engine
  • Transmissions
  • Components
  • Wheels

3. Referrals

You’ll also be able to find great repair shops through referrals. Here, it’s best to ask within your local karting community or club where the best places are to repair go-karts. 

Many of your fellow racers would already have a go-to location to fix and repair their go-karts, if they aren’t doing it themselves. You’ll be surprised that some of your fellow racers may even offer to help you out or refer you to someone who is able to help repair your go-kart. 

When searching for a go-kart repair shop near you by asking people in your karting community, make sure that you are specific about what parts you are trying to fix. This is because they may know certain shops or people that specialize in different things, such as body kits, engines or other parts. 

4. Small Engine Repair Shops

Small engine repair shops are great at fixing go-kart engines, especially if it’s a two-stroke or four-stroke petrol engine. Repair shops like this often repair lawn mowers, leaf blowers and other types of equipment and tools. 

This is because some of them share the same type of engine with go-karts (except for non-professional racing go-karts). They are able to repair a wide variety of go-kart engines such as Briggs & Stratton, Honda, DuroMax, Tillotson, Predator and various others.

However, take note that these workshops typically only fix engines or other mechanical components such as clutches, but usually not frames, body kits and other types of components. 

5. Car Mechanics

Believe it or not, car mechanics can sometimes also fix a lot of go-kart parts, as they have the technical knowledge and tools to do so. While car repair shops typically shy away from go-kart repairs, certain mechanics are able and willing to repair some of your parts. 

It’s best to check with some of the mechanics at your local car repair shop if they are able to recommend someone who is able to help you fix your go-kart. Some mechanics may even take this on themselves, on their own time.

While mechanics are highly skilled professionals in fixing multiple go-kart components, they tend to limit their help on go-kart engines and smaller components such as clutches and tires. 

If you’re interested in having parts of your body kit fixed or touched up, it would be best to go to a workshop, where they will help you out!

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