Hammerhead GTS 150 Parts List

The Hammerhead GTS 150 is a popular off-road go-kart that was first introduced in 2010 and is still available today. Hammerhead manufactures high-quality go-karts and also has plenty of replacement parts available on their website.

I’ve created this GTS 150 parts list as not everyone is still in possession of their owner’s manual or are just looking for a quick list to find replacement parts for their Hammerhead go-kart. I’ve also included a guide on how to read the parts list, as well as a link to the official owner’s manual below.

Part TypePart NumberPart Description
Engine BreatherM150-1001100Cover, Cylinder Head
Engine BreatherM150-1001103Valve Cover Seal
Engine BreatherM150-1001001Vent Line
Engine BreatherM150-1003075Bolt M6X25
Engine BreatherM150-1001301-NIntake Valve
Valve TimingM150-1001307-NExhaust Valve
Valve TimingM150-1001310Stem Seal, Valve
Valve TimingM150-1001302Seat, Valve Spring
Valve TimingM150-1001302Inner Spring Valve Outer Spring Valve
Valve TimingM150-100305Retainer, Valve Spring
Valve TimingM150-1001306Valve Cotter
Valve TimingM150-1005002Rocker Arm Shaft Set
Valve TimingM150-1005200Intake Rocker Shaft
Valve TimingM150-1005005Exhaust Rocker Shaft
Valve TimingM150-1005100Caging Plate
Valve TimingM150-1005300-NCamshaft Comp
Valve TimingM150-1005003Tappet Screw Adjusting
Valve TimingM150-1005004Tappet Nut Adjusting
Cylinder HeadM150-100-1320Cylinder Head
Cylinder HeadM150-1001010Gasket Cylinder Head
Cylinder HeadM150-1001007Dowel Pin 10X16
Cylinder HeadM150-1001210Intake Pipe
Cylinder HeadM150-1001201O-Ring 27X2
Cylinder HeadM150-1001005Insulator, Intake
Cylinder HeadM150-3050352Gasket, Carburetor Insulator
Cylinder HeadM150-1005001-NCamshaft Holder
Cylinder Head98056-57713-00Spark Plug
Cylinder HeadM150-1001006Bolt Stud M6X63
Cylinder HeadM150-1001011Bolt Stud M6X32
Cylinder HeadM150-1003007Bolt M6X100
Cylinder HeadM150-1003004Washer 8
Cylinder HeadM150-1003003Nut M8
Cylinder Head95500-06001-KASNut M6
CylinderM150-1002200Cylinder Block
CylinderM150-3050351Gasket, Cylinder Block
CylinderM150-1001007Dowel Pin 10X16
CylinderM150-1003500Chain Guide Plate
CylinderM150-1005400Timing Chain
CylinderM150-1002300Tension Plate
Cylinder14559Tension Rod Fixed Pin
CylinderM150-1002100Asm., Tensioner
CylinderM150-3050347Gasket, Tensioner
Cylinder96001-06020-KATBolt M6X22
CrankshaftM150-1004100-NAsm., Crankshaft
CrankshaftM150-1004002Woodruff Key 4X14
CrankshaftM150-1004006Pin, Piston
CrankshaftM150-1004003Circlip, Piston Pin
CrankshaftM150-1004200Ring Set, Piston
Oil PumpM150-1022000Asm., Oil Pump
Oil PumpM150-1020001Gear, Oil Pump
Oil PumpM150-1021000Chain, Oil Pump
Oil PumpM150-1003202Cover
Oil PumpM150-1020002Nut M6
Oil PumpM150-1003005-BBolt M6X14
Oil PumpM150-1003075Bolt M6X25
Crankcase14280Crankcase, Lh
Crankcase14277Crankcase, Rh
CrankcaseM150-3050348Gasket Crankcase
Crankcase14284O-Ring 107X2
Crankcase14285O-Ring 6X1.8
CrankcaseM150-1003110Oil Seal 19.8X30X5
CrankcaseM150-1042000Oil Seal 20X32X6
Crankcase14308Ventilation Pipe
Crankcase14307Waste Pipe Set (330Mm)
Crankcase14502Box Outlet Nozzle
Crankcase14314Washer 12
Crankcase14313Bolt M12X1.5
Crankcase14312Locating Bolt M14X20.8
Crankcase14311Washer 14.2X22X1.3
Crankcase14310Positioning Spring
Crankcase14309Steel Ball So10.319
Crankcase91004-E6203-KATBall Bearing 6203
Crankcase91004-E6204-KATBall Bearing 6204
Crankcase91004-E6202-KATBall Bearing 6202
Crankcase14315Washer 6X18X1.6
CrankcaseM150-1003203Bolt M6X12
CrankcaseM150-1003032Bolt M6X50
CrankcaseM150-1003320Engine Hanger Bush
CrankcaseM150-1003001Bolt, Cylinder Stud M8X187
CrankcaseM150-1003002Bolt, Cylinder Stud M8X196
CrankcaseM150-1003005Dowel Pin 8X14
Crankcase14286Bolt M6X18
Crankcase CoverM150-1003101Crankcase Cover, Rh
Crankcase CoverM150-3050350Gasket, Crankcase Cover, Rh
Crankcase CoverM150-1003120Oil Filter Screen
Crankcase CoverM150-1003102Oil Filter Screen Spring
Crankcase CoverM150-1003104Cover, Oil Filter Screen
Crankcase CoverM150-1003105Dipstick
Crankcase CoverM150-1003006Clamp, A.C. Generator Cord
Crankcase CoverM150-1003110Oil Seal 19.8X30X5
Crankcase CoverM150-1003005Dowel Pin 8X14
Crankcase CoverM150-1003103O-Ring 30.8X3.2
Crankcase CoverM150-1003307O-Ring 18X3
Crankcase CoverM150-1003034Bolt M6X35
Crankcase Cover96001-0632-KATBolt M6X28
Crankcase CoverM150-1003012Bolt M6X95
Crankcase CoverM150-1003008Bolt M6X110
Crankcase CoverM150-1003007Bolt M6X100
Starter MotorM150-1064000Starter Motor
Starter MotorM150-1060003Gear Idler
Starter MotorM150-1060003Shaft
Starter MotorM150-1060001Asm., Starting Clutch
Starter MotorM150-1004013Washer 22X31X2.5
Starter MotorM150-1004009Spanner Nut M22X1 (Left Hand Thread)
Starter MotorM150-1060005Bolt M6X16
Stator And FlywheelM150-1051100-3Cooling Fan
Stator And FlywheelM150-1051100-4Bolt M6X18
Stator And FlywheelM150-1051100Stator Flywheel
Stator And FlywheelM150-1051200Stator Coil
Stator And FlywheelM150-1004007Nut M12X1.25
Stator And Flywheel92101-05012-OHBolt M5X12
Stator And FlywheelM150-1003106Socket Head Cap Screws M6X30
FanM150-1009410Cover, Cooling Fan
Fan8.020.179Isolation Mesh
FanM150-1009401Fan Cover Plug
FanM150-1009110Shroud Comp B
FanM150-1009301Shroud Comp A
Fan9.804.003Screw St 4.2X16
FanM150-1009402Screw St 4.8X16
FanM150-1003075Bolt M6X25
Drivetrain14297Gear Box Cover
DrivetrainM150-3050349Gear Box Gasket
Drivetrain14305Asm., Transmission Shaft
Drivetrain14304Fork Shaft
Drivetrain14303Fork Shaft
Drivetrain14300Asm., Gearshift Shaft
Drivetrain14298Drive Shaft
Drivetrain14106Circlip 20
Drivetrain14316Plain Washers (Steel) 15X19X1
Drivetrain14299Asm-Reverse Gear Shaft
Drivetrain14301Asm-Output Shaft
Drivetrain14503Ball Bearing 6302
Drivetrain91004-E6204-KATBall Bearing 6204
Drivetrain14504Needle Bearing Rna4905
Drivetrain14287Dowel Pin 10X14
Drivetrain14318Oil Seal 30X40X6
Drivetrain14598Ball Bearing 6205-2Rs
Drivetrain14511Washer 25X34X1
Drivetrain14319Circlip 25
Drivetrain14320Circlip 52
Drivetrain9.106.040Bolt M6X40
Drivetrain9.106.012Bolt M6X12
Drivetrain14321Cable Clamp
Drivetrain14597Oil Seal 14X22X5
Drivetrain14314Washer 12
Drivetrain14313Fill/Drain Bolt M12X1.5
ClutchM150-1071000Asm,Driving Pulley (Include Rollers)
ClutchM150-1032000Driven Disc Comp
ClutchM150-1031000Driven Pulley Comp
ClutchM150-1004008Nut M12×1.25×8
ClutchM150-1040005Washer 12
ClutchM150-1040007Nut M12×1.25×11
Clutch157F.11.502Washer 15.2×29×4
Clutch157F.11.501Washer 15.2×29×7.5
Clutch CaseM150-1008101-NCrankcase Cover, Lh
Clutch CaseM150-3050353Gasket, Crankcase Cover, Lh
Clutch Case14322Asm., Aspirtaion Channel, B
Clutch Case14322Asm., Aspriation Channel, A
Clutch CaseM150-1003005Dowel Pin 10X14
Clutch Case14508Ball Bearing 6200-2Rz
Clutch Case14235Bolt M6X40
Clutch Case14507Muffler Bracket Bolts
Clutch CaseM150-1004008Nut M12X11
Engine006-JL150-03150Cc Engine Assembly W/Oil Cooler Holes
Engine14322Asm., Aspriation Channel, B
Engine14322Asm., Aspriation Channel, A
Engine13-1811-00Choke Cable Housing
Exhaust14762Muffler Air Injection System
Exhaust13-1605-01Gasket, Muffler Air Injection System
Exhaust9.106.012Bolt M6X12
Exhaust9.400.006Lock Washer
Exhaust9.040.027Muffler Nut
Exhaust9.108.040Bolt M8X40
Exhaust9.400.008Lock Washer
Exhaust9.300.008Flat Washer
Exhaust8.020.091Muffler Protector
Exhaust6.000.074Muffler Assembly
Exhaust13-1604-00Spark Arrestor
Exhaust9.106.014Bolt M6X14
ExhaustM150-3050354Exhaust Pipe Gasket
Exhaust14507Muffler Support Bracket
Exhaust9.220.012Lock Nut M12
Air Filter9.108.016Bolt M8X16
Air Filter6.000.151Air Filter
Air Filter003-050016-00Pan Screw M5X16
Air Filter13-1602-01Air Filter Box Assembly
Oil Cooler6.000.216Long Oil Hose
Oil Cooler6.000.217Short Oil Hose
Oil Cooler8.010.149Banjo Bolt
Oil Cooler8.020.178Crush Washer
Oil Cooler9.108.075Bolt M8X75
Oil Cooler6.000.218Oil Filter
Oil Cooler4.000.028Oil Cooler Assembly
Fuel Tank201323003Fuel Cap
Fuel Tank201352001Rollover Valve
Fuel Tank7.020.027Rubber Line (300Mm)
Fuel Tank9.106.065Bolt, M6X65
Fuel Tank7.020.011Rubber Bushing
Fuel Tank13-0629-01Fuel Tank W/Rollover Valve Hole
Fuel Tank8.010.035Metal Collar
Fuel TankH5260071Fuel Tank Cradle
Fuel Tank7.010.049R-Washer
Fuel Tank9.220.006Lock Nut M6
Fuel Tank6.000.046Vacuum Fuel Valve
Fuel Tank7.020.028Vacuum Tube
Fuel Tank7.020.030Fuel Tube #1
Fuel Tank6.000.056Fuel Filter
Fuel Tank8.040.009Fuel Clip
Fuel Tank7.020.029Fuel Tube #2
Frame2.000.061-FBRear Cargo Rack - Flat Black
Frame9.108.020Bolt M8X20
Frame9.220.008Lock Nut M8
Frame8.080.051-FBRear Cargo Rack Support Arm - Flat Black
Frame7.010.017Plastic Tube Seat
Frame9.108.050Bolt M8X50
Frame13-0101-00-FBBrush Guard Top Cross Bar - Flat Black
Frame13-0103-00-FBBrush Guard Side Arm Bar - Flat Black
Frame13-0102-00-FBBrush Guard Long Bar - Flat Black
Frame9.108.055Bolt M8X55
Frame7.010.016Tube Seat 32
Frame13-0801-00Bikini Top
Bodywork9.106.016Bolt M6X16
Bodywork9.220.006Lock Nut M6
Bodywork7.010.034-SSFront Fender
Bodywork13-0625-01RRight Front Fender Bracket
Bodywork13-0201-00-(colorCode) Front Upper Hood (-Red, Fb, Bl, Org, Cm)
Bodywork13-0202-03-FBFront Lower Hood
Bodywork003-060015-00Large Head Pan Screw M6X15
Bodywork13-0204-00R-(colorCode) Right Rear Fender (-Red, Fb, Bl. Org, Cm)
Bodywork9.106.014Bolt M6X14
Bodywork13-0601-01RRight Rear Fender Bracket
Bodywork13-0601-01LLeft Rear Fender Bracket
Bodywork13-0204-00L-(colorCode) Left Rear Fender (-Red, Fb, Bl, Org, Cm)
Bodywork13-0625-01LLeft Front Fender Bracket
Bodywork003-050016-00Pan Screw M5X16
Gas Pedal9.108.040Bolt M8X10
Gas Pedal4.000.016Throttle Pedal
Gas Pedal7.010.004Bushing
Gas Pedal9.708.145Throttle Pedal Bolt
Gas Pedal8.040.001Throttle Pedal Return Spring
Gas Pedal9.220.008Lock Nut M8
Gas Pedal9.200.008Nut M8
Gas Pedal7.020.036Throttle Pedal Pad
Gas PedalH5260067Pedal Pad Plate
Gas Pedal9.600.515Pan Screw M5X15
Gas Pedal6.000.232Throttle Cable
Gas Pedal13-0705-00Choke Cable
Gas Pedal9.200.005Nut M5
Break Pedal8.070.044Master Cylinder Protector
Break Pedal9.108.035Bolt M8X35
Break Pedal8.010.081Spindle Pin
Break Pedal9.200.008Nut M8
Break Pedal9.200.005Nut M5
Break Pedal9.108.040Bolt M8X40
Break Pedal8.030.024Spindle Bracket
Break Pedal9.500.212Cotter Pin 2X12
Break Pedal9.220.008Lock Nut M8
Break Pedal7.010.004Bushing
Break Pedal8.040.007Brake Pedal Return Spring
Break Pedal9.708.222Brake Pedal Bolt M8X222
Break Pedal7.020.037Brake Pedal Pad
Break PedalH5260067Pedal Pad Plate
Break Pedal9.600.515Pan Screw M5X15
Break Pedal9.700.624Pin 6X24
Brake6.000.076Brake Master Cylinder Assembly
Brake6.000.063Brake Light Switch
Brake9.700.004Banjo Bolt M10X24
Brake13-1422-00Copper Crush Washer
Brake6.000.090Brake Hose 43"
Brake9.908.014Allen Head Bolt M8X14
Brake9.400.008Lock Washer 8
Brake6.000.095Right Front Brake Caliper
Brake6.000.089Brake Hose 34"
Brake6.000.091Brake Hose 75"
Brake6.000.028Left Front Brake Caliper
Brake6.000.229Rear Brake Caliper
Brake9.300.008Flat Washer 8
Brake9.108.100Bolt M8X100
Brake9.908.012Allen Head Bolt M8X12
Brake7.020.016Front Brake Pad Set
Brake7.020.022Rear Brake Pad Set
Parking Break7.020.026Rubber Knob
Parking Break9.108.040Bolt M8X40
Parking Break8.020.082Washer Spacer
Parking Break8.040.003Spring
Parking Break7.020.024Rubber Cover
Parking Break9.300.005Flat Washer 5
Parking Break9.220.008Lock Nut M8
Parking Break9.108.020Bolt M8X20
Parking Break6.000.064Lever Bracket
Parking Break6.000.050Parking Brake Cable
Parking Break6.000.065Lever Rod
Parking Break6.000.042Parking Brake Handle Assembly
Parking Break8.040.004Cable Spring
Shifter14473Shift Cable Bracket
Shifter9.106.014Bolt M6X14
Shifter9.106.020Bolt M6X20
Shifter9.400.006Lock Washer 6
Shifter14479Shift Disc
Shifter14456Shift Cable
Shifter9.220.008Lock Nut M8
Shifter9.108.020Bolt M8X20
Shifter14478Shifter Assembly
Seat13-0401-01Seat Back
Seat13-0401-01RRight Seat Bottom (Passenger)
Seat13-0401-01LLeft Seat Bottom (Driver)
Seat9.900.840Seat Rail Bolt
Seat6.000.057Seat Rail Set
Seat9.220.008Lock Nut M8
Seat6.000.354Safety Belt Set
Seat9.700.001Special Safety Belt Bolt 42552
Seat9.700.002Special Safety Belt Washer 42552
Seat9.700.005Special Safety Belt Lock Washer 42552
Seat9.700.003Special Safety Belt Nut 42552
Seat9.108.040Bolt M8X40
Steering7.010.041Steering Bolt Cover
Steering9.106.014Bolt M6X14
Steering7.020.038Steering Wheel
Steering6.000.122Steering Shaft
Steering7.010.026Steering Shaft Bushing
Steering9.600.615Pan Screw M6X15
Steering9.220.008Lock Nut M8
Steering8.010.220Adjusting Knob
Steering13-1012-00Tilt Steering Housing
Steering9.108.025Bolt M8X25
Steering6.000.093Steering Knuckle
Steering7.020.066Steering Knuckle Joint Dust Cover
Steering7.020.002Ball Joint Dust Cover
Steering8.020.014Steering Gear Bracket
Steering4.000.008-250Steering Gear
Steering8.010.157-GTSTie Rod 5.5"
Steering6.000.062Rod End
Steering9.300.010Flat Washer 10
Steering9.400.010Lock Washer 10
Steering9.800.010Castle Nut M10
Steering9.500.215Cotter Pin 2X15
Front Suspension9.108.105Bolt M8X105
Front Suspension7.010.003Nylon Bushing, Upper Suspension Arm
Front Suspension7082290Grease
Front Suspension8.010.015Collar, Upper Suspension Arm
Front Suspension9.220.008Lock Nut M8
Front Suspension8.010.140Acorn Nut M12
Front Suspension4.000.004-SLVUpper Suspension Arm (Silver)
Front Suspension7.020.025Ball Head Dust Cover
Front Suspension8.020.053Ball Head Spacer
Front Suspension9.110.040Bolt M10X40
Front Suspension6.000.325Front Shock
Front Suspension9.220.010Lock Nut M10
Front Suspension13-1515-00LLeft Front Strut And Spindle
Front Suspension4.000.023-SLVLower Suspension Arm (Silver)
Front Suspension9.800.012Castle Nut M12
Front Suspension9.500.200Cotter Pin
Front Suspension13-1515-00RRight Front Strut And Spindle
Front Suspension9.040.001O-Ring 21.2X2.65
Front Suspension8.020.034Lower Suspension Arm Washer
Front Suspension9.110.080Bolt M10X80
Front Wheel Assembly13-0903-01Right Front Tire/Wheel Assembly
Front Wheel Assembly002-100080-038" Steel Front Wheel (Black)
Front Wheel Assembly9.106.012Bolt M6X12
Front Wheel Assembly8.010.054Front Brake Disc
Front Wheel Assembly9.040.002Dust Seal 47X25-7
Front Wheel Assembly9.030.002Bearing 6204-Z
Front Wheel Assembly9.710.031Wheel Stud M10X31
Front Wheel Assembly8.010.085BFront Wheel Hub (Black)
Front Wheel Assembly9.030.010Bearing 6202-Z
Front Wheel Assembly13-0901-01Left Front Tire/Wheel Assembly
Front Wheel Assembly9.220.010Lock Nut M10
Front Wheel Assembly9.800.014Castle Nut M14
Front Wheel Assembly9.500.220Cotter Pin 2X20
Front Wheel Assembly7.020.039Rubber Hub Dust Cover
Front Wheel Assembly001-190708-01Front Tire 19X7-8 Hh Tread
Front Wheel Assembly9.300.014Washer
Front Wheel Assembly9.300.014Valve Stem
Dash Panel13-0305-00Digital Speedometer
Dash Panel7.010.061Rubber Screw Cover
Dash Panel7.020.051Rubber Power Outlet Plug
Dash Panel6.000.079Horn Button
Dash Panel6.000.058Headlight Switch
Dash Panel6.000.159Engine Kill Button
Dash Panel6.000.158Ignition Key Switch
Dash Panel7.110.038Plastic Dash Panel
Dash Panel6.000.072Control Relay
Dash Panel9.600.615Screw M6X15
Dash Panel6.000.08712V Power Outlet
Dash Panel13-0508-00Rubber Plug
Dash Panel6.000.135Horn
Electrical Components13-0303-02Wiring Harness
Electrical Components7.010.061Rubber Screw Cover
Electrical Components9.600.655Pan Screw M6X65
Electrical Components7.010.029Electrical Cover
Electrical Components13-0322-00Cdi -7500
Electrical Components6.000.035Starter Relay
Electrical Components9.220.006Lock Nut M6
Electrical Components6.000.124-GTSRegulator/Rectifier
Electrical Components9.106.016Bolt M6X25
Electrical Components9.106.025Bolt M6X25
Electrical Components6.000.126Ignition Coil With Plug Wire
Electrical Components6.000.204Positive And Negative Battery Cable
Electrical Components6.000.268Speedometer Sensor
Electrical Components12.026.024Screw, M3X10
Electrical Components12.026.027Nut, M3
Lights9.108.050Bolt M8X50
Lights7.020.049Rubber Mount
Lights8.010.049Headlight Spacer
Lights8.010.048Headlight Collar
Lights9.220.008Lock Nut M8
Lights9.200.005Nut M5
Lights9.600.520Pan Screw M5X20
Battery7.010.028Plastic Battery Cover
Battery6.000.055Battery Gtx9-Bx
Battery7.020.023Rubber Battery Band
Battery7.020.020Lower Battery Cushion
Upper Swing Arm2.000.062Upper Swing Arm
Upper Swing Arm9.112.060Bolt M12X60
Upper Swing Arm9.400.008Lock Washer 8
Upper Swing Arm9.908.016Allen Bolt M8X16
Upper Swing Arm7.010.008Bushing
Upper Swing Arm8.030.001Swing Arm Dog Bone
Upper Swing Arm8.020.013Washer Plate
Upper Swing Arm9.110.195Bolt M10X195 1
Upper Swing Arm8.010.025Engine Mount Collar
Upper Swing Arm9.220.010Lock Nut M10
Upper Swing Arm9.220.012Lock Nut M12
Lower Swingarm9.112.060Bolt M12X60
Lower Swingarm7.020.008Swing Arm Bushing
Lower Swingarm9.220.012Lock Nut M12
Lower Swingarm9.110.040Bolt M10X40
Lower Swingarm6.000.006Rear Shock
Lower Swingarm9.220.010Lock Nut M10
Lower Swingarm7.010.006Bushing
Lower Swingarm8.010.028Collar
Lower Swingarm13-0626-01Lower Swingarm With Oil Cooler Mount
Lower Swingarm8.020.197Speed Sensor Bracket
Lower Swingarm9.220.006Lock Nut M6
Lower Swingarm9.106.020Flange Bolt M6X20
Engine Hanger9.220.012Lock Nut M12
Engine Hanger8.010.042Washer, Engine Mount Link
Engine Hanger7.020.001Cushion, Engine Mount Link
Engine Hanger8.020.045Spacer Cup, Engine Mount Link
Engine Hanger8.0100.41Collar, Engine Mount Link
Engine Hanger9.300.012Flat Washer 12
Engine Hanger9.200.012Nut M12
Engine Hanger6.000.026Adjuster Rod, Engine Mount Link
Engine Hanger9.110.045Bolt M10X45
Engine Hanger8.010.076Adjuster Collar, Engine Mount Link
Engine Hanger9.220.010Lock Nut M10
Engine Hanger14217Engine Sprocket 16T 50P
Engine Hanger14218Sprocket Keeper
Engine Hanger9.400.006Lock Washer 6
Engine Hanger9.106.012Bolt M6X12
Engine Hanger14480Upper Chain Guard Bracket
Rear Axle8.030.033Bearing Housing, Right Side Axle
Rear Axle9.220.008Lock Nut M8
Rear Axle8.010.053Brake Disc
Rear Axle9.108.022Bolt M8X22
Rear Axle7.050.001Magnet
Rear Axle9.600.308Pan Screw M6X8
Rear Axle9.108.027Bolt M8X27
Rear Axle13-1110-00Axle Sprocket 39T
Rear Axle13-1103-00Axle Drive Chain 530X56
Chain Guard14188Upper Chain Guard
Chain Guard9.106.014Bolt M6X14
Chain Guard9.106.016Bolt M6X16
Chain Guard14185Lower Chain Guard
Chain Guard9.220.006Lock Nut M6
Chain Guard9.108.016Bolt M8X16
Rear Tire9.710.031Wheel Stud M10X31
Rear Tire8.010.089BRear Wheel Axle Hub (Black)
Rear Tire13-0902-01Left Rear Tire/Wheel Assembly
Rear Tire9.220.010Lock Nut M10
Rear Tire9.700.016Flat Washer 16
Rear Tire9.800.016Castle Nut M16
Rear Tire9.500.430Cotter Pin 4X30
Rear Tire7.020.039Rubber Hub Dust Cover
Rear Tire13-0904-01Right Rear Tire/Wheel Assembly
Rear Tire001-221010-01Rear Tire 22X10-10 Hh Tread
Rear Tire002-100100-0310" Steel Rear Wheel (Black)
Rear Tire7.190.018Valve Stem

Where Can I Buy Hammerhead GTS 150 Parts From?

The best place to find Hammerhead GTS 150 go-kart replacement parts is directly from Hammerhead’s website. This way you can ensure that all parts are 100% genuine and compatible with your Hammerhead go-kart.

If you aren’t able to find the desired parts or if you’re looking for part upgrades, you can also check out online marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay. The link to the official Hammerhead store can be found below.

Buy Hammerhead GTS 150 Parts: Hammerhead Online Shop (external link)

How To Read the Hammerhead GTS 150 Parts List

Here’s a quick guide on how to read the Hammerhead GTS 150 parts list. Simply refer to the information found below for further explanation on the part type, part number and part description. 

Part Type

Here, you’ll find the part type in question. For example, you’ll be able to see all cylinder related parts in the “Cylinder” category.

Part Number

The part number is a unique reference number that is made of letters and numbers. For example the part number M150-1002200 refers to the Cylinder Block part.

Part Description

Here, you’ll find the respective part description. This field contains the name of the part, as well as other variables such as colors, dimensions or sizes. For example, the part number 14318 refers to the Oil Seal that is 30x40x6 in size. 

Where Can I Find the Official Parts List for the Hammerhead GTS 150?

You can refer to the GTS 150 parts table above as a reference. You may also find the official Hammerhead GTS 150 parts list via the link below.

Official Owner’s Manual: Hammerhead GTS 150 (external link)

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Hi, I'm Gerrit. I have been racing go-karts competitively and recreationally for the past 20 years. Apart from actively growing local karting communities, I run GoKartGuide and write comprehensive articles, guides & reviews about go-kart racing. I race, build, mod, & discuss go-karts whenever I find the time. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the read!

My goal with this site is to share valuable go-kart racing information through guides, articles, reviews, track details and more.

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