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K1 Speed is the largest operator of go-kart tracks in the United States with more than 40 locations. They even have go-kart racing locations in South America, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Europe and a portfolio of more than 55 kart tracks globally. 

That’s also one reason why K1 Speed is so popular, apart from providing an affordable, fun and competitive go-kart racing experience to youth and adult racers. Racing go-karts at K1 Speed costs between $23.95 – $25.95 for a single race, $42.95 – $46.95 for two races, $54.95 – $59.95 for three races and $55.95 – $59.95 for a Speedpass (which includes an annual membership). 

I’ve compiled a comprehensive K1 Speed price list for all locations in the United States and all other locations. Here’s a quick overview of what this guide covers:

K1 Speed United States Price List

StateCity1 Races2 Races3 RacesSpeedpass
CaliforniaRohnert Park$25.95$46.95$59.95$59.95
CaliforniaSan Diego$25.95$46.95$59.95$59.95
CaliforniaSan Francisco$25.95$46.95$59.95$59.95
CaliforniaSanta Clara$25.95$46.95$59.95$59.95
CaliforniaThousand Oaks$25.95$46.95$59.95$59.95
FloridaHollywood/Fort Lauderdale$25.95$46.95$59.95$59.95
IllinoisBuffalo Grove$24.95$44.95$59.95$59.95
North CarolinaConcord$24.95$44.95$59.95$59.95
South CarolinaBluffton$23.95$42.95$54.95$55.95
South CarolinaMyrtle BeachTBATBATBATBA
TexasSan Antonio$24.95$44.95$59.95$59.95
UtahSandy/Salt Lake City$24.95$44.95$59.95$59.95

K1 Speed Americas Price List

CountryCity1 Races2 Races3 RacesSpeedpass
MexicoCoapaMX$ 310MX$ 580MX$ 790MX$ 890
MexicoGarden Santa FeMX$ 310MX$ 580MX$ 790MX$ 890
MexicoManacarMX$ 310MX$ 580MX$ 790MX$ 890
MexicoQuerétaroMX$ 310MX$ 580MX$ 790MX$ 890
MexicoVeracruzMX$ 310MX$ 580MX$ 790MX$ 890
MexicoMonterreyMX$ 310MX$ 580MX$ 790MX$ 890
Puerto RicoCanòvanas$19.99$35.00$48.00$55.00
Puerto RicoCaguas$19.99$35.00$48.00$55.00

K1 Speed Europe Price List

CountryCity1 Races2 Races3 RacesSpeedpass
FranceLyon€ 24€ 39€ 51€ 50
FranceDijon€ 24€ 39€ 51€ 50
FranceLe Mans€ 24€ 39€ 51€ 50
FranceParis€ 24€ 39€ 51€ 50

K1 Speed Asia Pacific List

CountryCity1 Races2 Races3 RacesSpeedpass
ChinaShenzhenCNY 168CNY 298CNY 408-
ChinaShenzhen 2CNY 168CNY 298CNY 408-
ChinaFoshanCNY 168CNY 298CNY 408-
South KoreaGangwon-doKRW 33,000KRW 59,000--

Additional Pricing Features

In this section, we’ll go through various pricing related aspects when racing at K1 Speed. In particular, I will share the pricing information on the arrive & drive packages, Speedpass packages, group & party packages, corporate event packages and promotions. 

Arrive & Drive Packages

One of the most popular racing packages at any K1 Speed location is the arrive & drive package. Arrive and drive packages are the most convenient way to race go-karts, whereby you select your pricing package online or at your preferred location’s concession stand and start racing. Below is a price list of all of the arrive & drive packages:

Take note that arrive and drive pricing packages are different depending on the location you wish to race at. In general, you can refer to the price ranges below:

  • 1 Race: $23.95 – $25.95 
  • 2 Races: $42.95 – $46.95
  • 3 Races: $54.95 – $59.95 

Important Tip: You will need a membership in order to select any arrive and drive package. Annual memberships are priced at $7.95!

Speedpass Package

Another popular package is the Speedpass package, which includes 2 races, an annual membership, as well as a t-shirt of your choice (you’ll be able to select one). 

The reason why this package is one of the most popular ones, is because of the annual membership which is included in the Speedpass. 

  • Speedpass: $55.95 – $59.95

Group & Party Packages

If you’re planning to race in groups of 8 or more, it may be better to purchase a group package. There are various types of packages ranging from birthdays to bachelor parties and each has its own price and features. 

Most group pricing packages include:

  • Discounts
  • Food & Drinks
  • Medals
  • Race Packages
  • Party Room

Corporate Event Packages

Corporate events are also possible at any K1 Speed facility with an advanced booking. Team building sessions, holiday events, company awards and other types of corporate events are all differently priced.

Most corporate pricing packages include:

  • Discounts
  • Catering
  • Race Packages
  • Meeting Rooms


You should also consider some of their special promotions that give you discounted rates or combo packages on certain occasions or days. Common promotions include, Grid Night, Buy 2 Get 1 Free Tuesdays, Wings & Racing Wednesdays, Glo Karting Thursdays, Teen Cup, Junior League, among various others. Click here to find out more. 


One of the most important things to note when racing at K1 Speed is that you’ll need an annual membership, which can be purchased separately at the concession stand or through a Speedpass package. Without a membership, you won’t be able to race, unless you’re hosting a private or corporate event. 

You’ll also get to enjoy several perks with an annual K1 Speed membership. Here’s a list of what you can expect:

  • Free birthday races
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Store discounts
  • Free gear rental
  • Racing profile (with lap history)
  • Special promotions

Frequently Asked Question

In this section, I’ll be answering some of the most frequently asked questions about anything related to pricing. While K1 Speed generally has the same pricing policies throughout all of its locations and clear guidelines on their website, we’ll take some time to go through some of the more specific questions. 

Is Karting Gear Included in the Arrive & Drive Price?

Yes, when purchasing a racing package (1 race, 2 races, 3 races or a Speedway package), you’ll be provided with a go-kart, a balaclava/head sock and a helmet. Helmets are mandatory, but you’ll also have a choice to bring your own go-kart racing gear.

If you plan to bring your own gear, feel free to check out my articles on the best karting helmets and best karting balaclavas that you can take along to your races!

Is the Pricing For Juniors and Adults the Same?

Regardless of which K1 Speed location you visit in the United States, juniors and adults pay the same rates. However, take note that juniors race in smaller Junior Karts, whereas adults race in larger Adult Karts. 

Are Taxes Included in the Price?

No, taxes are not included in the advertised price and will be charged on top of the rates. For example, if the rate for two races is $46.95 there will be tax added to that rate upon making the payment. 

Can I Request for Refunds?

K1 Speed does offer refunds on certain purchases, however only in the form of vouchers that can be used to purchase items in the store or that can be redeemed for race packages. 

What Payment Options Does K1 Speed Accept?

K1 Speed accepts multiple methods of payment. At concession stands, you’ll be able to pay with cash, debit and credit card. Online, you’ll be able to pay through debit or credit card, as well as PayPal. 

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