Murray Nitrox Go-Kart Parts List

The Murray Nitrox, also known under the serial code GT60303X92, is a relatively well known two-seater off-road go-kart. I’ve created a parts list so that owners are able to identify required parts quickly and can easily change or upgrade them. There’s also a user guide below the Murray Nitrox Go-Kart Parts List if you need help reading the diagram and the table correctly.

ReferencePart NumberPart Description
2680040E700Assy, Seat Frame
32x91Qx Bolt, CRG.31-18X2.
410163Bolt, HEX.25-20X0.62
518032Washer Spring
723665Ignition Switch
819x40Washershakepro Zinc
991499Nut, Ignition Switch
1091498Cap, Ignition Switch
11872220Q1 Keys & Ring Set
12680288E700Tube, Cage Front
131201109Seatbelt Top Red
15680018E700Tube, Cage Rear
168800382Bracket, Fla
17660299Pad, rail-black/blue
18680300Pad, rail-black/blue
19150136Nut.rr, 20
20680077Pad, Tube Vinyl
221201116E700U-Tube Assembly
2410157Bolt Hex
2515084Nut Lock
28880011E700Tube, Crossbrace
299566Bolt, SHD.44-20X.500D
3017x102Washer, Mower
31680315Seat Belt Anchor
327137210Package Wire Tie
341287Bolt Hex
3515x82Nut Hex Flange Plate
3626x245Screw Tappi #10x5
38680093Throttle Cable
39680059Reflector, Red
4015016Washer Spring Lock
4115x79Nut, Hex Flange
43680091E701Bkt, Chain
451090Bolt Hex 1/4, 20NF2X1
46260288Screw #10 .50
47160116Nut Hex Lock 1/4
49680312bolt/grease Fitting
50880030E701Guard, Chain
51880298Clutch, Centrifugal
5292280Spacer Steering
53680091E701Bkt, Chain
631650129Spring, Extension Go
67680152#40X72 Go Kart Chain
6810108Bolt Hex 3/8
6918X31MAWasher Spring Lock
7030X49MAPin Cotter
7115X76MANut Kep 5/16
7215X68MANut Hex Flange
73680153Sprocket, Live Axle
74680154Drum, Brake 6.00
75680156Brake Band For 6.00
763825-8Pin Cotter
77680101E700Rod, Brk Rr Sec
79680292Tire, Rear 13/6.5
79776945Inner Tube
7924373MAValve stem/cap
802X77MABolt Carriage .312X2
81680294Tire, Front 11/4
81776903Inner Tube
8124373MAValve stem/cap
8215X128Nut Axle Go Kart
831X131MABolt 5/16, 18UNCX1.5B
853762-1Wing knob
86164X32Spring Compression
871X120MABolt Hex 5/16,
88680028E700Rod, Brake Front
89680125ZPedal, Brake
9015X89MANut Lock Flange
9115X88MANut Lock Flange
921X159Bolt Hex
94680081Plug, End
98680070Tie Rod End Bearing
9915X33MANut Hex
100680084ZRod, Tie
102001X87MABolt Hex
103680085ZRod, Tie
105680124Pedal, Accelerator
106680029E700Rod, Accelerator
1071X90MABolt Hex 1/4
108680080Pad, Tube
109680065Steering Wheel
110680060Cap Steering Wheel
11126X285Screw #6 .75
112680293Tire, Rear 13/6.5-6
112776945Inner Tube
11224373MAValve stem/cap
113680106Bearing Front Wheel Go
116680295flag/rod Assembly Go Kar
117680114E700Plate, Front Go Kart
11817X197MAWasher Flat
1201201040Key, Square
121680131Axle, Live Rear
122680274Wrench, Allen 5/16
12515X41MANut Lock
1261X120MABolt, HEX.31-18X2.00

Murray Nitrox Parts Diagram

murray nitrox diagram

How to Read the Murray Nitrox Parts List

Reading the parts list table for the Murray Nitrox go-kart is simple. All you need to do is look up the reference, part number and parts description. Check out the guide below for more information.


The reference number allows you to trace the part item to a location on the Murray Nitrox go-kart. Simply locate your part number on the table and trace it back on the parts diagram above.

Part Number

The part number is a unique number that identifies each part. For example, part number 680152 corresponds to a go-kart chain.

Part Description

The description of a part provides more information, such as the color, size, diameter or other specifications. Sticking with the same example, the part number 680152 with a reference number of 67 is a #40 go-kart chain.

Where to Buy Murray Nitrox Spare Parts?

There are several places where you will be able to find parts for your Murray Nitrox go-kart. Usually retailers and wholesalers keep OEM spare parts or offer compatible replacement parts. You can check out these websites below.

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