OMP Summer-K Kart Suit Review

For anyone who loves indoor go-kart racing and wants to invest in a specialized indoor karting suit, the OMP Summer-K Kart Suit is a high-quality and affordable option. Unlike multi-layered karting suits, this suit is designed for kart racers who aim to race for leisure or take part in locally organized indoor karting events.


  • Designed for indoor karting
  • Cotton-polyester fabric blend
  • Lightweight and breathable

In essence, this kart suit is made from a very lightweight, single-layer fabric, which is ideal for keeping the weight of the suit low, while giving the kart racer the required protection and comfort.

Additionally, it features an ergonomic fit which allows for good body movement, without making the user feel restricted in any way. These properties make this race suit perfect for indoor kart racing.


The OMP Summer-K Kart Suit is ideal for indoor karting for several reasons. Here are some of its best features:

  • Single-layer construction
  • Cotton and polyester fabric
  • Abrasion-resistant properties
  • Great elasticity
  • Ergonomic fit
  • Hidden zip closure
  • Ideal for indoor karting

Build Quality

The suit is made from a single-layer fabric that is a mix of cotton and polyester. The reason for this mixed fabric is that both cotton and polyester are lightweight materials and at the same time feel extremely comfortable to wear.

Cotton also promotes breathability, high absorption, and strength while also being hypoallergenic. Polyester, on the other hand, is very durable, resistant to many chemicals, stretchable, resistant to abrasions, and largely wrinkle-free.

Build Quality Features:

  1. Hidden zip closure
  2. Velcro neck closure
  3. Velcro waist closure
  4. Cotton and polyester fabric

A combination of these two fabrics is what allows the OMP Summer-K suit to be very durable and lightweight. The suit fits ergonomically around the user and is secured via a hidden zip closure.

There are also additional Velcro straps on the neck and waist areas. These closures help to tighten the suit around the user and can be easily adjusted at any time.


One of the main aspects that the OMP Summer-K is focused on is comfort. Other than the fabric itself, there are other characteristics of the suit that make it comfortable to wear. For instance, the underarm area is made from an elastic knitted fabric which makes it possible for racers to get the maximum range of motion.

The range of motion is noticeable when turning corners, as it allows you to fully stretch your arms, without restricting your movements. This is extremely important when racing!

Another thing that makes it very breathable and comfortable to wear is the fact that it doesn’t have multiple layers of fabric. Having a single-layer construction means that it may offer slightly less protection compared to multi-layer racing suits, but on the other hand allows it to remain thin. It also helps to keep the users cool and ventilated at all times.


Since the OMP Summer-K Kart Suit contains a single-layer of a polyester and cotton blend, it’s light in weight and also very breathable. This racing suit is also designed for indoor karting, meaning that you have the sun beating down on you.

Suit ventilation is an important factor to consider, as it can directly affect your performance on the race track.


This indoor racing suit is designed in a way that makes it look clean and modern. It features a simple construction that looks professional and is a perfect fit for indoor go-kart racing.

There are thin white stripes on black pieces of elastic fabric that add a bit of contrast to the suit. The OMP logo adds a subtle touch and is featured on the pauldron-styled shoulder areas and underneath the waist strap.

This kart racing suit is available in black, red, or royal blue – all very classic colors with a modern and professional design.


The OMP Summer-K comes in sizes ranging from Small to XX-Large. This makes the suit ideal for people of various ages and sizes. Everyone from teens to adults will be able to find an appropriate size.

It’s important to note that correct suit sizing is important. Racing suits that are too small or too large can negatively affect the performance of a kart racer.

omp summer k size chart


The OMP Summer-K is a kart racing suit designed for non-competitive indoor karting. For this reason, it does not require any sort of homologation certification. CIK-FIA certifications are required for competitive karting events that are typically held at outdoor race tracks.

These types of suits are either Level 1 or Level 2 CIK-FIA certified and the suits are required to meet certain manufacturing standards that ensure fire and abrasion-resistance, among many other characteristics.

So if you’re an avid indoor kart racer, and wish to either race for leisure or at locally organized events, the OMP Summer-K is a great choice!


Many indoor go-kart racers are used to settling for multi-layered racing suits for indoor use. While that is an option, it may not be the best one, as multi-layered suits are primarily designed for outdoor karting events.

The OMP Summer-K Kart Suit is a racing suit that is designed specifically for that: indoor kart racing. It’s single-layer construction and ergonomic fit allow great freedom of movement and excellent breathability. If you’re into indoor karting racing, you should definitely consider the OMP Summer-K!


  • Designed for indoor karting
  • Cotton-polyester fabric blend
  • Lightweight and breathable

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