Best Racing Suit Dryer: Guide & Review

A racing suit is an integral part of your overall safety equipment when it comes to any type of motorsport, especially go-kart racing. Open-wheeled vehicles such as professional go-karts require racers to wear safety equipment and a proper racing suit is always recommended. 

If you’re an avid racer you would know the struggles of transporting sweaty equipment back home. Even when washing your race suit at home, it can take ages to dry. If you race frequently and are looking for a more convenient way to dry your racing suit and remove any type of odors, a racing suit dryer is an option you should definitely consider.

The Best Racing Suit Dryers

Racing suit dryers have the ability to dry your racing suit in record time by making use of a hanger with an in-built fan. I’ve used a couple dryers over the years and one of my favorite ones is the HangAir Race Suit Dryer


  • Lightweight (1.3 lbs)
  • 100/240 volt adapter
  • Fast Race Suit Drying

This unit features a wide shoulder design that prevents race suit creases and also stops the fabric from sticking against each other during the drying process. It’s made out of a stable plastic construction with a metal hook that can take up to 100 lbs. 

This racing suit dryer also comes with a 100/240 volt adapter that is compatible with all regions. All in all, it’s a very practical piece of equipment that you can easily transport to your races or use at home for faster drying after washing your racing suit. 

How Racing Suit Dryers Work

Racing suit dryers such as the HangAir come with a built-in fan. This fan is designed to circulate air in the interior of the race suit and push it out through the bottom. The HangAir is designed to push about 120 cubic feet of air per minute, which enables your suit to dry much quicker than conventional methods. 

When you hang your racing suit onto the dryer, the fabric of the suit is fairly moist. When the racing suit dryer starts circulating high amounts of air through the interior of the suit, the air starts to absorb the water molecules of the fabric, causing it to dry over time. 

As much more air passes through the fabric compared to hanging your race suit outside, it manages to dry it much faster. To speed up this process even more, you can hang the race suit dryer into a dry room or outside, in a shaded place. 

Therefore, you’ll be able to bring an air dryer along with you to the race track, soak the suit into water after your race and hand them to dry. Before you’re heading home, your race suit should already be odorless and dry. If you’re curious to see how long your race suit takes to dry, click here.

When You Should Use a Racing Suit Dryer

There are a few scenarios when you should consider using a race suit dryer. This will depend on your race schedule, location, power supply availability (some can be charged via your car’s 12 volt socket), and also how fast you need to re-use your racing suit. Here’s a list of scenarios:

  • Right after hand washing your race suit
  • Immediately after your race (after rinsing with water)
  • If you’re race suit isn’t dry and you’re heading to the race track
  • You have a longer break in between two races

Note that drying your suit may take longer in more moist and colder weather conditions. Test this out in your preferred environment before bringing it along to your races.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about racing suit dryers. These questions and answers revolve around general operation and specifications. If you would like me to add any, simply write in and I’ll have them answered.

How Do You Use the HangAir Race Suit Dryer?

Using this device is really simple and convenient. All you have to do is connect the cable to a power source. This can be your 12 volt plug in your car (if you have an adapter) or your wall socket. Then, hang your damp race suit onto the HangAir

It’s best to do this in a dry place or outdoors in a shaded area away from sunlight. The reason why race suit dryers dry your race suit faster than regular drying methods is because the air inside the suit absorbs the water molecules, while the natural air outdoors does the same for the exterior of the suit. 

How Long Does It Take To Dry Your Racing Suits?

This really depends on where you hang your racing suit dryer. It can take anywhere from an hour to half a day, depending on the condition indoors and outdoors, as well as the climate. 

Remember to keep your suit away from direct sunlight when drying, even though this may speed up the drying process. Direct sunlight can damage your fabric causing it to crease over time. 

What Type of Motorsports Are Suitable for Racing Suit Dryers?

You’ll be able to use a suit dryer for all types of motorsport suits. This includes auto and go-kart racing suits. Just ensure that you follow the directions accordingly. 

Do I Need to Buy a Fan Separately?

Typically racing suit dryers come with in-built fans, which means that you are not required to purchase any fan separated or do any sort of modifications. They come with a cable, an adapter and are plug-and-play. 

Can I Bring My Racing Suit Drying To the Race Track?

Yes, you can certainly do so, as they’re easily transportable and compact in size. All you need is to get an adapter so that you’ll be able to use the 12 volt charger in your car. Some race suit dryers even come with a 12v adapter. 

If you have a trailer or van with a 100 – 240 volt outlet, then you can use the wall mount to plug in the race suit dryer. In that case, no other adapters are required. 

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