Razor Crazy Cart Shift Review

For younger children who love racing and drifting, the Razor Crazy Cart Shift is an awesome go-kart to consider. It’s an extremely fun kart to drive, as it’s powered by a 90-watt electric motor that gives it enough power to race and drift safely. 

This drift kart also comes with a speed selector (2.5 mph and 8 mph) for extra safety. This means that parents can control the speed settings of the go-kart, which makes it an excellent choice for children aged 6 years and older.


  • For kids aged 6+
  • Speed setting (2.5 & 8 mph)
  • Easy drift mechanism
  • 90 watt electric motor

The Razor Crazy Cart Shift sports a runtime of about 40 to 80 minutes, depending on the speed setting. The runtime is comparable to other competitors of the same class. This enables kids to have plenty of drifting fun, without having to recharge the battery too often.

It’s made of high-quality materials that adds to its longevity and also features a patented drifting technology that contributes to a great overall experience.

All in all, the Razor Crazy Cart Shift is definitely a worthy choice for any parent looking to get a drifting kart for their kids. The great thing about this go-kart is that it’s suitable for kids of young age and can also be used as they grow older, due to the different speed settings.

Before we deep-dive into various sections of the Razor Crazy Cart Shift review, let’s explore some of its pros and cons.


  • Speed settings (2.5 mph & 8 mph)
  • 40 – 80 minutes runtime
  • Easy drift mechanism
  • Upgradable battery pack
  • Ergonomic and comfortable


  • No metal frame
  • No padded seating

Build Quality

The Razor Crazy Cart Shift is made out of a special polymer chassis that has high impact-resistance. This means that your child won’t easily damage the kart and the chassis also helps to protect the electric motor and battery.

However, this drift kart doesn’t come with a steel frame, as with some of other Razor karts. The seat of the kart is made from the same material and is robust with the ability to support a driver weight of up to 120 lbs.

Razor Crazy Cart Shift build quality

Build Quality Features

  1. Polymer Chassis
  2. Caster Wheels
  3. Ergonomic Seat

The wheels of the kart are also very durable and offer the perfect balance between driving and drifting. The rear caster wheels are what make this balance possible.

The batteries and motor of the kart are hidden away inside a panel just below the steering wheel, which is protected by the polymer chassis and are easily accessible.

Overall, the build quality of the Razor Crazy Cart Shift is good and promises long periods of fun without the need for any concern. Thanks to the polymer chassis, the weight of the kart is also kept fairly low at 29.37 pounds. which makes it easy to carry around.


The Razor Crazy Cart Shift is packed with plenty of features. Before we explore them, here are the most important specifications for reference.

  • Motor: 90 Watt Electric Motor
  • Battery: 12 Volt Battery
  • Runtime: 40 – 80 Minutes
  • Top Speed: 2.5 mph & 8 mph
  • Drifting Mechanism: Steering
  • Max Driver Weight: 120 lbs.
  • Recommended Ages: 6+
  • Dimensions: 30.35″ x 20.66″ x 12.8″


The power of the go-kart comes from a 90-watt electric motor that utilizes the company’s patented Power Core Hub Technology. What this means is that the motor offers a maintenance-free drivetrain as it has no chain or belt.

All this power can be controlled via a durable foot pedal that is located on the right side of the kart. This pedal is easy to operate and acceleration is very intuitive, especially for younger kids.

Unlike other karts where they can only ‘start’ or ‘stop’, the Razor Crazy Cart Shift allows them to variably control their speed to get an overall better drifting experience.


The Razor Crazy Cart Shift comes with a 12 V battery pack, which is rechargeable and power-efficient. While the voltage may seem on the lower end compared to other drift karts, it’s perfect for kids.

This drift kart has the ability to run for up to 40 minutes on a full charge, at the highest speed setting of 8 mph and 80 minutes with the low-speed setting of 2.5 mph. 

The Razor Cart Shift battery can also be upgraded to a 24 volt battery pack (2 x 12 V) with aftermarket upgrades. Installation of an upgraded battery pack is a great way to lengthen the runtime.


With a 1:1 steering ratio, the Razor Crazy Cart Shift feels very responsive on the streets. It can be controlled very easily thanks to this ratio and also because of the comfortable steering wheel. This makes it perfect for younger kids!

At first glance, the steering wheel may feel like it’s mounted in an unsuitable position since it’s horizontal and not angled. However, when children actually sit in the kart and use it, their hands rest ergonomically on the wheel. This also allows kids of various heights to operate the Crazy Cart Shift easily.

How to Drift:

  • Approach the corner
  • Gently steer into corner
  • Countersteer to balance angle
  • Lean against drifting direction
  • Realign to resume racing

As for the drifting action, the kart uses a simplified drift system that is designed to allow children to easily get the hang of drifting. All they have to focus on is the throttle, as well as the steering, and the kart engages in a drift by itself. Your child may follow the steps above. 

A drift is made possible through a combination of the steering system, the rear caster wheels and the large center wheel. This system makes it very easy for children to enjoy drifting without having to worry about hand brakes or handlebars.


The seat of the Razor Crazy Cart Shift is made from the same material as the main part of the body, which is polymer.

That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s uncomfortable, however a padded seat would have been a better choice. Nevertheless, the seat materials are high-quality and are molded, holding your child safely in its seat. 

The positioning of the steering wheel and the foot pedal is also conveniently located and can easily be accessed. Riding this drift kart feels relatively natural with no discomorts, although padded seats would have made the experience even better.


The main safety feature that the Razor Crazy Cart Shift is equipped with is a speed limiter that is hidden and out of sight, so that parents can fully control the maximum speed.

The low-speed setting of the kart limits the speed to 2.5 mph, which is perfect for very young children aged 6 and up. When they get old enough, parents have the option to increase the speed to a higher speed setting.

The high-speed mode enables the Crazy Cart Shift to reach a top speed of up to 8 mph. This speed setting is recommended for kids aged 8+ that have more experience handling greater speeds.  

However, you should take note that there is no seatbelt on this drift kart. Due to the low speed setting, seat belts may not be required. There’s also a flag on the end of the go-kart, ensuring that people are able to easily spot it.


There is no doubt that the Crazy Cart Shift provides a whole lot of fun to all types of kids. Not only is this a fun go-kart to drive around, but the fact that children don’t have to worry about multiple controls to drift makes it also very intuitive.


While many other go-karts on the market require some assembly – usually just needing the steering wheel and seat to be attached – the Crazy Cart shift requires none of that.

In fact, you won’t need to worry about assembling anything at all! It comes ready to be driven right out of the box! You’ll only need to insert the flag on the back section, which is optional but recommended! 

That means after you fully charge it, it’s ready to rock!


With a low center of gravity, a seat that looks like it’s part of the chassis, and a steering wheel that is fully horizontal, the Crazy Cart Shift looks very simple in terms of the overall design. 

Combined with a black base color, both accent colors – depending if you get the red or the blue version – look great!

The top panel of the battery compartment has a reflective black material on it which adds to the modern look of the go-kart. Overall, this is a very simply designed kart that looks minimal and retro at the same time.

Final Thoughts

With the Razor Crazy Cart Shift, your children are going to have a lot of fun whether they are simply driving around or doing some adrenaline-pumping drifts. 

Therefore, the Razor Crazy Cart Shift is excellent for kids who love to drift and race at the same time. This also makes the go-kart suitable for kids of different age groups due to the unique built-in speed setting for parents and the horizontal steering wheel. 

The patented Power Core Hub Motor Technology and its simplified drifting system, enables countless hours of uninterrupted fun for kids. The Razor Crazy Cart Shift is definitely an awesome drift kart to consider!


  • For kids aged 6+
  • Speed setting (2.5 & 8 mph)
  • Easy drift mechanism
  • 90 watt electric motor

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