Best Go-Kart Tracks in Williamsburg

Whether you are in the mood for a bit of friendly competition with a colleague, some casual solo arrive-and-drive racing, or a fun day out with friends, you should definitely head over to Go-Karts Plus in Williamsburg, Virginia. 

Go-karting in Williamsburg is extremely fun, as the track is adventurous and suitable for a wide age group. While there is only one go-kart track available in Williamsburg, you’re able to enjoy various other types of attractions that are bound to be fun for the entire family. Let’s take a closer look!

1. Go-Karts Plus

go-kart plus Williamsburg Virginia


State: Virginia
City: Williamsburg
Type: Outdoor
Track: 4 Tracks
Karts: Single, Double & Kid Karts
Requirements: 46″ Tall
Food: Snack Bar



Go-Karts Plus is one of Williamsburg’s finest family entertainment centers that features a wide variety of attractions. This fun park is located along Richmond Road in Williamsburg, Virginia and covers a total of 8 acres. 

Apart from its main attraction, which are 4 adventurous go-kart tracks, you’ll also be able to enjoy bumper cars, miniature golf, water-based activities, roller coasters, gaming arcades, and much more. 

Go-Karts Plus is also a great location to host any type of private parties or corporate events. They have special rooms with catering services for people who wish to celebrate birthdays or host team building sessions. Simply get in touch with the management to book your space.

Race Tracks

Go-Karts Plus features four exciting go-kart tracks that are suitable for kids and adults alike. First one is the Indy Track, which is a banked oval course that features double and single-seater go-karts. Drivers must be at least 58” tall and passengers at least 40” tall.

The second track is called the Figure 8 Track; it is a professionally designed track featuring an over and an underpass. The entire track is shaped like a figure 8; hence the name. Similar to the Indy track, this track features single-seater and two-seater go-karts. 

There’s also a Euro Track, which is ideal for more experienced kart racers. While this track is slightly more challenging then the others, it still provides plenty of overtaking opportunities! 

Last but not least, we have the Rookie Track. This go-kart track is designed for kids that are at least 46” tall. It features various fun challenges, which makes it a great place for young racers to practice their karting skills.


Go-Karts Plus features high-performance single-seater and two-seater go-karts. These go-karts are equipped with gas-powered Honda engines that pack quite a punch. While drivers have to be at least 58” tall to drive these karts, passengers must be at least 40” tall.

There are also Kid Karts that are specially designed for kids who wish to race go-karts. Kids must be at least 46” tall to race these karts here. All go-karts come with safety features, such as a safety belt and a protective bumper system.

Food & Beverage

If you’re ready to take a break from all the karting action or many of the other attractions at Go-Karts Plus, you should definitely check out the snack bar. Recharge your energy through a wide selection of beverages, as well as snacks such as chips, hot dogs, ice cream and much more.  

Hours & Contact

Mon – Thu: 11am – 11pm
Fri – Sat: 11am – 12am
Sun: 11am – 12am

Tel: 757-564-7600


50 Credits: $25
100 Credits: $50
150 Credits: $75
+ More

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