Yerf Dog 1204 Parts List

The Yerf Dog 1204 is powered by a Tecumseh 5 hp engine and is one of the most popular one-seater Yerf Dog karts on the market. I’ve created a Yerf Dog 1204 parts list for people who wish to replace or upgrade certain parts.

ItemPart NumberPart Description
1H92130WBand; Brake
2H61610WBolt; 3/8”-16 x 1.00; Cz
3H93290WBolt; Carr; 5/16-18 x 1.5
404002Bolt; Hex Hd; 5/16-18 x 2
5H32503WBolt; Hex; 1/4-20 x 1.75
622000900Bolt; Hex; 3/8-16 x 2.0;Cz
722001000Bolt; Hex; 5/16-18 x 0.5
82200040Bolt; Hex; 5/16-18 x 1.0
9H33135WBolt; Hex; 5/16-18 x 1.75
10H33136WBolt; Hex; 5/16-24 x 0.5
113100010Bracket; Drive Cover
12H92141WBrake Drum; 4”
1304385Brake Rod; 1204
1404026Brushguard; Main; Red
1504029Brushguard; Rear; Red
1604023Brushguard; Front; Red
1704265Cable; Throttle; 40”
18H93262WChain; Drive; #40; 66 Pitches
1903396Chassis; Full; Red
2000204Clip; Spring
21Q41412WClutch; Centrifugal
22H91480WCollar; 7/16 Borex7/8 Od
23H92441WCushion; Seat; 2P
2404005Decal Set; 1204
2505659Drive Cover; Black
26Q43150WEngine; 5.0Hp; W/Manual
27H92700WFlag; Safety; Yerfdog
2804033Foam; 1.25X72”; Black
29Q33100WKill Switch
30HH62518Nut; 5/8-18; Thin; Nylock
31001205PNut; Hex; 3/8-16; Nylock
32HH37524Nut; Hex; 3/8-24; Thin; Nylock
33001203PNut; Nylock; 1/4-20
34HH1256TNut; Nylock; 5/16-18; Cz
3504253Nut; U-Style; 5/16-18
3602604Oil; Sae30; 20Oz Bottle
3704015Owners Manual; 1204
3804386Pedal; Brake
3904387Pedal; Gas
4002953Pitman Arm
4106242Rail Seat; Adjustable
42H91470WRing; Retaining; 1/4”
43H32505WScrew; Hex; ¼-20X5/8; Self
4426000900Seat Belt; Retractable
4503260Seat Frame; Red
47H91950WSpacer; Drive;.782Id
4800513Spacer; Spindle
4902954Spindle; Left
5002955Spindle; Right
51H55030WSpring; Comp
5227000100Spring Pin
53H92554WSprocket; 54 Tooth
5404391Steering Shaft; Red
55H92560WSteering Wheel; 10”
5604392Throttle Rod; 1204
5702063Tie Rod; Left; Short; 9”
5826000209Tie Rod; Right; 19.125”
59M01001WTie; Cable; 4”; Black
60M12501WTie; Cable; Bar-Lok 11
61H53132WWasher; 5/16; Internal
62001614PWasher; 3/8; Type B Reg.
63H53441WWasher; Flat; 5/16; Fender
64001618PWasher; Flat;5/16Idx11/16Od
66001812PWasher; Flat; ¼”
67000710PWasher; Lock; ¼”
6800246Wheel; Drive; Silver
6900245Wheel; Silver
70Q33101WWire; Kill

Yerf Dog 1204 Part Illustration

How to Read the Yerf Dog 1204 Parts List

In the Yerf Dog 1204 part list above, you’ll be able to see the item number, part number and part description. In order to make the parts list easily understandable, I’ll further explain how to read each column and also share several examples.


The item number is a running number of where the part is located on the Yerf Dog 1204 go-kart. You can simply trace this number back on the illustration above and locate each respective part accordingly.

Part Number

The part number refers to a unique reference number that is attributed to a particular part of the Yerf Dog 1204. For example, the part number Q33100W refers to the Killswitch. Each part will have a unique part number.

Part Description

The part description provides more information on a particular part number. These descriptions typically entail sizes, measurements, colors, direction and more. For instance, the part number 02063 refers to a Left Tie Rod, which is 9″ in size.

Where to Buy Yerf Dog 1204 Spare Parts?

As Yerf Dog go-karts are no longer in production, spare parts are sometimes hard to get a hand on. You may be able to find certain parts on online marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon and Craigslist or even on BMI Karts and monster Scooter Parts.

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