Yerf Dog 3206 Parts List

The Yerf Dog 3206 is a two-seater off-road go-kart that is powered by a 7.8 hp, 150cc 4-stroke gas engine. It’s a relatively popular model in the Yerf Dog line up. In light of this, I’ve created a Yerf Dog 3206 parts list so that you’ll be able to find respective spare parts for it.

ItemPart NumberPart Description
102251On-Off Switch (Green)
205634Assy; Clamp Steering Hoop
305635Assy; Rack & Pinion W/Tie
405636Universal U Joint
502290Assy; Front End Without Spindles
706019Shock ;Front; 9-3/4"; 175Lb
8005131” Zinc Spacer
902451Assy; Wheel; Front; Turf
1005541Tube; Front; Right; Guard;
1105544Tube; Brush Guard; Cross; Silver
1205621Tube; Front; Left; Guard; Silver
1305547Headlights; Front
1505549Wldmt; Chassis Complete; Red
1605597Wrap; Vinyl; Foam; Kit
1705595Seat; Bucket; Rotocast
1806288Spindle; Passenger Side
1906287Spindle; Driver Side
2002224Gas Tank
2205642Assy; Wheel;Rear; 20"; No H
2305630Shock; Back; 12"L
2402243Assy; Drive Train
2505720Axle; Rr; Drv Trn; Frame
2605721Sprocket; 31 T; Drv Trn; Fr
2705725Berng Bas; Rad Ball; Drv T
2805728Rr; Hub; W/Stud; Drv Trn; Fr
2905739Brake Pads
3005784Drive Sprocket_13T
3105796Heat Shield
3205798Ex. Pipe Assy.
3305860Air Cleaner
3405861Element Comp Air Cleaner
3506049Filter; Fuel; Opaque
3606069Clamp; Wire; Fuel Filter
3705795Muffler Cap
3805799Gasket, Ex. Pipe
3905706Brake Disc
4005707Drive Chain
4305774Battery Cover
4405775Battery Strap
4505969Clevis; Brake; Rod
4606055Spring; Brake; Switch
47H55030WSpring; Comp; 1/2X3.0; Cz
48H91470WRing; Retaining; 1/4"; Cz
51H91480WCollar; 7/16 Bore X 7/8 O
5205737Clevis; Brake; 8Mm; Drv Trn
5305710Brake Interlock Switch
5504147Spring; Brake; Return
5605637Plate; Brake; Master; Cylinder
5705639Plate; Brake Pivot
5805518Tube; Rear; Brushguard; Silver
5905524Wldmt; Rack; Red
6005803Rod; Throttle; Zinc
6105942Rod; Brake; Thrd Both End;
6205812Assy; Steering; Whl; 12-3/4
6305640Steering Section
6405672Pedal; Throttle; 1-1/4"; 32
6506408Pedal; Brake; 1-1/4"
6602250Engine Start Switch (Red)
6703174Bag; Hdwr; Seat; Belt/Rail
6806478Assy; Owners Packet

Yerf Dog 3206 Part Illustration

How to Read the Yerf Dog 3206 Parts List

In this section, I’ll explain in more detail how you should read the Yerf Dog 3206 part list. I’ll also give you several examples that you can use for reference.


The item number is a sequential number that you can use to identify the part location in the illustration above. Simply find the part that you’re looking for and trace it back to find out where it’s located at.

Part Number

The part number is a unique sequence of numbers and/or letters that apply to a certain stock keeping unit (SKU). For example, the part number 02224 corresponds to the Gas Tank of the Yerf Dog 3206.

Part Description

The description of a part goes into slightly more detail. For instance, the Yerf Dog 3206 has several types of spindles. However, the part number 06287 refers to the Driver’s Side Spindle. The part description will typically indicate the size, type, color or measurement of a particular part.

Where to Buy Yerf Dog 3206 Spare Parts?

Finding Yerf Dog 3206 spare parts isn’t always that easy. This is because Yerf Dog go-karts have gone out of production for quite a while now. There are only several marketplaces where you can find certain spare parts. You’ll also be able to get them through retailers such as BMI Karts or Monster Scooter Parts.

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