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For racers who don’t wish to spend a lot of money but still want a premium and lightweight helmet for all of their karting needs, the Bell K1 Sport is an excellent choice. Bell is no stranger to manufacturing premium racing helmets that are worn by professionals and enthusiasts alike. The K1 Sport helmet is just one of many racing helmets that Bell has to offer. 

While the helmet is mainly designed for Sedan and GT racers, it is perfectly suitable for some extreme karting action too. In essence, this helmet strikes the perfect balance between premium features and great affordability. Bell K1 Sport helmet review will cover features, build quality, comfort, ventilation, visibility, and design.  


  • Lightweight Composite Shell
  • 276/3MM SRV Shield
  • Snell SA2020 Certified

What makes it so great for karting is its lightweight build and focus on safety. It comes with many different design elements that provide ultimate comfort to drivers even in harsh racing conditions. With a special emphasis on ventilation, this helmet ensures that you are well protected, while at the same time experiencing great comfort.

This is extremely important for professional and serious racers, as they battle to shave off valuable lap times. Let’s explore this racing helmet in more detail.


As you’ll get to read more about the Bell K1 Sport is a high-quality racing helmet for karting, here is a list of some of its best features:

  • Made of a lightweight composite shell
  • Total of 10 air ventilation ports
  • Features an aggressive helmet design
  • Equipped with 276/3MM SRV shield
  • Comfortable multi-density interior liner
  • Compatible with head and neck restraints
  • Snell SA2020 certified

Build Quality

The Bell K1 Sport is built to last. It is constructed from a hard composite shell that is lightweight, yet extremely durable. Being made of a composite shell, it does not skimp on safety to achieve its lighter weight. In fact, the inside of the helmet is layered with an energy-absorbing lining that helps to cushion any form of impact.

This multi-density lining ensures that racers can wear the helmet comfortably without experiencing much vibration to the head, which is caused by debris or an uneven track surface. There is also a very high-quality fabric used on the interior for additional durability. This material also has some fire-retardant properties, which is an important safety feature. 

In terms of overall build quality, the Bell K1 Sport definitely delivers. This racing helmet represents the best of both worlds – it’s lightweight and highly durable!


As previously mentioned, the multi-layered liner used inside the helmet helps with comfort by absorbing shock and vibration. It also helps minimize the effects of hard impacts which is something crucial for kart racers and any type of motorsports.

Go-karts are small racing vehicles, with small wheels with no suspensions. This means that they can’t absorb impact very well, especially during a competitive and high-speed race.

That is why it is vital for a helmet to be able to keep racers safe from feelings of discomfort so that they can remain fully focused. No one wants to worry about an uncomfortable helmet while they’re trying to overtake their opponents and this is where the K1 Sport helmet from Bell shines.

Another thing that makes this helmet very comfortable to use is the addition of a rubber gasket seal that keeps any dirt and water from entering the helmet and distracting racers in the middle of a race. This means that you won’t have to squint, in order to see clearly.  


Another great thing about the Bell K1 Sport helmet is its visibility. It comes with a standard wide eye-port that is very useful for all kinds of racers, including kart racers. Wide eye ports mean that you’re able to identify surroundings quickly and won’t have to turn your head too much. Additionally, it’s equipped with a 287 SRV clear shield and uses the excellent SRV-1 Pivot System. 

The combination of these two elements makes it possible to open and close the front visor very easily, without having to ‘lock’ it into any of the predefined positions that you may have seen with cheaper helmets. This visor can stay put in any position that you set it in.

It also means that certain parts are interchangeable and you can easily swap them out or upgrade them. And if that wasn’t enough, the visor also comes with a seal that keeps dust and water out of the helmet and ensures some amazing visibility while on the race track.


One of the most important things to consider in a helmet for karting is the ventilation it provides. Racing a kart on a hot day is difficult as is, and having a helmet that makes your head even hotter is not only more uncomfortable but also dangerous.

That is why the Bell K1 Sport comes with a total of 10 air vents. 2 of these are placed towards the forehead, 6 of them are placed towards the top, and 2 more are at the rear. While the front and top ventilation ports allow for cool air to come inside the helmet, the rear ones take the hot air out.

This ensures that you have optimal air circulation during a race and also keeps you comfortable. 


The Bell K1 Sport is an awesome go-kart racing helmet that is great for GT as well as Sedan racers. The helmet is so well-rounded that it can be used in pretty much any kind of motorsports without being incompatible with any major requirements. It’s even certified, which we will get into a little later. 

With its M6 Terminal Hardware, it can also be used with various restraining devices for the head or the neck, making it even more useful and versatile. These ports are pre-drilled meaning that you’ll only need to attach the compatible equipment and that you won’t need any type of helmet modifications.

As mentioned previously, it also features 273/3MM SRV shields that are interchangeable using the SRV-1 Pivot System. This makes the Bell K1 Sport helmet very compatible and versatile. 


This racing helmet is available in two colors, black and white. Both color options feature a glossy and well-polished coating, which looks sleek and modern. Additionally, the Bell K1 Sport helmet looks clean with minimal branding. 

Its composite shell is constructed with an aerodynamic design that promotes efficient airflow around the helmet. In addition to that, this racing helmet also features an aggressive dominator chin bar styling and visible ventilation ports, which are more apparent in the white color variant.

As far as sizing is concerned, Bell offers multiple options ranging from XXS to XL – it’s safe to say that you’ll find the right size for your head. Just ensure to get the right size for you and always use the sizing chart before purchasing.


A helmet designed for extreme motorsports needs to adhere to certain requirements and certification standards, in order to ensure that it meets the safety requirements. The Bell K1 Sport is Snell SA 2020 certified.

This means that it passes all the requirements regarding impact management, positional stability, the extent of protection, retention system strength, flame resistance, and frontal head restraints as laid out by the Snell Foundation’s latest standards.

In short, you’ll even be able to use this helmet for competitive go-kart and automotive races or without needing to worry about meeting certification standards. However, before a race, it’s always best to ensure that you are aware of all types of racing requirements. 


All things considered, the Bell K1 Sports is a great premium racing helmet that is available at a relatively affordable price. It’s also equipped with an array of features that make it a great option for go-kart racing and any other types of motorsports. These features include great ventilation, comfort, building quality, visibility, certification, and design. 

While the Bell K1 Sports is considered a premium helmet, it doesn’t feature any carbon fiber materials but rather a durable composite lending its lightweight properties. Overall, it’s a great premium starter helmet for racers. You can also check out many other go-kart racing helmets to find the best one for you!


  • Lightweight Composite Shell
  • 276/3MM SRV Shield
  • Snell SA2020 Certified

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5 thoughts on “Bell K1 Sport Helmet Review”

  1. I use this helmet for micro sprint racing. It is light weight and comfortable and vents well. My only complaint is the visor pivot screws come loose easily especially the small tension screws and washers. I raise the visor slightly during every caution flag and after the race the screws are about to fall out, they’re both completely gone now. I’m very satisfied with the helmet other than the pivot screws backing out.

    • Hi Rocky, Thanks for sharing your comments on the Bell K1 Sport.
      I’ve also used the K1 for a quite while, but haven’t come across the vizor screw issues.
      Did you manage to fix them? Mine was lasted fairly long, but I upgraded.

  2. Hi Gerrit, I haven’t replaced them yet. It isn’t a major issue since they hold the visor open in various positions. I open the visor fully or just crack it open for cooler air. The visor won’t stay open in any other position without the tension screws and washers. I’ve also had an issue with the tear off posts loosening. After adding tear offs I tighten the post screws with a screwdriver. Tear off posts haven’t been as big an issue as the visor tension screws. If I replace them I may use loctite

    • Hi Rocky,

      I’ve replaced my helmet since, but had no issues with the tension screws previously.
      Any luck reaching out to Bell directly? Perhaps it may be a faulty unit?


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