The 10 Best 2-Seater Go-Karts

Go-kart racing is a motorsport that is enjoyed by millions of people. Whether racing in an indoor karting facility, on an off-road trail or on an outdoor race track, it’s an extremely fun activity that brings people together. The thrill of go-kart racing can also be shared with someone when racing in 2-Seater go-karts.

These two-person go-karts have two seats and even two steering wheels, and two pairs of gas and brake pedals. This means that both drivers are able to race together, sitting side-by-side. This provides a great opportunity for parents who wish to race together with their children and also for friends or couples.

In this review, we’ll be taking a look at the best 2-seater electric go-karts, as well as the best 2-seater off-road go-karts. We will also explore their specifications and what makes them stand out in comparison to the rest. There is also a buying guide towards the end of this review that discusses all the aspects that you should consider before purchasing a two-seater kart. Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Best 2-Seater Electric Go-Karts

Two-seater electric go-karts pack quite a punch in terms of performance and acceleration. Thanks to their eclectic motors, they are extremely quick off the mark and swift around chicanes and hairpins. Let’s take a further look at the ones that made it the top list.

1. OTL Storm DUO


  • One of the most popular models
  • Customizable features
  • Top speed of 45 mph (73 km/h)

The OTL Storm Duo Kart is one of the best 2-seater go-karts in the market due to its many features and great performance. There is no wonder why the OTL Duo Kart is popular amongst indoor go-kart racing facilities. Sporting a high-powered electric motor, it manages to deliver torque instantly and it can reach a top speed of about 45 mph (72 km/h).

The OTL Storm Duo Kart is also equipped with plenty of great features for go-kart enthusiasts. This two-seater electric kart comes with LED headlights, customizable body decals, paddle shifters, waterproof touchscreen display, reverse functionality, emergency stop, push-to-boost button, and plenty more! It also features a stunning design that gives it an aggressive stance and sleek appearance.

2. Sodi 2Drive


  • Adjustable steering wheel, seat and pedals
  • Can be customized
  • Meets FFSA CIK-FIA standards

SODIKART is another renowned go-kart manufacturer and is based in France. Similar to OTL, their go-karts are found in many indoor racing facilities due to their excellent build quality and features. This can also be said for their two-person go-kart 2Drive. This go-kart comes with plenty of safety and quality of life features that make racing it extremely fun.

The 2Drive meets the recommended FFSA and CIK-FIA standards for leisure karting. Although this go-kart comes with a 4-stroke Honda GX engine, it can also be outfitted with an electric motor. It also features an adjustable steering wheel, pedals and seats, which enable a comfortable and ergonomic seating position. Safety features include a front absorption device, roll cage, rear axle cover, and plenty more. There are also LED front and tail light, which is convenient for night racing!



  • 90% motor efficiency
  • Comfortable seat Upholstery
  • Dual-circuit braking system

The SiNUS line from RiMO is one of its most technologically advanced lines of the manufacturer. These electric karts are excellent in terms of their build quality and boast more than 90% efficiency in energy use! With safe handling, reduced energy consumption when braking, and weatherproofing, the SiNUS line is perfect for use both indoors and outdoors.

The 2-seater model in the line is called the TWiN and it uses all the great features of the SiNUS line. A unique ‘dual-circuit braking system’ leads to a much better drive than other twin karts. Add to that the high-quality upholstery and you have a highly comfortable kart at your disposal. The TWiN also benefits from the company’s focus on safety while driving, thanks to the double-tube protection that will keep you safe in case of any collisions so you can focus on enjoying your ride and not worrying!

4. BIZ Karts Dual Drive

biz karts dual drive


  • Uses tested EcoVolt battery tech
  • Self-adjust braking system
  • Reinforced rear axle

Developing karts since 1994, BIZ Karts is one of the leading suppliers of rental go-karts hailing from London. The Dual Drive 2-seater kart is designed to provide kart lovers a way to experience the company’s long legacy of designing and building karts. Coming with a lightweight chassis that has been designed from the ground up, the Dual Drive is an excellent kart to invest in.

What makes this kart so good at providing the experience of high-adrenaline karting is that you can get it with the same battery technology that the company uses in their EcoVolt GT model. Another cool feature this kart has is that the passenger’s steering wheel can be switched on or off as you wish, ensuring that you have complete control over your karting experience.

Other features include a sliding pedal unit, a high-tensile rear axle, a self-adjusting braking system, and a Dual Drive bumper system. All of these have been designed to make this kart a fun, safe, and comfortable one for all kinds of users.

5. Shaller Two-Seater

shaller two-seater go kart


  • Extra wide frame (54″)
  • Rugged design and construction
  • Comfortable seats

Made in Texas, the karts from Shaller Go-Karts are some of the best in the American market. Not only are the karts long-lasting and affordable to maintain, but they’re also handbuilt. The Two-Seater has all the technologies and the extremely high build-quality that the single-seater karts from the company are known for.

The Shaller Two-Seater is designed for fun, comfort, and durability. It has a wider design than all other competing karts on the market, at 54”, which makes it very comfortable to drive. It comes with programmable speeds and has the ability to run on elevated tracks as well. While it may not feature the most modern design, it tends to have more of a functional appeal.

For safety, the Two-Seater comes with a rugged bumper design, padding on the steering wheel, shoulder harnesses, rear fenders, and a combination of a roll bar, a headrest, and the seatback which are one with the frame of the kart. All of this means that with the Shaller Two-Seater, you’ll get a very safe and durable kart that is powerful enough to provide countless hours of fun.

Best 2-Seater Off-Road Go-Karts

2-seater off-road go-karts on the other hand are more rugged and have a steel roll cage. They’re ideal for off-road racing and come with all sorts of features such as larger tires, headlights, suspensions, spotlights and storage compartments. Let’s take a closer look at the best 2-seater off-road go-karts.

1. Motor HQ DF125-GKA


  • Robust and lightweight construction
  • Equipped with spotlights
  • Great suspension

For off-road karting, you need to have a kart that can be easily repaired or maintained. The Motor HQ DF125GKA offers just that. It’s a rugged two-seater go-kart that offers free liftgate service, a free toolkit for maintenance, and a free 3-month parts warranty for all non-wear-and-tear parts!

This two-seater kart is perfect for off-road kart racing, especially on rough and uneven surfaces. It comes with a 4-stroke engine with an output of 110 cc (11.1 hp). Moreover, it achieves a top speed of about 25 mph, as it has a speed governor. With a fuel capacity of 6 liters and a smooth transmission, it’s bound to keep your kart going for a decent amount of time. 

A wide wheelbase and good ground clearance mean that this kart is perfect for a two-seater ride and it will remain stable while also avoiding any hits on its underside. All in all, this kart is designed to provide you with all the joys of off-road karting without having to worry about getting stuck or damaging your kart.

2. Coleman KT196


  • 196cc Petrol Engine
  • 4-point safety harness
  • Agile and throttle-responsive

The Coleman KT196 is also designed as a rugged two-seater go-kart for use outdoors. It comes with a powerful engine that has a very good amount of muscle to let you tear it up on rough terrains. The engine is not only powerful but also fuel-efficient – to be exact it’s equipped with a 196cc 9hp engine capable of reaching speeds of up to 34 mph.

The tires used in the KT196 are low-pressure ones that absorb most of the impacts you’ll be faced with on rough tracks. The kart also has a 4-point harness for safety that will keep both driver and passenger safe. The very rugged roll cage adds even additional security to the kart in case of any accidents. With a cool blue paint job and comfortable seats with an additional storage rack, this kart will do just fine for anyone looking for some family fun.

3. Kandi Smart 150cc GK


  • Powerful 150cc engine
  • Large tires
  • Lightweight construction

With a very cool design that is hard to miss because of the bright red seats, the Kandi Smart 150cc GK is a powerful off-road kart that is perfect for two people to go on an adventure. It comes with an air-cooled design, electric start capabilities, the ability to be reversed, and powerful disc brakes.

The kart is designed with safety in mind. There is a roll cage at the top to keep you safe in the event of an accident. The kart also has a good clearance off the ground at 5.5 inches to keep you moving, no matter where you take it. It comes with an automatic clutch to make driving it as easy and intuitive as possible. It looks cool, it is powerful – with an output of 150cc to be exact – and it’s equipped with a number of safety features. What’s not to like here?

4. Trailmaster 300cc XRX


  • Extremely power engine
  • Top speed of 50 mph
  • Storage tray

How about a go-kart with a unique design – almost looking like a smart buggy – and a water-cooled design? The Trailmaster 300cc XRX is a 2-seater off-road kart that comes in blue color. This kart is equipped with an extremely powerful 300cc petrol engine for extremely outdoor fun! It offers a truly powerful ride for two people.

Featuring aluminum wheels, independent suspension for all four wheels, and a digital speedometer, this kart has many nice features that make the experience of karting even more fun! It has a steel frame that is designed with agility and comfort in mind. There’s a 5-point harness in the seats to keep you and your passenger secured while driving.

Moreover, it also comes with hydraulic brakes to keep you safe. The kart is approved by CARB for additional peace of mind. Not only is the XRX a powerful two-seater kart, it’s also an extremely quick one – it can go as fast as 50 mph! If an adrenaline rush is what you’re after, this one might be the one to get.

5. X-PRO 125cc


  • Suitable for youths
  • Very large tires
  • Strong frame and roll cage

The X-PRO 125cc is designed for younger drivers who love to drive outdoors with a passenger. It comes in a size suitable for youths to drive and also uses an automatic transmission and a reverse gear to make it easier for young drivers to get used to karting.

Other features that make this kart suitable include the adjustable pedals, rugged tires, and hydraulic disc brakes for efficient stopping power and safety. It features one of the largest tired for two-seater off-road go-karts. The head and tail lights ensure that the drivers have visibility in front of them at all times and that their karts are visible to other people from the rear as well.

This model is also approved by the EPA so it is perfectly safe to use. If you’re looking for a small and fast off-road go-kart for two people, this may just be the one for you!

2-Seater Go-Kart – Buying Guide

2-Seater go-karts come in different shapes and sizes. Not only are there different types of go-karts, but they also differ in performance, have different types of features, look different and also have different prices. In this buying guide, we’ll take a closer look at the various aspects of these two-seater karts so that you can decide which one is most suitable for your needs.

Type (Racing vs Off-Road)

There are two different types of 2-seater go-karts – off-road karts and racing karts. As you can see from the go-karts featured above, the 2-seater racing go-karts are mostly powered by an electric motor. This is because they are mostly used for indoor racing. The only exception to the list is the Sodi 2Drive, which has a gas-powered engine.

On the other hand, 2-seater off-road go-karts have gas-powered engines. As opposed to the racing karts, this type of go-kart is meant for off-road racing. You’ll also find that these go-karts are more rugged and sturdy, as they’re built to climb uneven terrain, rather than being focused on top speed and acceleration.

2-seater electric racing go-kart
2-Seater Racing Go-Kart (Electric)
2-seater off-road go-kart
2-Seater Off-Road Go-Kart (Petrol)


As both of these 2-seater go-karts vary in type, they also have different performance characteristics. While the two-seater racing go-karts are powered by an electric motor, you’ll find that they have instant torque delivery and a higher top-speed. This makes them perfect for racing on an indoor or outdoor track. While these go-karts are quick off the mark, they need to be recharged about every 20 – 30 minutes.

Off-road go-karts are equipped with gas-powered engines. They also have a torque converter that gives them a variable gear ratio, which is why they excel at off-road racing. Climbing uneven and mountainous terrain is no challenge for them, due to the higher ground clearance, suspensions, larger tires and variable transmission. Moreover, 2-seater off-road go-karts can be raced for much longer before needing a refuel, due to their gas-powered engines and increased fuel tank.


Depending on the type of 2-seater go-kart you’re going for, you should ensure that they are equipped with all the features that you’re after. There are noticeable feature differences between two-seater racing and off-road go-karts. For example, off-road go-karts are equipped with only one steering wheel, which means that the kart can only be operated by one person.

On the other hand, a two-seater electric racing go-kart has two steering wheels, as well as two sets of accelerator and brake pedals. This is due to the fact that these go-karts are typically meant for parents to race with their children as a passenger or for teaching beginners how to race go-karts.

There are plenty of individual features that you may want to take a look at if you’re interested to purchase a 2-seater go-kart. Below are some examples.

dual steering go-kart
Dual Steering System
off road go-kart storage tray
Storage Tray
go kart suspensions off road
Suspension System

There are also some additional features that certain manufacturers equip their go-karts with. Here are some examples of them:

Additional Features for Electric 2-Seater Go-Karts:

  • Push-to-start
  • Push-to-boost
  • Customized decals
  • Larger battery pack
  • Adjustable seats

Additional Features for 2-Seater Off-Road Go-Karts:

  • Spotlights
  • Storage trays
  • Cushioned seats
  • Roof canvas


As you should be aware of by now, 2-seater racing and off-road go-karts have different functions and serve different purposes. That’s also why they have a different design. While 2-seater racing go-karts are designed to achieve top speed and quick acceleration, the frame and center of gravity are kept as low as possible. They are also built as lightweight as possible and don’t have a roll cage. Less less the go-kart weighs, the quicker it gets off the mark. 

2-seater off-road go-karts on the other hand are noticeably higher off the ground for extra clearance. This helps them to conquer uneven surfaces and easily climb mountainous terrain. They also have a roll cage for extra passenger protection and larger tires to cope with obstacles.


As there are different types of 2-seater go-kart, the price can vary. It also depends where the respective two-seater go-kart is produced, what type of two-seater go-kart it is and what features they are equipped with. Generally speaking, a 2-seater go-kart can cost from around $1,500 to $5,000.

  • 2-Seater Racing Go-Kart (Electric) Price Range: $1,500 – $4,000
  • 2-Seater Off-road Go-Kart (Gas) Price Range: $3,500 – $,5000

Cover Image: Oskari Löytynoja [modified/edited] (CC BY 3.0

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