Coleman KT196 Go-Kart Parts List

The Coleman KT196 is one of the most popular off-road go-karts on the market and was firstly introduced in 2015. The 2015 model is also the current model, as no newer version has been released to the market thus far.

As there are plenty of people who own this go-kart, I’ve been asked to help create a Coleman KT196 parts list. This list contains all replaceable parts of the Coleman KT196 with the corresponding part number, part name and further details.

KT196 – Frame Parts

Part NumberPart NameDetails
83501-132-0000Brush Guard - DriverBlack
83501-132-1000Brush Guard - DriverBlue
83513-132-0000Driver - Side Brush GuardBlack
83513-132-1000Driver - Side Brush GuardBlue
83514-132-0000Passenger - Side Brush GuardBlack
83514-132-1000Passenger Side Brush GuardBlue
71131-132-0000Seat Base-
56157-132-0000Line Passing PlateBlack
56157-132-1000Line Passing LineBlue
83509-132-0000Brush Guard - Roof RodBlack
83509-132-1000Brush Guard - Roof RodBlue
7214A-132-0000Rear Carrier RackBlack
7214A-132-1000Rear Carrier RackBlue
B05-M8x50-57Hexagon flange boltm8 x 50
B35-M8-57Self-lock nutM8
83511-132-0000Brush Guard - Roof Rod IIBlack
83511-132-1000Brush Guard - Roof Rod IIBlue
B05-M8x35-57Hexagon flange boltM8 x 35
B05-M6x16-57Hexagon Flange BoltM6 x 16
54625-132-0000Arc GasketBlack
54625-132-1000Arc GasketBlue
83502-132-0000Brush Guard - PassengerBlack
83502-132-1000Brush Guard - PassengerBlue
BGB16674-M8x25Hexagon Flange BoltM8 x 25
B05-M8x16-57Hexagon Flange BoltM8 x 16
90691-102-0001Washer8 x 24 x 2
90181-115-0002Hexagon flange step boltM10 x 1.25 x 20 - 14 x 5
B10-M10x1.25-27Hexagon flange nutM10 x 1.25
83574-132-0000Rod bootLong
83573-132-0000Rod bootShort
B05-M6x12-57Hexagon Flange BoltM6 x 12
83301-132-0000Front Body PanelBlack/Red
83301-132-1000Front Body PanelBlue/Yellow
90161-118-0008Hex head screwsM6 x 12
B03-6-B7Washer6 x 18 x 1.6
34409-132-0000Kill Switch-
71710-132-0000Safety Belt Assy-
90691-132-0031Washer8.5 x 16 x 3.5
90694-132-0025Pin8 x 37
90703-115-0000Collar Ring8 x 37

KT196 – Steering Parts

Part NumberPart NameDetails
62700-132-0000Steering Column-
B05-M6x16-57Hexagon Flange BoltM6 x 16
82022-132-0008Nylon Flanging Bush18 x 24 x 28 x 17
62610-132-0000Ball Joint & Steering Mechanism-
95083-132-0007Pressure Spring8 x 37
95082-132-0021Torsional Spring3 x 29 x 70
5111A-132-000ZSupport Bracket - Steering MechBlack
5111A-132-100ZSupport Bracket - Steering MechBlue
62600-132-0000Steering Mechanism-
B35-M8-57Self-Lock NutM8
B05-M8x95-57BoltM8 x 95
5710A-132-0000Front Upper A-ArmStandard
P400001525500000Front Upper A-ArmM10
6106A-132-0000Accelerator Pedal Welding Assy-
4311A-132-0000Rear Brake Pedal Welding Assy-
52100-132-0000Front Absorber Assy-
B05-M8x45-57Hexagon Flange BoltM8 x 45
5712A-132-0000Front Lower A-ArmStandard
P400001526500000Front Lower A-ArmM10
B05-M8x150-57BoltM8 x 150
90694-119E-0016Gemel Pin10 x 44.5
B12-2x25-W7Collar Pin2 x 32
B12-2x25-W7Pin2 x 25
B04-10-B7Washer10 x 20 x 1
63400-132-0000Steering Wheel-
61150-400001-0000Steering Wheel Cover-
B49-M6-27Self-Lock NutM6
44000-132-0000Disc Brake Assy-
61030-132-0000Throttle Cable-
62621-132-0000Driving Gear-
62701-132-0000Self-Lock NutM10
62702-132-0000Spring Washer-

KT196 – Transmission Parts

Part NumberPart NameDetails
25300-132-0000CVT Belt-
24301-132-0000Secondary Clutch-
21006-132-0000Press Gasket, Clutch-
90693-132-0098Bush22 x 28 x 7
21302-132-0000Outer Cover, Clutch-
B05-M8x40-57Hexagon Flange BoltM8 x 40
B10-M16x1.5-27Self-Lock NutM16 x 1.5
56161-132-0000Outer Cover Support Lug-
B05-M6x20-57Hexagon Flange BoltM6 x 20
10000-132-0000Engine Assembly-
24302-132-0000Primary Clutch-
B03-6-B7Washer6 x 18 x 1.6
90692-132-0018Bush6 x 9 x 17 x 13.5
16916/168F/GK-2Fuel Tank Cap-
16610/168F/GKFuel Tank / Go-Kart-
18000/168F/GKExhaust Muffler Assy / Go-Kart-
15610/168FDipstick W/ Oil Seal-

KT196 – Front Suspension Parts

Part NumberPart NameDetails
83106-127-0000Rubber Cover, Wheel Axle End-
B11-M12x1.25-21Hexagonal Slot Thin NutM12 x 1.25
90691-112-0005Washer13 x 24 x 2
B12-2.5x30-W7Cotter Pin13 x 24 x 2
62410-132-0000Ball Joint, Knuckle-
62410BBall Joint, KnuckleM10
41170-132-G300Front Tire-
41120-132-0P00Front Rim-
B33-22-BBSpring Circlip B TypeD0=22
B33-M10-BBSpring Circlip B TypeD0=22
B35-M8-57Self-Lock NutM8
B35-M10-57Self-Lock NutM10
B01-8-B7Spring Washer-
B01-M10Spring WasherM10
41275-115-0000Valve Stem-
54815-102-0000Dust Cover12.3mm
GB276-89/6201RSBall Bearing6201RS
GB/T276-6002-2RSBall Bearing6202-2RS
MM62230BFront Right Steering Knuckle AssemblyM10
MM62210BFront Left Steering Knuckle AssemblyM10

KT196 – Rear Wheels & Axle Parts

Part NumberPart NameDetails
46160-132-0000Rear Wheel Axle-
83106-127-0000Rubber Cover, Wheel Axle End-
B12-2.5x30-W7Cotter Pin2 x 32
B11-M16x1.5-22Hexagon Slotted NutM16
46110-132-0000Washer17 x 30 x 3
41205-132-0000Rear Brake Disc-
41250-132-0P00Rear Rim-
41270-132-I300Rear Tire-
B05-M8x16-57Hexagon Flange BoltM8 x 16
51392-132-0000Bearing Press Board-
53230-400001-0000Dust Cover14.5mm
25400-132-0000Axle Drive Chain#420
90161-118-0010BoltM8 x 16
41235-132-0000Chain Wheel-
46163-132-0000Rear Chain Wheel Fitting Seat-
B51-8x75-5DFlat Key8 x 75
41275-115-0000Valve Stem-
B15-M8x16-37BoltM8 x 16

KT196 – Rear Swing Arm Parts

Part NumberPart NameDetails
5112A-132-0000Rear Swing ArmBlack
5112A-132-1000Rear Swing ArmBlue
55100-132-0000Rear Shock Absorber-
B06-M10x1.25x40-57Hexagon Flange BoltM10 x 1.25 x 40
B10-M10x1.25-27Hexagon Flange NutM10 x 1.25 x 40
B06-M10x1.25x80-57BoltM10 x 1.25 x 80
41236-132-0000Sprocket Shaft 1-
B06-M12x1.25x70-57Hexagon Flange BoltM12 x 1.25 x 70
B10-M12x1.25-27Hexagon Flange NutM12 x 1.25 x 70
18161-120-0000Bush, Rear Swing Arm-
B35-M8-57Self-Lock NutM8
B05-M8x12-57Hexagon Flange BoltM8 x 12
B01-10-B7Spring Washer-
41237-132-0000Sprocket Shaft-
51933-132-0000Fix Bracket, Engine-
90693-132-0096Bush20 x 25 x 7
P501010911390000Oil Seal25 x 42 x 7
P400001253100000Driving Chain-
B05-M8x50-57Hexagon Flange BoltM8 x 50
90693-132-0095Bush20 x 26 x 12
12253-T004-0000Vent Stud BoltM8 x 48.5
41233-132-0000Chain Wheel 1-
B51-5x17-5DFlat Key 2-
B51-5x73-5DFlat Key 1-
90161-118-0010BoltM8 x 16
41234-132-0000Chain Wheel 2-
90691-110-0009Washer6 x 25 x 2
B05-M6x16-57Hexagon Flange BoltM6 x 16
94023-103-0000Damping Rubber-
B10-M10x1.25-27Hexagon Flange NutM10 x 1.25
62255-115-0000Refueling NozzleM6
41411-132-0000Screw Assembly-
73236-132-0000General Fixing-
90693-118-0038Bush10.5 x 24 x 11.5
90693-132-0103Bush11 x 18 x 80
90693-132-0104Bush21 x 26 x 82

Where Can I Buy Coleman KT196 Parts From This List?

To ensure that each part is authentic and manufactured by an OEMs (original equipment manufacturer), it’s best to purchase them directly from Coleman’s official website. They have an online shop where you can place your orders and get them delivered to your location.

You can only purchase them from vendors or online marketplaces such as eBay or Craigslist, given that you understand the part name and description. You will most likely not be able to search for them on these marketplaces via the part number.

Buy Coleman KT196 Go-Kart Parts: Coleman’s Online Shop (external link)

How To Read the Coleman KT196 Parts List

The KT196 part list table is straightforward to read. However, if you require some guidance please feel free to read on, where I will further explain what each of the columns mean.

Part Number

Each part has a unique number, similar to an SKU (stock keeping unit). For example the Arc Gasket in blue color has a part number of 54625-132-1000. This number acts as a unique identifier for the part name and its detail (size, color, etc.) On the other hand, the black Arc Gasket has the part number 54625-132-0000.

Part Name

The part name describes the part in question. For example, the B05-M6x12-57 part number is a M6 x 12 Hexagon Flange Bolt. This column helps you understand what type of part it is.


The details column refers to the type of the part name – this could be size, color, length or other attributes. For example the part number 25400-132-0000 is a #420 Axle Drive chain. In this case, it indicates the exact size of the chain. 

9 thoughts on “Coleman KT196 Go-Kart Parts List”

  1. bought a new kt-196 has 5 hours on it , i am getting ready to change oil first time notice its developed a vibration like a mount or something is missing also making a little noise upon acceleration. i did not see anything in the manual about a grease fitting located at the chain adjust, been hearing about problems with kt196 low hours are there some critical maintenance procedures im not aware of, or something i can do to prevent these issues, seems like alot of problems for a brand new go kart. any good advise would be appreciated

    • Hi Mike,

      It’s not normal to hear any noises especially from the frame/chain, apart from the usual engine sounds for new go-karts.
      It would probably be best to have it inspected by the distributor to assess and advise.
      They typically have a 90-day warranty, best give them a call, Mike!

  2. The left side front all but fell apart. The right side seems frozen. Ball joints mounting studs are hammered away and the shock spring mount is all loose. the right side seems frozen up. i loosened the pivots on the upper and lower arms and on the shock / spring mount but it still seems awful tight. any fixes for all? The brake rotor has scoring there is no pads listed or is there?

  3. Hi I just picked up a used KT196 and it could use some new brake pads.
    I can’t find anything brakes listed on your parts list.
    what else fits?

  4. Hi i just bought a coleman KT196 cc go kart. Its making a grinding noise when you give it gas like the chain is fixing to pop off. Any way durning inspecting theirs a torque converter system ,and on the motor mounting plate theirs a shaft welded on top and bottom .the chain goes from the top to the bottom from the rear pulley and the sprocket Shaft welded on the bottom of the mounting plate theirs a sprocket on the other side same shaft and that chain goes to the axle. My question is i need the barrens bushings ect what ever they call them . that goes to the shafts thats welded on top and bottom of the motor bracket. The grinding noise is coming from the bottom. Sprocket and the bolt keeps coming lose. I had read all the parts list. And i dint see it i have also searched and couldnt find any thing. If you can help i could really use it. And thanks.

    • Hi William, interesting. I have not heard of that. I also went through the parts list again and couldn’t find it.
      Are you able to get in touch with Coleman Powersports to inspect or provide that part?


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