EVS Sports R4 Race Collar Review

For kart racers, it is crucial to have all the physical support they can get while racing. The sudden movements and turns can cause some serious injuries at times, especially in the neck and shoulder regions. That is why the EVS Sports R4 Race Collar is a really great neck brace. It’s a sleek and lightweight collar that is designed to protect your neck in case of a collision or accident.

The EVS Sports R4 is an affordable choice for go-kart racer. In fact it’s such a versatile neck collar that can also be used for other motorsports such as motocross. Unlike other mid-range neck braces, the R4 has a sleek design and has been constructed with heavy-duty materials. This gives it a very solid built quality and an astonishingly ergonomic fit.


  • Multi-layer material
  • Lightweight design
  • CE and 89/686/EEC certified

Add to that an adjustable design and comfortable padding, and you have a neck collar that not only looks great but is also comfortable to wear for longer periods of time – not something that can be said for all neck braces, especially the bulkier ones.


There are many aspects that make the EVS Sports R4 a great neck collar for go-kart racing. We’ll go more into the details a little later – here are it’s best features:

  • Durable molded surface
  • Closed-cell polyurethane core
  • Bio-foam padding
  • Convenient lock closure
  • Lightweight (1.4 lbs)
  • CE and 89/686/EEC Certification

Build Quality

Despite being a mid-range neck brace, the EVS Sports R4 is made of high-quality materials. It has a hard molded upper surface that is firm and robust, preventing hyperflexion and hyperextension. Underneath this hard top layer is a softer closed-cell PU core that has high tensile strength.

This neck collar also features a liner made of bio-foam that provides additional absorption in case of impacts. Rubber is used on the edges to eliminate any discomfort that could be caused when the bottom of your helmet goes into contact with the hard material on the top surface. Overall, the EVS Sports R4 is a solid neck collar with great build quality.


Protection is where the EVS Sports R4 distinguishes itself from other competing neck braces. Not only are the materials used of high-quality but the way in which they are implemented in the design is what gives it great ratings in terms of protection. The combination of a top hard surface and a shock-absorbing core ensures that when your helmet hits the neck brace in case of an impact, it comes into contact with the hardtop first.

evs r4 protection

Key Protection Features:

  • Closed-cell PU core
  • Hard-molded surface
  • Bio-foam padding

All the force of this impact is then absorbed and deflected by the lower PU core, keeping your neck and shoulders safe from the direct force. This dispersion of force is also helped by a wider ‘tail’ that is developed to make sure that the neck brace absorbs as much energy as possible and then disperses it throughout the shoulder blades rather than directing it towards the collarbone or the spine as most other braces do.

This is crucial because if your helmet hits the neck brace and the force of the impact is allowed to reach your collarbone, it can cause serious long-term injuries. By evening out the force and subsequently dispersing it towards the shoulder blades, this neck brace minimizes the risk of a spinal injury. 

IThe structural design of the EVS Sports R4 also prevents hyperflexion and hyperextension of the neck. Although it doesn’t offer as great of a protection like the more premium Valhalla Racing 360 Plus, it comes pretty close – especially for a mid-ranged neck brace.


You may think that a neck brace with so much protection would be uncomfortable to wear during a race but thanks to its light weight and slim profile, the EVS Sports R4 is a very comfortable collar to wear. It has a form-fitting design that is easy to adjust, providing a great fit for all kinds of racers. On the edges of the product, there are rubberized areas for additional support.

When your helmet makes contact with the hard-molded surface, it may feel slightly hard, however the impact is further absorbed by the polyurethane core. On the underside of the collar, there is a decent amount of bio-foam padding. These padding rests on your shoulders, as well as your upper chest and provides a comfortable fit.


Getting a proper fit that feels good with a hard-surfaced neck supporting device isn’t always possible. However, the EVS Sports R4 offers a relatively simple solution. This neck brace allows for a quick front entry with a secure buckling system thanks to its ‘Rapid Lock Closure’. Simply unlock it, slide it around your neck and snap the closure.

EVA r4 adjustability

Key Adjustability Features:

  • Adjustable Rear Strut (Back)
  • Rapid Lock Closure (Front)

The R4 also uses an adjustable rear strut that makes tightening the collar around your neck very quick and easy. The combination of these two designs is what makes adjusting this neck collar a breeze. You can always leave the setting of your rear strut in place and slip it on using the front opening. That way you’re always ensured the same perfect fit around your neck.


The EVS Sports R4 comes in two different sizes – a youth and an adult size. Both of these sizes cater to a large variety of motorport and kart racers, thanks to the adjustable design. The dimensions of the collar are 11.42” x 5.51” x 5.51”. The youth variant weighs 0.85 lbs (585 grams) and the adult variant weighs 1.4 lbs (635 grams).

  • Youth Size (weight): 1.4 lbs
  • Adult Size (weight): 0.85 lbs


As stated, there are two sizes available. The youth size of the EVS Sports R4 neck collar is recommended for kids that are shorter than 5’3”, with a body weight below 105 lbs. For racers with a weight above 105 lbs, who are taller than 5’3”, the adult size is recommended. Always ensure that the neck brace fits well and is not too tight or too loose.

  • Youth Size (size): below 5’3″ & 105 lbs
  • Adult Size (size): above 5’3″ & 105 lbs


The EVS Sports R4 comes in a single color variant, which is black/red. The neck brace looks great in its matte black finish with the red ‘EVS’ wording on the front. There are no other design flourishes on this product. The differences in the finishes of the plastic, rubber, and padding add some visual depth to the design but other than that, it’s a very efficient and simple-looking neck brace that will go well with any colored safety gear you may be wearing.


The EVS Sports R4 Race Collar has a CE and Directive 89/686/EEC certification which makes it safe for use. This means that it adheres to the respective personal protective equipment (PPE) standards and is therefore suitable for go-kart racing.


All things considered, the EVS Sports R4 is for go-kart racers – or racers of other motorsport categories – who wish to upgrade from an entry-level to a well-built mid-range neck brace. It’s filled with plenty of protective features and also feels really comfortable to wear.

While it won’t be able to outperform premium neck braces such as the Valhalla Racing 360 Plus, it comes fairly close. On the other hand, the EVS Sports R4 blows standard foam-built neck braces out of the water and it’s not even close. There is a reason why the R4 performs and sells so well; it’s lightweight, it’s built to last and it protects the racer just like it’s designed to do.


  • Multi-layer material
  • Lightweight design
  • CE and 89/686/EEC certified

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