7 thoughts on “The Ultimate Go-Kart Belt Size Chart”

  1. I have 7” pulley with 9 1/2” c2c! 5/8 top! Old old old 3 wheeler! Sperry rand! Please help with belt! Thanks

    1. Hi Rick!

      Thanks for writing in!
      None of the Comet belts would fit for 5/8 top width belt.

      Two options I can think of:
      Are you able to identify the old drive belt make/model?
      Or are you able to move the driver/driven pulley closer?

      1. The belt on it is a newer belt that does not work! It would be a major alteration to the chassis or body to make it closer! I was really hoping to keep it as stock as possible! It was purchased in the 60’s by my great grand parents!

        1. Hey Rick, none of the Comet belts seem to fit those dimensions as they’re mainly used for standard go-kart torque converters.
          I’ve tried to do some research as well but it seems that these dimensions are not easy to find. Perhaps they are too outdated.

          The CAT99 series from Comet is the right width but meant for shorter c2c distances.

  2. Where can I find the belt for 24.5 circumference . As by your chart: (203589A 7″ or less – – – 24.5″ 3/4″) I can only find in 27 or larger in circumference. 27 is to loose and It slides over the pulleys.

    1. Hi Kelly,

      Do you have the model of the torque converter?
      I can take a look for a compatible belt.
      Or you can pass me your center to center distance.

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