The Ultimate Go-Kart Chain Size Chart

Welcome to the ultimate go-kart chain size chart! This article features a list of the most common go-kart chain sizes. I have consolidated them into a large chart where you are able to make reference to the chain size, pitch, roller diameter, roller width, pin diameter and tensile strength.

This information will help you to check go-kart chain size dimensions. You’ll also be able to refer to this list if you’re figuring out which chain size to get for your sprockets, depending on the gear ratio of your go-kart. We’ll also be taking a closer look at how to read the chain size chart. I’ll include a section for the definitions that you can refer to, if you’re unsure how to read it.

Go-Kart Chain Size Chart

Chain SizePitchRoller DiameterRoller WidthPin DiameterTensile

How to Read the Chain Size Chart

In order to read the go-kart chain size chart accurately, it’s important to understand the terminology. Below is an illustration of a go-kart chain to give you a visual reference of what roller width, roller diameter, pitch and pin diameter mean and what they refer to. There’s a definition for each term below the illustration.

go kart chain size chart

Chain Size

The chain size is a number sequence that makes reference to particular dimensions of a go-kart chain. Let me give you an example so that you’re able to understand this better.

Go kart chain sizes technically always go by an 8th of an inch. So smaller measurements like 1/2-inches will be converted to 4/8-inches to get the naming convention right. Here’s an example. A 520 chain has a pitch of 5/8-inches and a roller width of 1/4-inches, so 2.0/8. With that being said, the naming convention of a go-kart chain goes by the first number of the pitch plus the roller width. 

Chain Size Calculation
Chain Size = First digit of pitch (converted to X/8″) + Roller Width (converted to X/8″)


The pitch of a go-kart chain is the distance between the links. Understanding this value is important to know if a particular chain is compatible with your go-kart sprockets. The pitch is calculated by taking the midpoint of two adjacent pins and measuring the distance between them. For example a 520 chain has a pitch 5/8-inches, meaning that the distance between the links is 0.625″ (or 5/8-inches).

Pitch Calculation
Pitch = Center of pin 1 to center of pin 2 of the next link.

Roller Diameter

The roller diameter is essentially the diameter of the roller. In order to measure this, you simply need to measure from one end of the roller to the other end of the roller. That makes up the diameter. For example, the 520 chain has a roller diameter of 0.4″. This means that the roller of this chain is 0.4″ in diameter.

Roller Diameter Calculation
Roller Diameter = Diameter of a roller

Roller Width

The roller width is the actual width of the go kart chain (also referred to a roller chain). To measure this width you simply measure the distance between the two inner plates, not the outer plates. For example, the 520 chain has a roller width of 1/4-inches. This means that both inner plates are 1/4″ apart from each other.

Roller Width Calculation
Roller Width = With of roller (distance between the two inner plates)

Pin Diameter

The pin diameter measures the diameter of the pin. You can measure this by taking the distance between one side of the pin and the opposite point of the pin.

Pin Diameter Calculation
Pin Diameter = Diameter of pin


The tensile strength of a go-kart chain indicates how much load it can take before it breaks. The output of this is in pounds and indicates a rough average value of how much load a particular chain can withstand.

Please bear in mind that the tensile strength in the chart above is only an indication. The calculations for tensile strength of a roller chain are more complex, as they are also dependent on material type, quality, thickness and other factors.


I hope the go-kart chain size chart was informative for you. You can always refer to this chart when you need to refer to go-kart chain dimensions. This will come in handy if you plan to shorten your go-kart chain or if you are trying to determine what chain size you need for your go-kart. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them below and I’ll get to them as soon as I can! 

Most common go-kart chain sizes: 35, 40, 41, 420, 428 and 50.

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