9 Creative Go-Kart Racing Gift Ideas

Without a doubt, go-kart racing has become ever more popular, as it remains the most accessible motorsport in the world. It’s enjoyed by people of all ages. Go-kart racers not only describe go-karting as a motorsport, but rather as a passion. 

Are you thinking of gifting a go-kart racer for Christmas, winning a race, or their birthday? If yes, then this list of creative go-kart racing gifts is the right place to look. I’m a go-kart racer myself and I have received many karting gifts over the last decade and in my community, we gift each other every time. 

Over the years, I’ve come to know what type of go-kart related gifts are better received than others. Regardless if you are gifting a kid, teenger on an adult, you’d want to make sure that the gift is appropriate for them. While I’ll give some recommendations below, it’s best to combine my recommendations with your assessment of what they are into. But don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll find a suitable go-kart present for them. I’ve also categorized them accordingly, and here’s the summarized list. 

9 Creative Go-Kart Racing Gift Ideas:

  • Idea #1 – Apparel
  • Idea #2 – Stationary
  • Idea #3 – Equipment
  • Idea #4 – Books
  • Idea #5 – Maintenance
  • Idea #6 – Decor
  • Idea #7 – Self-Improvement
  • Idea #8 – Games & Toys
  • Idea #9 – DIY

1. Go-Kart Apparel Gifts

Go-kart racing apparel is always a good gift idea if you know the person’s size. There are many types of shirts, caps, tank tops, socks and other types of apparel that make a good christmas or birthday gift. Apparel is very personal, so make sure that you get the size right. It’s also important to nail the message. You can decide to go for something funny or more serious. There are plenty of options to pick from. Here are some examples of the best go-kart racing apparel gifts. 

Living The Kart Life – Hoodie

This hoodie is great for American moms, dads or teenagers who love go-kart racing. It’s made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. If they are a fan of high-speeds, fast karts and adrenaline, this hoodie is definitely for them. 

Eat, Sleep, Go-Kart, Repeat – T-Shirt

This t-shirt is great for men and women and comes in 5 different colors and  13 different sizes. It’s high in quality and easily washable. Who wouldn’t love wearing this in public to show off their passion for karting? This is a great karting gift! 

2. Go-Kart Stationary Gifts

Stationary gifts and office supplies are always a welcome gift, as these items can be used almost every day. Go-kart racing pens, organizers, pencils sharpeners and other stationery items can be used for school, university, work and even at home. It’s a personalized gift that pays tribute to their passion. You can’t really go wrong with this, but it helps to find out their preferred colors and type of stationary that they commonly use. 

Go-Kart Engraved Gift Pen – Ballpoint Pen

This pen is a great gift for go-kart racers who are currently studying or working. This is a high-quality black leather ballpoint pen that writes in black ink. It features an engraved white color go-kart logo in the midsection.

Go-Kart Pad – Notepad

This laser-etched notepad contains 50 sheets of unlined paper and an elastic strap that wraps around the flap. The pen comes included and the etched-logo is long lasting. This gift is appropriate for any go-kart racer, as everyone takes notes! 

Eat. Sleep. Go-Karting. Repeat – Organizer / Planner

This organizer and planner is geared towards youths and adults and contains dated pages from January 2020 to December 2020. This planner has a yearly, monthly and weekly view that makes planning easy. This is great for go-kart racers so that they can keep track of daily activities and even karting events, such as upcoming races. 

3. Go-Kart Equipment Gifts

Safety gear makes great gifts too, if the potential receiver of the gift doesn’t have the required safety equipment or if they are looking to have it replaced. When I was karting with my friend, I noticed that one person in the group was always renting gloves from the race track we were racing at. We all chipped in and bought him a nice pair of karting gloves. There are many other pieces of safety equipment that you can gift, such as go-kart racing helmets, rib protectors or even neck collars. Just ensure that you know the person’s size before you proceed. I’m sure they will appreciate that you cherish their safety on the race track. 

Alpinestars Balaclava – Head Sock

A balaclava, also known as a head sock, makes a great gift for go-karters who usually rent helmets from the race track. Using helmets from the track can be quite unhygienic, even though they are properly washed. This balaclava has an open-face design with a comfortable fit. It’s also equipped with moisture absorbing material and works well with any go-kart racing helmet. Check out more karting balaclavas.

Sparco KS-3 – Gloves

Gifting a pair of racing gloves is also a great idea, especially due to the fact that not every go-kart racing track rents them out. There are many affordable gifting options and the Sparco KS-3 is one of them. They are made of elasticized fabric that feature an ultra-slim fit with great grip. Make sure to know their sizing when gifting gloves. Check out more go-kart racing gloves.

EVS Race Collar – Neck Brace

Racing neck collars also show care and concern for their safety and I had personally received one as a gift for Christmas. A lot of them are free-size which helps with the size selection.  

4. Go-Kart Book Gifts

Everyone has freetime, even the most dedicated kart drivers. We love to educate ourselves and learn new techniques as much as we can. Gifting a passionate go-kart racer a book is an excellent idea for birthdays or for christmas. They will be able to learn more techniques that are written by professionals and I’m sure they will appreciate the kind gesture. Here are some great karting book gifting ideas. 

Learn How to Master the Art of Kart Driving – Book

The reason why this book makes a perfect gift, is because it teaches go-kart racing techniques that are applicable for all racers; beginners to professionals. This book is my personal favorite and I can only recommend it. 

Go-Karting Log Book – Journal 

I own this log book myself and I can tell you that it’s absolutely fantastic. It makes a perfect gift for anyone who regularly races go-karts, as it has informational content, as well as pages where you can keep track of go-kart specifications and race performances. If they’re serious about go-kart racing, you can’t go wrong with this log book!

5. Go-Kart Maintenance Gifts

We kart racers love our go-karts, almost more than anything else. We take good care of them and also have to ensure that our karts are properly and regularly maintained. Gift ideas that revolve around go-kart maintenance are also very creative. If they already have enough equipment and other accessories, you can also show a caring gesture by gifting them items that help out with their kart maintenance. Here are some creative gifting ideas in that category. 

Red Line Two-Stroke Racing Motor Oil – Racing Oil

Believe it or not, go-karts consume a lot of engine oil. Most of the go-karts run on a 2-stroke engine meaning that a mini-bottle of 2-stroke racing oil could be the perfect gift for them. Ensure that the engine oil is suitable for their kart. In most cases, the Red Line 2-stroke engine oil is perfect!

Portable Wrench Set – Tools

Usually, go-kart racers maintain their go-karts in their home garage. However, often times there are slight adjustments or fixes they need to do at the race track. This 28-piece portable tool kit is an ideal gift that they can take along to any race, in order to make any urgent adjustments or maintenance work at the race track. It features 12 magnetic bits, 13 sockets, 1 3-way screw driver, 1 ratchet wrench and 1 coupler driver made out of high-grade stainless steel.

DuPont Degreaser – Cleaner / Degreaser

Let’s face it, go-karts get extremely dirty from all the dust, debris, oil and rubber from the karting track after a race. An extremely useful gift would be a simple and effective degreaser that ensures that their go-karts are shiny and clean for the next race.

6. Go-Kart Decor Gifts

Sometimes we love to decorate our living spaces with anything that reminds us of our favorite passion: go-kart racing! Nothing matches the love for the motorsport than to have go-kart decor in our room or around the house. It’s a great and personal gift idea, that is suitable for all ages and genders. Here are some of the most popular ones.

Two Go Karts Peel and Stick Wall Decals – Wall Decor

These wall decals come with a set of 2 go-kart stickers that are removable and repositionable with no sticky residue. It’s a great gift idea for kids and teenagers, as it’s 100% mess-free, is not made of paint and requires no glue or paste. It fits perfectly on their bedroom and bathroom wall or against a wardrobe. 

Go-Kart Trophy with Custom Engraving – Shelf Decor

Make the person who is receiving this gift feel like a real winner! This trophy is 7.25″ tall and features a rounded black base with a customized engravable placard. This is a really creative and personal go-kart racing gift idea where you can engrave their name with a personalized message. 

7. Go-Kart Self-Improvement Gifts

Besides books, there are other types of self-improvement gifts that have a more practical application. Depending on where he or she lives, you can think about gifting them go-kart racing lessons, a track membership or even a race package at their favorite track! This gift idea works best for novice or intermediate go-kart racer who don’t have their own go-kart and are transitioning from beginner to a more serious level. I’ve listed some creative ideas below. 

go-kart lessons

Go-Kart Racing Lessons  – around $150 – $250

Go-kart lessons are a great way to improve and to get more serious with go-kart racing. This gift is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more intermediate and advanced go-kart techniques with a dedicated instructor. Private karting lessons start at about $150, depending on the location. 

Go-Kart Racing Membership – around $40 – $80

If the person whom you are gifting lives close to a good go-kart racing track, you may want to think of getting them a yearly membership. This gift also comes with the intention of self-improvement and is a personal way of getting them to enjoy their passion. This gift is suitable for all ages, but just ensure that the location is good and that it’s easily accessible.

Go-Kart Racing Race Package – around $10 – $80

Conversely, you also have the option to buy them a race package at their nearest go-kart racing track. They usually start at about $10 per race, which includes a certain number of laps. These packages are also purchasable in bundles. Usually they also come in a set of 3, 5 and 9. This is a great gift if there’s an awesome track nearby!

8. Go-Kart Game & Toy Gifts

Loved by kids, teenagers and even adults, go-kart racing toys and games make great christmas or birthday gifts. The great thing about gifting games and toys is that there is something for almost every age. While kids usually prefer toys, teenagers and adults enjoy games that have to do with go-kart racing. Of course, there are hundreds of different toys and games that appeal to people who are passionate about go-kart racing. Here’s a list of the most popular gift ideas in this category.

LEGO Technic: Race Kart – Display / Toy

Lego is enjoyed by many children, teenagers and adults of all ages. This Lego Technic set has 345 pieces and includes slick racing tires, decals, frame, seat, body kit and a gearbox. It’s extremely fun to assemble and a great gift for Christmas.

Mario Kart Track Set– R/C Set

Mario Kart is an extremely popular video game for kids. This Mario Kart Track set features a 17-foot long race track with a Mach 8 Mario and a Mach 8 Luigi Kart. Both karts are in 1:43 scale and have the ability to race around the track via a remote controller. This gift idea is ideal for kids aged 8 and above

Hoverkart Accessory – Hoverboard Conversion Kit

If you want to be extremely creative you can opt to gift them a hoverkart conversion kit. This converts any standard hoverboard to a hoverboard go-kart. This means that you’ll be able to ride your existing hoverboard just like a go-kart and steer via the two handlebars. There’s also a list of a comprehensive guide featuring the best hoverboard go-kart kits.

8. Go-Kart DIY Gifts

One of the most personalized gifts that you can create for a go-kart racer is something that is made from your heart and crafted by yourself. The great thing about this type of gift is that it doesn’t cost much and has a great amount of meaning and impact on them. Even better, perhaps you can buy them something physical and create a DIY craft item as an added present. Below are some examples of what you can create for them.

Go-Kart Photo Album

You could get a simple photo album or create a photo collage of them racing go-karts. You can include some of their most memorable victories, recent races and even a few images of them hanging out with their go-kart racing friends. Of course, this will take some time to prepare and getting the matching photos may be a challenge. However, if you can pull this off, you’d have prepared the perfect gift for them. 

Go-Kart Photo Frame

If you don’t have that many pictures of him or her racing go-karts, you can just take a single one and put it into a wooden frame. If you feel extra creative, you can create or modify an existing frame and add some go-kart stickers or ornaments to it. Creativity is usually rewarded with a much bigger smile and I’m sure that they’ll love it.

Go-Kart Poster

An alternative to creating a photo frame or an album, you can create a collage or use a single photo and create a poster. They can then hang or frame the poster on their wall. This gift is extremely personal and they’ll feel extremely grateful. There are many local print shops that can print poster-size images. Just give them a call to inquire about the requirements, and create a large wall poster!

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