List of the Best Go-Kart Manufacturers

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the best go-kart manufacturers and brands in the market. Ever since the first go-kart was first created, go-kart manufacturers have constantly pushed the limits in terms of performance, design and technology.

Through the establishment of international sanctioning bodies such as the CIK-FIA, racing standards have been set and go-kart manufacturers have constantly aimed to push the boundaries of go-kart racing. From new and improved frames to innovative aerodynamic features and safer design, the motorsport of go-karting has steadily evolved.

In today’s day and age, there are a multitude of kart manufacturers located across the globe – each having their own heritage and bringing something unique to the table. Let’s further explore the ultimate list of the best go-kart manufacturers and brands. Please note that the go-kart brands in this list are ordered alphabetically, not according to rank.

Birel ART

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Birel ART is an Italian go-kart manufacturer that is a result of a merger between two entities, Birel and ART Grand Prix. Birel has existed since the late 1950s when the founder, Umberto Sala, started making karts just for fun.

During the 70s and 80s, Birel’s renowned chassis, the Targa, was created. Between 1990 and 2000, the company won a massive six championships, marking its name in history books.

ART Grand Prix was a project launched in 2011 with a focus on providing top-quality products to consumers, both in the competitive and commercial world. In 2014, the two companies became Birel ART. Birel ART racing karts come in various models to cater to different competitive needs.

From KZ, OK, and OKJ karts to the Mini model, all of Birel ART’s karts focus on excellent build quality and the highest possible performance. They even make a wide range of rental models to choose from.

The newest racing kart line models have upgraded frame materials, new and improved floor panels and pedal adjustment systems, and a new design layout. With the bright red and white ‘racer’ aesthetic these karts have going for them, you’d be hard-pressed not to be taken in by just how aggressive they look.

The company also launched a special line of karts in partnership with Daniel Ricciardo, known as the Ricciardo Racing Kart. This line has a whole range of models fit for different karting categories.

These karts come with the same level of expertise and innovation as the Birel ART line. However, they are instantly recognizable in their bright blue and yellow aesthetic, compared to the traditional red and white look of Birel ART karts. 


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CRG is a company that requires no introduction if you’re already familiar with karting as a motorsport. The headquarter for this revered manufacturer is based in Brescia, Italy where their top-notch racing and rental karts are produced.

They have a huge 10,000 square-meter facility where the research, development and production takes place. CRG’s history goes as far back as 1986 when it first came onto the karting scene. Since then, CRG karts have participated in and won several international competitions.

The Racing Line of chassis produced by CRG is quite extensive, offering a number of different models based on one’s needs. All of the models, whether designed for a competitive race track or for rental needs, follow a philosophy focusing on providing the best possible performance, long-lasting build, and eye-catching design.

Among the top racing models are the Road Rebel and KT2. They are both similar in design, however they have different chassis tube sizing to cater to different needs. They come with CRG’s innovative braking system, adjustable rear and stub axles, and some really cool design elements like orange accents on a silver base.

CRG also makes the Black Mirror – their flagship kart in the youth karting scene. It comes with all the excellence of the other models along with a self-ventilated braking system.

With a cool, youthful design philosophy and excellent performance, CRG karts are definitely worth a look for anyone who is serious about competitive go-kart racing – truly a heritage that lives up to its name and legacy!


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Having recently made its debut in the European FIA Karting Championship, Exprit is ready to make its mark in the competitive world of karting. This is a company which also originates from and operates in Italy, and is known to produce some high-quality chassis that are ready for competitive action.

Exprit’s racing karts are very recognizable – the white chassis adorned with cool, dynamic orange lines accompanied by hints of blue are visually striking. The karts are developed alongside the R&D expertise of the OTK Kart Group, ensuring that each design produced is of the highest possible quality.

The latest, and most advanced, designs released by Exprit include the Noesis R and Thoos R. Both of these models are pretty much the same in their innovation and design. The only major difference is that the Noesis R uses 30mm tubes while the Thoos R uses 32mm tubes for the chassis.

Both models come with a highly improved aerodynamic system thanks to a new, specialized floor plate design, a new steering wheel, and an improved braking system. All of these innovations make these karts ready to take on the world championship stage.

Exprit also makes a Rookie 2020 model which is designed according to the regulations of the new Mini CIK-FIA class, and a MINI KID model that’s designed for young children. With all of these models aimed at different kinds of users, Exprit ensures that no one who loves karting has to miss out on the thrill of the sport.


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As a company involved with the production of spare parts for some of the leading SKM karts, Intrepid has a long history going back all the way to 1992. Intrepid’s own karts, however, went into production in 2003 and quickly went to the top in many competitions, both in the company’s homeland of Italy and abroad. Since then, the company has focused on continuous technological developments, in order to create some of the most well-respected go-karts in the world.

Intrepid collaborates with many different partners from around the world who trust in the company for their karting needs. The company’s excellent and high-quality karts compete in all karting competitions and have won titles in many of them. One of the top frames available from the company is the KZ Mod.

Cruiser MS3 – with an excellent build and braking system, magnesium rims, and all the stickers for making the kart look awesome. There is also the Mini Kart Mod. Cub 2 Passo which, as the name suggests, is a mini version with all the same excellence of the flagship models.

Intrepid karts don’t only perform well – they also look great. They have a yellow-orange-black theme that is noticeable on the front, along with an image of an eye, which gives it a very aggressive and competitive look. So, if you’re into go-karts that perform and look great, Intrepid may be the right brand for you.

J3 Competition

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Stepping out of Europe for a bit, one of the most renowned manufacturers of racing karts is J3 Competition. Based in the United States of America, the company enjoys years of prestige in competitive karting, having won various championships and titles in North America, South America, Australia, and Europe. The company has been operating since 2004 and started producing its own chassis line by the name of COMPKART in 2014.

The flagship model of the COMPKART line is the Covert 3.0 R20. This is racing kart through and through – from the excellent 30mm steel structure to the advanced braking system that is designed to help with increasing the speed with which the kart enters and exits corners.

For a kart that can work well in various different categories of karting, the Covert 4R-20 might be better. Its use of 28 and 30mm tubing in the structure allows it to comply with different conditions. The aluminum hubs combined with magnesium wheels ensure that the kart’s balance during a race is immaculate.

If you’re more interested in rental karts, then J3 Competition is also launching rental models soon which will give you the chance to try out excellent karts manufactured by one of the leaders in competitive karting without having to actually buy one. This is optimal for indoor and outdoor go-karting facilities. 

 J3 Competition karts also have a very distinctive look. The bright neon yellow chassis with very subtle accents of blue, red, and black looks striking and is instantly recognizable. 

Kosmic Kart

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Another Italian manufacturer, Kosmic Kart has been among the leaders of the competitive karting scene since 1996. Unlike many other karting brands, Kosmic Kart focuses a lot on visually showcasing its brand identity through its designs. The go-karts are a blue color, which is complemented by a nice touch of fuchsia, creating a striking contrast that is instantly recognizable on the race track.

Kosmic Kart has always marked its presence in the world of competitive karting thanks to its dedication to creating some of the high-quality chassis out there. In 2015, the manufacturer made its way to victory at the CIK-FIA World Championship, branding itself as a real leader in the space.

All of this is thanks to the company’s undying passion of manufacturing excellent karts. This passion is embodied in their new Mercury R model. This is a chassis made of 30mm tubing of steel chrome molybdenum, complete with a new steering wheel design and new graphics to make it stand out from the crowd. Debuting in 2018, the Mercury R won the title of World Champion, adding further to the prestige of the Mercury series.

Kosmic Kart has also released the new Mini Rookie 2020 – a chassis designed to take part in the Mini CIK-FIA class of karting. The company also makes the Mini Kid chassis which is aimed at young racers between the ages of 7 and 9. All in all, Kosmic Karting is a great choice for those racers who appreciate not only excellent functionality but also a unique design.

Kubica Racing Kart

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Remember Birel ART? They have launched yet another racing kart line in association with Robert Kubica, who is one of the well-known F1 drivers of our time. This racing line produces karts that are fit for competing in multiple categories of competitive karting.

Kubica Racing Kart aims to support and create new champions in the sport by providing the best possible technologies and innovations packaged in high-quality karts. Kubica Karts come in a really sporty and cool orange-and-black color theme and use a lot of the expertise that the karting giant Birel ART has to offer.

This racing line includes four models, all with the same excellent build quality and performance. The flagship models come with an improved frame geometry, a new adjustment system for the pedals, and a new floor panel. All of this is to ensure that drivers get the best possible experience when investing in a Kubica Racing Kart.

The company has also released a new kart fit for taking part in the new CIK-FIA 007-CH-92 category of karting. This model, the C28 S11 Homologation, comes with 28mm tubing and a completely revamped frame geometry.

According to Robert Kubica himself, it is necessary for every person interested in motorsports to get started with karting as it helps them develop the basics needed to go down this road. There, what better way to start karting than with the support of the iconic F1 driver, himself? 


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If you’re into German perfection, then Mach1 should be of interest to you. This company has existed since 1968 and was founded by Lothar and Wilhelm Hetschel. Since then, it has gained years of experience in producing karts fit for competitive use. Putting their karts directly into competitions to test them out, the makers of these karts won several titles before deciding to produce a series of karts in 1972.

The Mach1 FIA5 kart is #madeforwinners, as the company says. This kart can be set up to suit various weather conditions and to provide different levels of grip, as needed. Some unique elements of the design include a Sniper Adjuster, an HRP Vario steering rod that is very innovative, and the ability to alter the rear and front ride heights. The kart is made of 30mm tubing and is perfect for all the various categories of kart racing.

If you’re eyeing an entry-level go-kart, you should look into the Mach1 CA2 kart. Despite being a smaller kart, it comes packed with many of the same features as the higher-end flagship model.

And if you’re not into competing with other racers, the company also makes the Mach1 RT2 EVO – a rental model that gives you a very similar feeling to that of a racing kart but at very little expense. They have designed this rental kart for go-kart racing facilities and it’s the ideal kart for getting started with the motorsport.

With a largely white and blue color scheme, the Mach1 karts look very professional. When it comes to performance, these go-karts mean business. This understated design combined with top-notch performance makes these some of the best options to choose from if you want to start competing on the race track.

Margay Racing

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The American kart manufacturer Margay Racing was originally named ‘Mar-Kart’ when it was founded in 1964. This company made a quick-change gearbox for karts and was the main reason for the company’s fame at the start. When Mar-Kart turned into Margay, the first kart, New Breed, was created by the company.

After this, Margay Racing started its ever-improving production of karts and engines, taking it to the heights of fame it is now known for. Today, Margay Racing produces a number of performance karts. One of the most popular models by the company is the Margay Racing X2.

The construction is of 32mm and 28mm tubes with adjustable elements like the caster, and the ride height at the front and rear. Coming in either black or red, the X2 not only performs great on racetracks but also looks the part. Both of these variants look aggressive on the track and deliver world-class performance. 

Other models made by the company that are designed for racing on different tracks include the Ignite K3 for adults as well as younger drivers, the Brava 125 that is one of the best in the racing line, and the Wildcat which is a kart designed for young children.

With a history of winning national championships over the many years the company has been around, Margay Racing is a great option for those people who want a reliable kart coming from a long line of excellent products.


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OTL is a kart manufacturing company that has been building electric go-karts since 1996. This dedication to the production of technologically innovative karts has made OTL one of the well-respected kart manufacturers from Italy.

For all of its racing and rental models, the company puts a lot of focus on quality control. The manufacturing plant is able to handle very large numbers at a time to cater to the needs of the many customers who trust in OTL as the brand of choice for electric karts, both for fun and for competitive use.

The flagship kart produced by OTL today is the Storm EFD. It is highly advanced in terms of technology and equally amazing in design. With an interactive touchscreen right on the steering wheel, a boost button to race past opponents when needed, and paddle shifters that let you toggle between an automatic and a manual mode, the Storm EFD puts an amazing amount of control in the driver’s hands – quite literally.

If you have ever been to a go-kart racing facility, you would have most likely heard of or raced with the OTL Storm EFD kart, as it’s one of the most popular rental karts on the market. 

If you’re not into racing but are looking for something that the family can enjoy, the Storm DUO kart is a great choice. It has space for two people to ride the kart, making it perfect for not only families to have some fun but also for trainers to teach young drivers. 

Unlike many other karts that come with flashy designs, these have a more subtle look to them. With angular lines that are not too angular and a classic red and white color theme, the OTL electric karts exude that feeling of technological advancement.


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Hailing from the Czech Republic, Praga is a company that has seen it all. It was founded in 1907 to create automobiles for consumers before expanding into motorsports in the 1920s. But that’s not all. The company has also produced trucks, agricultural vehicles, planes, and even tanks! It’s no surprise then that Praga’s karts are so well-respected because the company puts all of their years of expertise into making products that are great performers.

From the Dragon Evo 2 which is the premier racing kart made by the company to the Dark which is an entry-level model with excellent performance, Praga makes a lot of different models for different needs. All of their karts undergo rigorous testing by experienced engineers before they’re sent out to the racetrack to win.

To cater to the needs of enthusiasts, Praga also makes two different kinds of rental karts. The Race Line is designed for those people who want to take a high-performance kart out and experience the adrenaline rush that comes with it, and the RTK line is for amusement parks who wish to give their visitors a much-improved experience as compared to slow bumper cars.

So, no matter what kind of karting experience you need or which competition to need to take part in, you can be sure that a Praga kart will have you covered. And with that awesome blue and yellow color theme most of the karts follow, you’ll be making a bold visual statement as well.


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For the last 35 years, French manufacturer SODIKART has been a leader in the industry thanks to its focus on innovation and quality. The company produces quality karts that are safe, innovative, and efficient. SODIKART products use patented innovations so when you invest in one, you know you’re becoming part of a long legacy of sheer excellence.

Boasting one of the largest catalogs of products in the world, SODIKART’s two main ranges are SODI Racing and SODI Rental. SODI Racing caters to the needs of all kinds of kart drivers from professionals to amateurs. SODI Racing karts have won various championships around the world which is a testament to their excellence.

Some of the newest chassis developed by SODIKART include the FURIA 950 – designed for young drivers, the SIGMA DD2 – designed to fit the popular ROTAX DD2 engine block, and the SIGMA RS3 – designed to win on all kinds of racetracks.

If you’re interested in rental karts, you won’t get just one generic option here either. SODI Rental line has a whole lot of different models on offer. For an adrenaline-pumping experience, there’s the SODI SPORT. For an electrifying karting experience, there’s the SODI LRX electric kart.

And for kids, there’s also the SODI KIDRACER. Similar to OTL, SODIKART is an extremely popular rental kart option for go-kart racing facilities. So, whether you’re into competitive racing or just want to have some fun with karting, SODIKART has pretty much everything you could ever need.

The Orange Kart

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The Orange Kart, or OK1 Racing, is a company based in Verona, Italy. For 15 years, OK1 has created karts that have been ready to compete in races all around the world. Today, OK1 Racing competes in all the different categories of professional karting.

At the top of the racing line produced by OK1 sit the Crusier EVO and EVO2. Coming with 30mm tubing, adjustable aluminum pedals, and high-quality magnesium wheels, these karts are built to last on any racetrack in the world. The highly efficient braking systems used in these models ensure that drivers can cut those sharp corners cleanly and accurately.

For competing in the MINI 60 category, as well as the ROTAX categories, the Monster EVO will be the kart to get. It comes with all the innovative solutions of the Cruiser models, ensuring that racers can take these karts to the win. And for those who don’t have a lot of money to spend, the company even makes an entry-level model by the name of Dark EVO to make sure that everyone can get their hands on a quality OK1 kart.

As far as rental karts go, OK1 has two models on offer. One is a traditional chassis, the RTK, which focuses on safety and durability while also providing a lot of fun. The other one, the Race Line, is for those who want to get the maximum possible adrenaline rush by driving a race-ready chassis.

But no matter which model you choose, you’ll be sure to get an awesome-looking go-kart with all the features you could want from a modern competitive racing machine.

Tony Kart

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Tony Kart is one of the most recognizable names in the world of karting. Based in Italy, the company has been operating since 1958 when handcrafted kart chassis were developed in a small workshop. Ever since its inception, Tony Kart has been a company focusing on sheer quality and innovation in the sport of karting.

It was in 1986 when a Tony Kart chassis won the first World Championship for the manufacturer and they quickly became a force to be reckoned with in the industry. While previously the company produced go-karts that were available for purchase only, they have released the new ‘Viper’ that is available on a rental basis.

Other than everything else that makes Tony Karts extremely efficient and high-quality, the Viper also comes with a way to quickly adjust its pedals and seat in order to be comfortable for drivers of different heights.

In the competitive world, the two most known series that come from Tony Kart are the Racer and the Krypton. The newest models in both series are the results of years of expertise and innovation. New additions like the ‘high-grip’ steering wheel and the new spoiler at the front ensure that both models have improved performance when compared to their prior counterparts.

Paired with an aerodynamic frame, robust build quality, high-performance parts and the distinctive ‘Tony Kart’ green, these go-karts that are ready to take on any world championship you throw at them. For racers who want the absolute best quality and want to be part of a long history and tradition of winning, a Tony Kart is a great option.

Top Kart USA

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As the name very suggests, Top Kart is another American kart manufacturer. The company has been developing go-karts for over 40 years now, making all of its current products the results of decades of testing and innovation. The company goes as far as calling itself the ‘best go-kart racing team in North America’ based on the many titles their karts have won.

The premier racing kart produced by Top Kart USA is the SR30.2. It is made from 30mm tubing, making it suitable to be used with a number of engines and to be used in a number of racing events and categories. It can be tuned to the needs of the driver which makes it perfect for use by new drivers as well as the really advanced ones. The SR30.2 is designed to perform at the best level possible so that it can win no matter which event you take it to.

For young drivers, the company also manufactures the Kid Kart. It is a very safe and secure design that can be tuned according to different conditions. This kart makes it possible for young children to get into the sport and start working on their passion from an early age.

The karts created by Top Kart USA are great in terms of performance – we’ve already established that much – but they look absolutely stunning too. The main colors used in the design are white and blue, which is a great balance between sheer sportiness and subtle elegance. And with some yellow and gold accents here and there, these karts are sure to look stunning on any racetrack. All in all, a great American go-kart brand.

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