The Ultimate Go-Kart Price List

If you’re looking to buy a brand new go-kart from some of the most renowned manufacturers and are looking for a go-kart price list, you’re at the right place! I’ve taken the time to research and compile prices of various go-kart brands and models. As the retail price go-karts usually differ depending on the distributor, I’ve calculated the average price and compiled them into a large list for reference.

Please note that the prices listed in Euros (EUR) and United States Dollars (USD) are only indicative and are only meant to be used for reference. This is also a growing list, meaning that I will keep expanding it with more and updated information from time to time.

Important Notice: Prices indicated are only for complete go-kart chassis (without engine)

BrandModelClassAverage Price (EUR)Average Price (USD)
Birel ARTCRY30-S12KZ€4,400$5,200
Birel ARTCRY32-S12KZ€4,400$5,200
Birel ARTRY29-S12OK/OKJ€3,600$4,200
Birel ARTC28-S11MINI€2,300$2,700
Birel ARTCL30-S12OK/OKJ€3,600$4,200
Birel ARTAM29-S12-€2,600$3,000
COMPKARTCovert 3.0DD2€4,900$5,800
COMPKARTCovert 3.0KZ€4,900$5,800
COMPKARTCovert 3.0OK€4,100$4,900
COMPKARTCovert 4R-€2,900$3,400
COMPKARTRanger 28-C-€2,600$3,100
COMPKARTRanger 28-R-€2,600$3,100
CRGRoad RebelKZ€4,100$4,800
CRGRoad RebelOK/OKJ€3,300$3,900
CRGRoad Rebel Mini HeroMINI€2,400$2,800
IntrepidMini KartMINI€1,900$2,200
Kosmic KartMercury RKZ€4,600$5,400
Kosmic KartMercury ROK/OKJ€4,100$4,800
Kosmic KartRookieMINI€4,100$4,800
Margay RacingBrava 125IAME/X30/ROK€3,400$4,000
Margay RacingBrava 100KA100/KT100/KPV€3,400$4,000
Margay RacingBrava 206206€3,200$3,800
Margay RacingBrava 60MINI€3,000$3,500
Margay RacingIgnite K3-€2,800$3,300
Margay RacingIgnite K2-€2,800$3,300
Margay RacingWildcat-€2,600$3,100
PragaMini MonsterMINI€2,200$2,500
Tony KartRacer 401 RKZ€4,600$5,400
Tony KartRacer 401 ROK/OKJ€4,100$4,800
Tony KartKrypton 801KZ€4,600$5,400
Tony KartRacer 401 RDD2€4,300$5,100
Tony KartRookieMINI€2,900$3,400
Top KartBlue Eagle MiniMINI€1,900$2,300
Top KartBullet EvoOK/OKJ€2,000$2,300
Top KartDreamer RT-20OK/OKJ€3,000$3,500
Top KartDreamerOK/OKJ€2,900$3,400
Top KartDreamer RT-20KZ€3,900$4,600
Top-KartKid Kart RT-20-€900$1,100

In this section you’ll be able to find the go-kart prices categorized by manufacturer. The bolded numbers refer to the go-kart brand and model, the values in the brackets refer to the class and the underlined numbers refer to the respective price in EUR and USD. If you have more information or go-karts to add, please feel free to get in touch with me and I will be happy to add them to the price list. 

Birel ART Price List

  • Birel ART CRY30-S12 (KZ): €4,400 or $5,200
  • Birel ART CRY32-S12 (KZ): €4,400 or $5,200
  • Birel ART RY29-S12 (OK/OKJ): €3,600 or $4,200
  • Birel ART C28-S11 (MINI): €2,300 or $2,700
  • Birel ART CL30-S12 (OK/OKJ): €3,600 or $4,200
  • Birel ART AM29-S12: €2,600 or $3,000


  • COMPKART Covert 3.0 (DD2): €4,900 or $5,800
  • COMPKART Covert 3.0 (KZ): €4,900 or $5,800
  • COMPKART Covert 3.0 (OK): €4,100 or $4,900
  • COMPKART Covert 4R: €2,900 or $3,400
  • COMPKART Ranger 28-C: €2,600 or $3,100
  • COMPKART Ranger 28-R: €2,600 or $3,100

CRG Price List

  • CRG Road Rebel (KZ): €4,100 or $4,800
  • CRG Road Rebel (OK/OKJ): €3,300 or $3,900
  • CRG Road Rebel Mini Hero (MINI): €2,400 or $2,800

Exprit Price List

  • Exprit Mini (MINI): €2,200 or $2,600
  • Exprit Rookie: €2,600 or $3,100
  • Exprit Nordik: €2,600 or $3,100
  • Exprit Neosis (ROTAX/TAG/X30/KA3) €3,500 or $4,200
  • Exprit Thoos (DD2): €3,500 or $4,200
  • Exprit Thoos (ROTAX/TAG/X30/KA3): €3,900 or $4,600

Intrepid Price List

  • Intrepid Cruiser (KZ): €3,300 or $3,900
  • Intrepid Mini Kart (MINI): €1,900 or $2,200

Kosmic Kart Price List

  • Kosmic Kart Mercury R (KZ): €4,600 or $5,400
  • Kosmic Kart Mercury R (OK/OKJ): €4,100 or $4,800
  • Kosmic Kart Rookie (MINI): €4,100 or $4,800

Leclerk Price List

  • Leclerk CL30-S12 (KZ): €4,400 or $5,200

Mach1 Price List

  • Mach1 FIA5 (KZ): €4,100 or $4,800

Margay Racing Price List

  • Margay Racing Brava 125 (IAME/X30/ROK): €3,400 or $4,000
  • Margay Racing Brava 100 (KA100/KT100/KPV): €3,400 or $4,000
  • Margay Racing Brava 206 (206):€3,200 or $3,800
  • Margay Racing Brava 60 (MINI): €3,000 or $3,500
  • Margay Racing Ignite K3: €2,800 or $3,300
  • Margay Racing Ignite K2: €2,800 or $3,300
  • Margay Racing Wildcat: €2,600 or $3,100

Praga Price List

  • Praga EVO2 (KZ): €4,200 or $4,900
  • Praga Mini Monster (MINI): €2,200 or $2,500
  • Praga EVO2 (DD2): €4,200 or $4,900
  • Praga EVO2 (OK/OKJ): €3,500 or $4,100

Tony Kart Price List

  • Tony Kart Racer 401 R (KZ): €4,600 or $5,400
  • Tony Kart Racer 401 R (OK/OKJ): €4,100 or $4,800
  • Tony Kart Krypton 801 (KZ): €4,600 or $5,400
  • Tony Kart Racer 401 R (DD2): €4,300 or $5,100
  • Tony Kart Rookie (MINI): €2,900 or $3,400

Top Kart Price List

  • Top Kart Blue Eagle Mini (MINI): €1,900 or $2,300
  • Top Kart Bullet Evo (OK/OKJ): €2,000 or $2,300
  • Top Kart Dreamer RT-20 (OK/OKJ): €3,000 or $3,500
  • Top Kart Dreamer (OK/OKJ): €2,900 or $3,400
  • Top Kart Dreamer RT-20 (KZ): €3,900 or $4,600
  • Top-Kart Kid Kart RT-20: €900 or $1,100

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