How to Lift a Go-Kart

If you own a go-kart, you’ve probably done enough research to know that it requires a fair amount of maintenance, in order for it to run optimally. Maintenance of go-karts is usually done on a go-kart stand, as it provides a 360-degree working angle with easy access. A question that I always get asked is, how do I lift my go-kart onto the stand, in order to work on it. An average racing go-kart weights around 160 to 180 lbs (about 70 to 80 kg). That’s quite a lot of weight to carry. In fact, it’s more than I weigh. So, how do I do it?

The short answer is if I am with a friend, we carry the go kart onto the stand together. If I am alone, I use my electric kart stand that does everything automatically. Sounds interesting right? Don’t worry, I’ll explain everything in more detail.

How to Lift a Go-Kart with a Partner or Friend

Lifting a go-kart with a friend may sound like a tough task, but it’s actually a lot simpler than you think. Two people lifting a go-kart means that each person is essentially lifting about 80 to 90 lbs (about 35 to 40 kg). It’s quite common for an average person to be able to carry around half of his or her body weight. As a result, with two people you’ll have enough lifting power.

The question now is, where and how you lift the go-kart. Let’s start with where. You should ensure that each of you grab a piece of the frame. The frame is the strongest part of the go-kart and all components are directly or indirectly attached to it. Doing this will ensure that none of the more fragile parts get damaged when lifting.

If you have a lot of modifications on your go-kart you may be unable to get access to the frame. In that case, you should grab a part of the body kit or bumper. Make sure that you lift it from parts that are reinforced by the frame, or else you will break it. In my experience, the best places to lift a go-kart are from the center of the front and back.

Now we’ll explore how to actually lift your go-kart. When you start lifting, always ensure that you know how to lift heavy objects. Remember to lift with your knees, not with your back. Always keep a straight back, grip the frame tightly and use your legs to push yourself back up. After that, safely place your go-kart on the stand. You should avoid carrying your kart with your back, as this will only lead to injuries.

How to Lift a Go-Kart on Your Own

Now this is where it gets a little tricky. How do you actually lift a go-kart by yourself? Well, the short answer is, you don’t. In fact, you can’t. However, there is a very creative solution for it. Let me first explain why it’s impossible for you to lift a go-kart by yourself. In order to lift a go-kart by yourself, you would need to be able to lift your own body weight with your hands. This is impossible, unless you are a powerlifter. Remember that you would be lifting your kart with your hands, not your entire body.

Secondly, you would have to lean over in an awkward position and you won’t be able to get a good grip on the frame or body kit. So, please don’t even try this. Instead, here is an innovative solution.

Apparently not many people know this, but there are electric go-kart lifts, that also double as a stand. These go-kart lifts work by attaching two hooks to the frame. It then uses a motor to lift your go-kart up onto the frame. It’s a pretty genius and innovative invention that works. I bring this along everyone time I go to the race track alone and I always see people’s jaw drop when they see me using this gadget. It can be quite hard to imagine how these devices look like and function. I have included some videos below so that you can see how they actually work. As you can see, they don’t really require much effort and they’re really easy to operate.

How to Lift an Off-Road Go-Kart

When it comes to off-road go-karts, there’s a big difference. These types of go-karts weigh about 400 to 800 pounds (about 160 to 360 kg). Yes, that’s extremely heavy and unless you have a whole group of people helping out, it’s going to be a challenge.

There are a few options that you can take advantage of. The first one is by using a small car scissor lift. This is meant for cars, but there are also small versions available that don’t take up so much space. The second option is to use a small car jack that goes underneath each wheel and slowly lifts the off-road go-kart up. I’ve used both techniques before, and I personally prefer a smaller car lift as it’s much more convenient and stable.

Oftentimes, you won’t even need to lift your off-road go-kart unless you are repairing heavy damages or installing some upgrades. Maintenance can usually be done from the top or side and it’s quite convenient.


I hope that this article has taught you how to lift a go-kart. Remember to gauge if you are often racing with a partner or by yourself. If you’re more of a solo racer, perhaps you should invest in an electric go-kart stand that does all the lifting with a press of a button. They can be quite an investment but they do make the job much easier. Whichever option you take, make sure that you always lift your go-karts safely!

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