13 thoughts on “How to Read Go-Kart Tire Sizes”

    1. Hi Tonya,

      That depends on your wagon kart size & type. If it’s a regular push/garden kart, I would go for 10″ turf tires. If it’s a go-kart wagon (go-kart built into a wagon), then i’d go with regular 10 x 4.50-5 (front) and 11 x 6.00-5 (back).

      1. Hey I have a street cart that I want to take off road I don’t want to change the rim size because I’m on a budget it has 11×6.00-5 in the rear and 10×4.5-5 in the front are there tires that I can get that will give me better clearance but on the same rim because right now I’m sitting at about 2 inches 😂

    1. Hey Colin,

      You can check out the Go-Kart Tire Size Chart, there are some Off-Road tires on there.
      If you’re looking to buy some, you can get good ones on eBay or Amazon.

      Let me know if you’re looking for something in particular.

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  3. Hello. I have racing wheel hubs (American size) but I want to put bigger wheels and tires so that my nephews can drive it on the dirt or grass. Do they sell bigger wheels (than racing) that I can just put on the go kart or do I have to replace the wheel hubs also?

    1. Hi Cesar,

      Go-kart racing tires generally don’t get much bigger. Typically from 10 – 12 inches in height.
      If you’re looking for taller tires than that, you could opt for off-road go-kart tires.

      If you find off-road tires that have the same rim diameter and around the same tire width (1 – 2 inch tolerances are okay sometimes) you can just switch to the new tires without the need of new wheels and wheel hubs. Just ensure you have enough clearance off the frame.

      If you can only find larger tires that come with larger wheels, just ensure that the bore and bolt circle have the same dimensions if you want to keep the same wheel hub. You can check more on it here.

      If you don’t mind getting a new hub with the new wheel and tires, then just ensure that the bore of the new hub matches the old one. Also check your tire clearance.

      Hope this helped!

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