200+ Funny and Cool Go-Kart Racer and Team Names

If you’re looking for a funny or cool name for your go-kart racing persona, your go-kart or your go-kart racing team, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve scoured the internet and used my own creativity to compile and come up with some of the best go-kart racing names. The list below contains more than 200+ go-kart racer names that have a funny, serious, badass or cool vibe to it. Make sure that you read through all of them, as some of them will definitely get you laughing. If you’ve thought of any cool and funny go-kart racer or team names, feel free to share them in the comment section at the end of this post! 

  1. 2 Fast 2 Furious
  2. 2 Good 2 Kart
  3. 2-Stroke 2-Furious
  4. A la Kart
  5. Aaron Karter
  6. Accelerators
  7. Ace of Race
  8. Adrenaline
  9. Alpha
  10. Amazing Race
  11. Are We There Yet?
  12. Axle
  13. Baby Formula 1
  14. Blade Runner
  15. Blazin’ Wheels
  16. Blitz
  17. Boomer
  18. Brake Dancers
  19. Britney Steers
  20. Brute Force
  21. Burnout
  22. Captain Amerikart
  23. Carnage
  24. Chain Lightning
  25. Chicane Master
  26. Chick Magnet
  27. Circuit Breaker
  28. Clutch This!
  29. Count Dragula
  30. Crazy Karter
  31. Daredevil
  32. Dominator
  33. Eat My Dust
  34. Eat, Sleep, Kart
  35. Eliminator
  36. Fast and Furious
  37. Fast Five
  38. Fast, Faster, Me!
  39. Fearless
  40. Finisher
  41. Firebrand
  42. Flare Intake System
  43. Formula None
  44. Forza
  45. From Last to First
  46. Fueled Up
  47. Full Throttle
  48. Furiosa
  49. G-Force
  50. Geared to Win
  51. Get Smoked!
  52. Getaway
  53. Ghost Rider
  54. Go Kart or Go Home
  55. Gone in Sixty Seconds
  56. Gone with the Wind
  57. Grand Stand
  58. Grease Monkey
  59. Grim Reaper
  60. GTA
  61. High Speed
  62. High Voltage
  63. Hold My Beer
  64. Horse Power
  65. Hot Engine
  66. Hot Wheels
  67. How’s My Rear View?
  68. Hurricane
  69. I’m too Young to Finish
  70. Last
  71. Indestructible
  72. Inferno
  73. Invincible
  74. Jurassic Kart
  75. Kart Attack
  76. Kart Crusher
  77. Kart Killer
  78. Kart Wars
  79. Kart-o-maniac
  80. Kart2Kart
  81. Kartatouille
  82. Karterina
  83. Kartman
  84. Kartmobile
  85. Kartographer
  86. Kartology
  87. Karton
  88. Kartridge
  89. Kartuga
  90. Karty Perry
  91. Kartzilla
  92. Kickin’ Assphalt
  93. King of the Thrill
  94. King of the Track
  95. Klutch
  96. Knockout
  97. License to Thrill
  98. Light Speed
  99. Mad Max
  100. Magna Karta
  101. Make Haste
  102. Mario Kart
  103. Max Power
  104. Max Speed
  105. Maximus
  106. Mc Driver
  107. Me First, You Last
  108. Mean Machine
  109. Melting Rubber
  110. Most Wanted
  111. My Kart > Your Kart
  112. Naskart
  113. Need for Speed
  114. Nicholas RollCage
  115. Nitro
  116. NOS Machine
  117. Octane
  118. Optimus Prime
  119. Overlap
  120. Ownage
  121. Pacer
  122. Passing Through!
  123. Phantom
  124. Pist n’ Broke
  125. Piston Head
  126. Pole Position
  127. Prowler
  128. Pumped Up Kits
  129. R/C Kart
  130. Race Ventura
  131. Racing Addict
  132. Raise The Bar
  133. Ready, Set, Win
  134. Redline
  135. Roadrunner
  136. Robert DeGearo
  137. Robert Downshift Jr
  138. Robo Kart
  139. Rocket-Bye-Baby
  140. Screechers
  141. Shooting Star
  142. Shopping Kart
  143. Skull Crusher
  144. Slick
  145. Smoked
  146. Smokin’ Wheels
  147. Spark Plug
  148. Specific Rim
  149. Speed Demon
  150. Speed Maniac
  151. Speed Racer
  152. Speedin’ Demon
  153. Speedometer
  154. Speedsters
  155. Speedy Gonzales
  156. Spin Diesel
  157. Spin to Win
  158. Spinout
  159. Sprint King
  160. Sprocket Rocket
  161. Steervester Stallone
  162. Step on It
  163. Steven Squeelberg
  164. Stinger
  165. Stomper
  166. T-Wrecks
  167. Taylor Drift
  168. The Avenger
  169. The Checkered Flags
  170. The Fast and The Furious
  171. The Kartaracs
  172. The Outlaw
  173. The Overtaker
  174. The Pedal To The Metal
  175. The Punisher
  176. The Spartan
  177. The Wind
  178. This is Kartaaa!
  179. To Kart or Not to Kart
  180. Tokyo Drift
  181. Tour Guide
  182. Track Police
  183. Trailblazer
  184. Training Wheels
  185. Transporter
  186. Trojan Kart
  187. Troublemaker
  188. Turbo
  189. Turbomeister
  190. United States of
  191. Amerikart
  192. USS Karterprise
  193. Viper
  194. Warlock
  195. Where’d He Go?
  196. Where’s the Finish Line?
  197. Will Race for Food
  198. XXL
  199. Yes, Another Lap
  200. You Snooze, You Lose
  201. ZigZag
  202. Zoomer
  203. Zorro
  204. Kart Master
  205. Track Beast
  206. Smokin’ Tires

Type of Go-Kart Names

If you’ve read through most of the names in this list, you would have realized that there are different types of names. Some of them are funny, such as “This is Kartaaa!” making reference to the movie 300, or “Specific Rim” which makes a play at the movie Pacific Rim, while also making references to go-kart parts. There are also cool sounding names such as “The Overtaker” or Trailblazer”. Additionally, you would have also come across funny name references in the list. For example “Steervester Stallone”, “Race Ventura” or “Robert DeGearo”, which are famous personalities that have a go-kart racing spin to them. 

How to Pick a Go-Kart Name

When it comes to picking a go-kart name, ensure that you know what and who the name is meant to be for. If you are picking a name for your go-kart you could name it something that suits the looks or the type of your go-kart. For example, if it’s a racing go-kart you could call it something like “NOS Machine” or “Speed Demon”. 

If you’re naming your team, you should try and match your team’s personality. For example, if you are a group of friends having a lot of fun on the track you could opt for a fun group go-kart racing team name. Something like “Kickin’ Assphalt” or “Hold My Beer”. However if you’re taking things more professionally, then you could opt for a cooler sounding one such as”High Voltage” or “Geared to Win”

If you are looking for a go-kart racer name for yourself, you should pick a racer name that compliments your personality. There are many funny, cool or badass names in the list to pick from. I personally tend to go for a funny sounding go-kart and racer name, as it never hurts to have fun. Chances are that people will pick up on it and have a great laugh. It’s also great to display wordplay and you’ll be able to see who gets in and who doesn’t!


I hope that you enjoyed the list of names that I have compiled and came up with. It’ll be even more fun if this was a community effort and I am happy if you’d like to suggest some. I’ll update this list from time to time if I can think of more funny and cool go-kart racer and team names. If you’ve thought of some, please feel free to share them with everyone in the comment section below. 

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