Team Valhalla Racing 360 Plus Neck Brace Review

Kart racers are very familiar with the issue of the sudden, often dangerous, movements that their necks can suffer from while they’re speeding down the racetrack. This is a very serious problem that can lead to long-term injuries, especially from hyperflexion that racers can experience when colliding with other go-karts.

That is why neck braces like the Team Valhalla Racing 360 Plus Neck Brace exist. This is an excellent choice for those racers who want a durable and protective neck brace to help keep their head locked into position while driving at high speeds.

You may be familiar with some neck braces or collars, which are generally made of foam or plastic that wrap around your neck. The 360 Plus differs from these generic foam collars and offers much more protection than the average neck brace. Made from high-quality materials like nylon for the core, it not only feels more premium, but also provides more stability and protection to the head and neck.


  • Great adjustability
  • Prevents hyperflexion
  • Adult and youth size
  • Approved by IKR and WKA

This kind of protection is crucial for racers because cutting high-speed corners and even minor collisions can cause the upper body to go through severe neck movements. This can cause neck muscles to strain, which can result in long-term pain or discomfort. The 360 Plus provides excellent neck protection and in this review, we’ll be taking a look at why it’s so great!


There are plenty of aspects that make the Team Valhalla 360 Plus Neck Brace a great option for go-kart racers. To summarize, here are some of its best features:

  • Glass-filled nylon material
  • Comfortable head rotation
  • Reduces frontal hyperflexion
  • Reduces extreme lateral motion
  • Approved by IKF and WKA
  • Designed for go-kart racing

Build Quality

The Team Valhalla Racing 360 Plus is made from a combination of foam and nylon. The core itself is made of glass-filled nylon, adding to the stability of the brace while the rest of the device is made largely of high-density foam.

The portion of the neck brace that goes under the chin is also made of high-quality and sturdy foam. This is a very important aspect of this neck brace, as having other types of materials may not be optimal. If the driver is experiencing a sudden forward movement of the neck and head, the foam padding helps to absorb the shock.

Thanks to the nylon core and the high-quality foam, this go-karting neck brace features a great combination of sturdy build construction and comfortable design elements, which every kart racer can appreciate.


The Valhalla Racing 360 Plus Neck Brace is designed to be not only secure but also comfortable. The use of foam in the chin area and around the sides make the brace it comfortable to wear. There are also smaller gaps between the helmet and brace to give you a good range of free head movement.

team valhalla 360 plus comfort

Key Comfort Features:

  • Soft padding around the back and side 
  • Hard foam on chin area
  • Ample head movement clearance

The added thin layer of foam padding around the sides of the brace lends extra comfort for lateral flexion. Although traditional foam braces feel more comfortable, they aren’t as rigid as the 360 plus – however, it’s a worthy trade-off.

It’s lightweight design doesn’t make it feel cumbersome or restrictive to wear at all, even with additional protective gear. The foam used here is denser than in other protective braces and strikes the perfect balance between comfort and protection.


The main concerns for go-kart racers are the movements of extreme lateral motion and hyperflexion of the neck. This can occur during races when facing uneven terrain, sharp cornering and also during collisions. The good news is that the foam used in the construction of the 360 Plus is denser than in standard neck braces, which helps to prevent frontal hyperflexion.

Additionally, the core piece is equipped with vertical braces that are located behind the helmet of the driver. When the helmet comes in contact with these vertical braces, it helps to dampen neck motion, which in turn can also prevent rear hyperflexion. Similarly, when the helmet of the driver comes in contact with the side supports, extreme lateral motions are also minimized.

You may initially think that this much protection would lead to restricted head movement while racing, but that’s definitely not the case – you will still be able to turn your head comfortably and spot racers around you.

All of this protection is supplemented by a unique ‘break-away feature’. This allows the 360 Plus to protect your head and neck if something gets hooked in the brace. As you can tell, this neck brace has plenty of safety features for go-kart racers. 


To ensure a perfect fit, the Valhalla Racing 360 Plus comes with Velcro straps that can be used to adjust the foam components to your liking. You can move the pieces laterally or from front to back to make sure that the brace fits you nicely – it doesn’t feel too tight either.

team valhalla 360 plus adjustability

Key Adjustability Features:

  • 2 x Dual release buckles
  • 2 x Strap adjusters
  • 2 x Durable straps

Moreover, there are also highly durable straps with dual release buckles that are used to secure the straps. These under-arm straps can be tightened or loosened via a strap adjuster on each side.

These adjusters ensure a perfect fit while you’re out on the race track. Always ensure that you securely tighten the straps with these adjusters. Overall, the 360 offers great adjustability. You’ll even have the option to simply just release the buckles after your race, in order to keep the strap length at exactly the same settings. This saves you the hassle of having to adjust the neck brace before every race.


The product comes in two sizes – Youth and Adult. The youth size is for racers whose neck circumference is between 10” to 13”. It’s not advisable for racers to wear this neck brace with a neck circumference that is less than 10″. For the larger adult size the neck circumference should measure anything above 13.5”. You can refer to the sizing table below for quick reference.

SizeNeck Circumference
Youth10" - 13"
Adult13.5" +


The Team Valhalla 360 Plus Neck Brace comes in classic black color that is sure to look great with all kinds of race gear. This is different from many other conventional neck braces that may come in various colors. Therefore, this neck brace looks much more professional and aggressive.

On a professional karting track where a racer’s demeanor and mental preparedness is also important, this neck brace may just give you that psychological advantage.


This neck brace is certified by both the World Karting Association (WKA), as well as the International Karting Federation (IKF). This also indicates that the 360 Plus meets stringent manufacturing and quality requirements, making this a great option for go-kart racing.


I hope that you have enjoyed the Valhalla Racing 360 Plus Neck Brace review. All things considered, this neck brace features an aggressive design and is equipped with plenty of sophisticated features, compared to traditional foam braces. 

It’s suitable for go-kart racers who take this motorsport seriously. It should definitely be considered for the added protection, great adjustability and extremely well-executed build quality.


  • Great adjustability
  • Prevents hyperflexion
  • Adult and youth size
  • Approved by IKR and WKA

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