Yerf Dog Go-Kart Chain Size List

In this Yerf Dog go-kart chain size list you’ll be able to find the correct chain size for any Yerf Dog model. This list may come in handy if you’re planning to replace your current go-kart chain with a new one.

You can simply look up your Yerf Dog model in this list and the corresponding chain size, number of links and Yerf Dog part number on the right side column. Further down this page, I’ve included a guide that will explain how to read this Yerf Dog go-kart chain size list and what each of these columns mean.

If you would like to contribute to this least, kindly reach out to me and I’ll be happy to update or add the information accordingly.

Model ImageBrand NameModel NumberChain SizeLinksPart Number
Yerf Dog1203#4066H93262W
Yerf Dog1204#4066H93262W
Yerf Dog3002#4066H93262W
Yerf Dog3200#4066H93262W
Yerf Dog3202#407000994
Yerf Dog3203#407000994
Yerf Dog3204#407000994
Yerf Dog3205#407000994
Yerf Dog3206#5306005707
Yerf Dog3208#407000994
Yerf Dog3209#5306005707
Yerf Dog42101#5306005707
Yerf Dog42105---
Yerf Dog30009#4066H93262W
Yerf Dog30021#407000994
Yerf Dog30032#407000994
Yerf Dog30033#407000994
Yerf Dog30034#407000994
Yerf Dog32001#407000994
Yerf Dog32092#5306005707
Yerf Dog32093#5306005707
Yerf Dog40000---
Yerf Dog42054---
Yerf Dog42094---

How to Read the Yerf Dog Go-Kart Chain Size List

If the list above is not clear to you, then please read on as I will explain what the image model, brand name, model number, chain size, links and part number mean. This will enable you to understand each column of the chart.

Model Image

The Yerf Dog model image serves as a reference to the actual Yerf Dog model. If you’re unsure of your model number, you can simply draw reference to the image and find the corresponding Yerf Dog model number.

Brand Name

The brand name refers to the name of the manufacturer, which in this case is Yerf Dog.

Model Number

Each Yerf Dog go-kart series has a unique model number.  This number is a 4 to 5 digit string. You’ll be able to locate this number in the owner’s manual.

Chain Size

You’ll be able to find the corresponding chain size for the Yerf Dog model in this column. Yerf Dog go-karts either have a #40 or a #530 chain. Each chain size has different measurements and it’s therefore important that you know which chain size your go-kart has.


This value indicates the number of links that the chain has. For example, the #530 chain requires 60 links. Please take note that the #40 chain has two different sizes. There is a 70 link version and a 66 link version. You can read more on how to shorten go-kart chain sizes, if the roller chain you purchased is too long. 

Part Number

Each part number for Yerf Dog go-karts is unique so that you can ensure that you have the right part. This will help you, if you’re looking to buy a new chain, in order to replace the old one. As you can see in the list above, the #530 has a part number 05707 (60 links), the #40 chain has the part numbers H93262W (66 links) and 00994 (70 links). 

Where Can I Learn More About Go-Kart Chain Sizes?

As you can see, your Yerf Dog go-kart model has a particular go-kart chain size that you need to follow. Each roller chain size has different measurements, such as pitch, roller diameter, roller width, pin diameter and tensile. If you’d like to learn more about go-kart chain sizes, I would highly recommend that you check out the go-kart chain size chart for more information.

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  1. Hello I recently purchased a one of these go carts for my son but the previous owner had lost the owners manual over the years and didn’t remember what size the chain was the chain broke and I’m looking for one to replace it wet but I don’t know the size the width or the length I know it’s a single seater and I can send pictures of it I know the engine size is a 196cc motor but looking for a chain for it any info will help.


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