Yerf Dog Go-Kart Tire Size List

If you’re looking to replace your Yerf Dog go-kart tires with a new set, you can simply refer to this list. This Yerf Dog go-kart tire size list will provide you with the original front and rear tire specifications, so that you can select the right aftermarket tires for your Yerf Dog. 

Simply look up your Yerf Dog model from the list below and check the front and rear tire dimensions in the column to the right side. If you require more information on how to read this list, you can scroll further down to the bottom of this page, where I will explain what each column means. This is a growing list and as you can see, certain Yerf Dog models are still missing dimensions. 

If you have more information and would like to contribute to the Yerf Dog tire size list, simply leave a comment and I will add the data to the list accordingly. Any contribution is much appreciated.

Model ImageBrand NameModel NumberFront TiresRear Tires
Yerf Dog120310 x 3.50 - 513 x 5.00 - 6
Yerf Dog12044.10 x 3.50 - 413 x 5.00 - 6
Yerf Dog300215 x 6.00 - 620 - 10.00 - 8
Yerf Dog320015 x 6.00 - 620 - 10.00 - 8
Yerf Dog320215 x 6.00 - 620 - 10.00 - 8
Yerf Dog320315 x 6.00 - 620 x 10.00 - 8
Yerf Dog320415 x 6.00 620 x 10.00 - 8
Yerf Dog320515 x 6.00 - 620 x 10.00 - 8
Yerf Dog320615 x 6.00 - 620 x 10.00 - 8
Yerf Dog32084.10 x 3.50 - 513 x 5.00 - 6
Yerf Dog320915 x 6.00 - 620 x 10.00 - 8
Yerf Dog4210115 x 6.00 - 620 x 10.00 - 8
Yerf Dog4210515 x 6.00 - 620 x 10.00 - 8
Yerf Dog30009--
Yerf Dog3002115 x 6.00 - 620 - 10.00 - 8
Yerf Dog3003215 x 6.00 - 618 x 8.50 - 8
Yerf Dog30033--
Yerf Dog3003415 x 6.00 - 618 x 8.50 - 8
Yerf Dog32001--
Yerf Dog3209215 x 6.00 - 620 x 10.00 - 8
Yerf Dog3209315 x 6.00 - 620 x 10.00 - 8
Yerf Dog40000--
Yerf Dog4205415 x 6.00 - 620 x 10.00 - 8
Yerf Dog4209415 x 6.00 - 620 x 10.00 - 8

How to Read the Yerf Dog Go-Kart Tire Size List

If you would like to understand the Yerf Dog tire size list in a little more detail, you can refer to each of the column descriptions below. I will go through the model image, brand name, model number, front tire and rear tire column and explain how they are supposed to be read.

Model Image

The model image serves as a reference to you if you’re unsure of your Yerf Dog model number. If you’re missing the owner’s manual, you can simply identify your go-kart by the image in the model column. 

Brand Name

The brand name refers to the name of the manufacturer, which in this case is Yerf Dog.

Model Number

Yerf Dog model numbers consist of a series of numbers that range from 4 to 5 digits. Each model number has a unique set of parts and models within the same category often share the same tire sizes. You can simple check your Yerf Dog model number in the owner’s model or refer to the model image. 

Front Tires

The front tire column indicates the tire dimensions of a particular Yerf Dog go-kart model. For example, the Yerf Dog model 42054 has front tire dimensions of 15 x 6.00 – 6.

Rear Tires

The rear tire column indicates the tire dimensions of the rear tires. Using the same example, the Yerf Dog go-kart model 42054 has rear tire dimensions of 20 x 10 – 8.

How Do I Know What The Yerf Dog Tire Sizes Mean?

Yerf Dog tire sizes are indicated using the standard go-kart tire size dimensions. I’ve created a separate guide on how to read go-kart tire sizes, if you want to understand what each of these values mean and how they are measured.

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  1. Hello,
    do you know the wheel sizes and bearing sizes for the Yerf Dog 3002? Im looking for a replacement rear for my kids Go-Kart. Thanks som much.

  2. need front and rear wheel & tires for old model yerfdog. two seater, spindle fronts, 4 lug rears no rollbar. dont know how to find model#


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