Kandi 200cc Go-Kart Review (Kandi 200GKA-2)

The Kandi 200cc (also called Kandi 200GKA-2) is an impressive go-kart, if you’re looking for an off-road, full-sized two-seater vehicle that is designed for youths and adults. Its wide frame gives the driver and the passenger enough and can easily fit two adults.

The Kandi 200cc – technically having a displacement of 177.3cc – off-road go-kart comes with a 4-stroke gas-powered engine that can reach top speeds of up to 38 mph, which is faster than off-road go-karts with similar specifications. 

kandi 200c go-kart

Kandi 200cc Features

  • 4-Stroke Engine
  • 177.3cc Displacement
  • 38 mph Top Speed
  • For Adults and Youths

With accelerating and braking pedals right at the driver’s feet, this kart feels natural to drive. In combination with the ergonomic and well-padded seats, you have an adventurous and comfortable go-kart at your disposal. 

The Kandi 200cc go-kart is a great option for adults and youths that are looking for a thrilling off-road experience. Moreover, it’s equipped with various safety features and makes off-road racing extremely fun! But, is it the one for you? Well, let’s find out!


The Kandi 200c is packed with features that are bound to deliver hours of off-road racing fun! Before we dive any deeper, let’s check out some of its specifications. 

  • Engine: 4-Stroke Gas-Powered
  • Displacement: 177.3 cc
  • Rated Power: 8.72 hp @ 7500 rpm
  • Max Torque: 7.36 lb ft @ 6000 rpm
  • Top Speed: 38 mph
  • Start Type: Electric 
  • Battery: 12V 9Ah
  • Brakes: Hydraulic 
  • Front Tires: 21×7-10
  • Rear Tires: 22×11-10
  • Fuel Tank: 1.6 gal
  • Weight: 525 lbs
  • Max Load: 353 lbs


With a top speed of up to 38 mph, the Kandi 200cc packs quite a punch. In this section, we’ll take a more detailed look at the performance, in particular at the engine, fuel tank, and transmission. 


This off-road go-kart comes fitted with a powerful and high-performance engine. This engine is a clone of the GY6 engine by Honda, which is a single-cylinder engine with a 4-stroke cycle. Take note that while it’s technically called the Kandi 200cc or Kandi 200GKA-2, it actually has a displacement of 177.3cc (it’s conveniently rounded up).

kandi 200cc engine

The engine provides up to 8.72 hp @ 7,500 rpm and enables the Kandi 200cc to achieve a top speed of up to 38 mph. It features an air-cooled design and is located at the rear end of the go-kart, beneath the sturdy frame. 

There’s also an internal balancer in the engine that minimizes the amount of vibration and allows the engine to utilize its maximum power. The 12V 9Ah battery is housed in a protective cover. 

Fuel Tank

As the Kandi 200cc is a gas-powered go-kart, it requires a fuel tank. This fuel tank has a total fuel capacity of 1.6 gallons and is located on top of the engine at the rear and is securely held in place. 


This kart comes with a chain drive transmission with a live axle that is also located at the rear of the go-kart. It also features an automatic transmission, which means that you won’t have to worry about manually changing gears. There’s a reverse gear too, which makes it extremely convenient when you back up the go-kart.

Build Quality

Overall, the Kandi 200GKA-2 is a sturdy go-kart that features heavy duty materials. Let’s take a closer look at the build quality of the frame and tires to get a better understanding. 


The kart’s frame with its roll cage is made out of high-quality and durable steel tubing. Metal makes up the majority of the build material of the Kandi 200cc with some parts made out of durable plastic, like the side mirrors and mud flaps that cover the tires. 

kandi 200cc go-kart

The roll cage is padded for additional driver and passenger safety. The integrated side rails are made out of metal, as well – again with some padding where you might come in contact with them.

The weight of the Kandi 200cc is 562.2 lbs. It supports a total weight (driver plus passenger) of up to 353 lbs. It’s wide wheelbase of 74.3 inches is ideal for off-road environments.


The wheels are made out of steel, with the option of having aluminum versions installed. All four tires are made of durable rubber with a knobby profile for extra grip, especially on uneven terrain. 

The size of the front tires is 21×7-10 while the rear tires are larger at 22×11-10. If you want to read more on what those values mean, check out the guide on how to read tire sizes on go-karts. 

Steering & Controls

The steering and controls on this off-roach go-kart are fairly decent, too. In this section, I’ll run you through the steering, as well as the accelerating and braking aspects.


The Kandi 200cc kart is designed to be operated from the left side. It has a circular steering wheel that offers very precise control over the directions. It’s important to add that the steering wheel is ergonomic and comfortable to steer, which is extremely important when racing on rough terrain.

Accelerating & Braking

The hydraulic braking system on both the front and rear wheels, make this kart come to a complete stop in just a few seconds. This is done using the brake pedal that is conveniently located right next to the acceleration pedal at the driver’s feet. 

These pedals make the driving experience feel more natural as there are no buttons or handles to operate for braking. Take note that the pedals are designed to be operated by a moderately-sized adult or slightly larger youth, being about 36 – 40 inches away from the adjustable seat. 

The kart also has an emergency brake that can be pulled much like an emergency brake in a car. This is located on the right-hand side of the driver for easy access. 


Comfort is an important aspect for any type of go-kart. In fact, it’s particularly important for off-road go-karts, where bumps and shakes are easily felt from the off-road terrain. How does the Kandi 200cc fare here? Let’s find out!


As the Kandi 200cc is a two-seater off-road go-kart, it has two two individual seats. Both seats are fully padded to provide a comfortable fit for a wide range of body types. They are also adjustable to cater to various different heights. 


The kart also has a dedicated suspension system. The front and back suspensions are independent of each other, providing a smooth ride no matter the terrain.  

The suspensions utilize coil-over shocks for active dampening, which adds to the riding comfort and helps with maintaining good ground clearance. To help with off-road stability, the soft tires with excellent grip also enable a smoother ride. 


Apart from the roll cage and side rails that are part of the frame, the Kandi 200cc kart also has other safety features. One of these are the two 3-point harnesses that keep the driver and passenger locked into their seats. 

The wide wheelbase and relatively low center of gravity also help in this regard, as the go-kart remains stable even when racing in off-road conditions. 

You’ll also be able to drive this go-kart at night, as it’s equipped with four halogen lights that keep the terrain ahead of you well-lit. Two of these are located on the top of the off-road go-kart and act as spotlights while the two are at the front and act as fog lights. 

These lights come with both high and low beams so you can use them in various conditions. There are even blinkers on this model, as well as hazard light functionality so you can keep your kart visible to other vehicles at all times – even when it’s dark. 

Additional Features

The Kandi 200c go-kart even has some additional features. Some good-to-have features include the ability to start it electronically, a well-padded roll cage, an emergency break and various others. Unfortunately it does not have a storage tray or compartment. However, here’s a list of what you can expect:

  • Roll cage
  • Emergency break
  • Mesh netting
  • Independent suspensions
  • Headlights
  • Automatic transmission
  • Any many more


Now that you’ve managed to acquaint yourself with all of the features, it all boils down to the following question: is the Kandi 200cc go-kart fun to drive? Definitely! If you’re looking for a kart that offers a great driving experience on multiple terrains, this is a great choice. It is a comfortable and fast off-road kart. 

What increases the fun factor, besides the great top speed is the independent suspension system. This makes racing on rough and uneven terrain comfortable and thrilling at the same time!  

Another great thing about this model is that it can be enjoyed not only by adults but also youths. It has enough space to fit two full-sized adults, meaning that you can easily share the fun experience with a friend or family member. 


The Kandi 200GKA-2 is available in blue, yellow, red, and black. The overall design of this go-kart is simple, yet highly functional. It’s designed to look like a dune buggy, with the top roll cage adding a lot to the aesthetic. 

From the front, the kart looks like a combination of durable and rugged. The round lights and exposed suspension make it look functional while the tubular frame, roll cage, and netting behind the seats add to the sturdy feel of it. 

Buying Options

The Kandi 200cc is a relatively common go-kart and is available brand new on multiple online stores. You’ll also have the option to purchase a used one from classified websites such as eBay, Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

Here are some places to get a brand new one:

Final Thoughts

The Kandi 200cc go-kart is great for those who are looking for a two-seater model that is suitable for off-road driving and that’s affordable. The kart brings a lot of features to the table, including a powerful engine, a great suspension, a very cool look, and a comfortable driving experience.

Its safety features also make it stand out from some of its competitors. With a safety harness, roll cage, and lights, it can take you anywhere you want to go. Overall, the Kandi 200cc is a great go-kart for families at an affordable price range. Make sure to also check out the best off-road go-karts.

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