Yerf Dog Go-Kart Belt Size List

If you’ve got a Yerf Dog go-kart and are looking for a replacement drive belt, this list is for you. The list below contains all Yerf Dog kart models and their corresponding torque converter drive belts. Your Yerf Dog belt size may not be mentioned in the owner’s manual, or you may not have the service manual anymore. The information on this list has been aggregated from various manuals and user contributions. If you’ve spotted any inconsistencies or wrong information, kindly get in touch so that we can adjust the list accordingly.

Model ImageModel NameBelt MakeBelt ModelPart No.Top WidthOuter CircumferencePurchase Belt
Yerf Dog 1203Comet30 Series203589A3/4"27-3/8"Buy on Amazon
Yerf Dog 1204Comet30 Series203589A3/4"27-3/8"Buy on Amazon
Yerf Dog 3002Comet30 Series203589A3/4"27-3/8"Buy on Amazon
Yerf Dog 3200Comet30 Series203589A3/4"27-3/8"Buy on Amazon
Yerf Dog 3202Comet30 Series203589A3/4"27-3/8"Buy on Amazon
Yerf Dog 3203Comet30 Series203589A3/4"27-3/8"Buy on Amazon
Yerf Dog 3204Comet30 Series203589A3/4"27-3/8"Buy on Amazon
Yerf Dog 3205Comet30 Series203589A3/4"27-3/8"Buy on Amazon
Yerf Dog 3206Comet30 Series203589A3/4"27-3/8"Buy on Amazon
Yerf Dog 3208Comet30 Series203589A3/4"27-3/8"Buy on Amazon
Yerf Dog 3209GatesCVTPL2070525/32"32-7/8"Buy on Amazon
Yerf Dog 42101GatesCVTPL2070525/32"32-7/8"Buy on Amazon
Yerf Dog 42105GatesCVTPL2070525/32"32-7/8"Buy on Amazon
Yerf Dog 30009Comet30 Series203589A3/4"27-3/8"Buy on Amazon
Yerf Dog 30021Comet30 Series203589A3/4"27-3/8"Buy on Amazon
Yerf Dog 30032Comet30 Series203589A3/4"27-3/8"Buy on Amazon
Yerf Dog 30033Comet30 Series203589A3/4"27-3/8"Buy on Amazon
Yerf Dog 30034Comet30 Series203589A3/4"27-3/8"Buy on Amazon
Yerf Dog 32001Comet30 Series203589A3/4"27-3/8"Buy on Amazon
Yerf Dog 32092GatesCVTPL2070525/32"32-7/8"Buy on Amazon
Yerf Dog 32093GatesCVTPL2070525/32"32-7/8"Buy on Amazon
Yerf Dog 40000GatesCVTPL2070525/32"32-7/8"Buy on Amazon
Yerf Dog 42054GatesCVTPL2070525/32"32-7/8"Buy on Amazon
Yerf Dog 42094GatesCVTPL2070525/32"32-7/8"Buy on Amazon

How to Read the Yerf Dog Go-Kart Belt Size List

The chart above will help yo to identify the correct Yerf Dog go-kart belt size. If you’re not able to understand the table above then you can simply read on, as I will explain how each column is read and what each value means. We will be taking a closer look at the following columns: model image, model name, belt make, belt size, part number, top width, outer circumference and purchase belt.

Model Image

The mode image is simply a picture of the yerf dog model. The image should serve as a visual reference to you. If you’re unaware of the model number or if you can’t locate your Yerf Dog user manual, you can refer to the image, in order to identify your go-kart model.

Model Name

The model name refers to the Yerf Dog model. This number can be found in your Yerf Dog owner’s or service manual. If you’re unable to locate the model name, you can look at the model image to ensure that you’re selecting the right belt for your go-kart.

Belt Make

The belt make refers to the brand of the drive belt for the torque converter that your Yerf Dog came with. Please note that this is the make of the original belt which doesn’t mean that it’s the only drive belt that is compatible. In most cases, there are similar and more affordable drive belts available that suit your Yerf Dog, which are mentioned in the “Purchase Belt” column.

Belt Model

The belt model refers to the name of a particular series of drive belts of a manufacturer. For example, Comet has multiple belts that belong to a particular range (20 Series, 30 Series or CAT99). Belt models are often grouped into a model line that are of the same type, yet have different dimensions.

Part Number

The part number refers to the part number of the belt. The part number is unique for each belt and these belts have the same dimensions. This will help you to identify which belt your need for your Yerf Dog go-kart. For example, the Yerf Dog 3200 go-kart requires a Comet belt with the part number 203589A or any alternative belt from another manufacturer with the same measurements.

Top Width

The top width of the belt refers to the distance between the top two outer sides when looking at the belt from a cross-sectional point of view. The top width of the belt depends on the type of torque converter that your go-kart is running on. Yerf Dog go-karts commonly use belts that have either a top width of 3/4″ or 25/32” (0.78125-inches).

Outer Circumference

The outer circumference measures the circumference of the drive belt on the outer layer. It’s important that your Yerf Dog belt is correct in size so that your go-kart can run optimally. The outer circumference value is locked to the part number, so if you can identify the correct part number of the belt, you don’t need to worry about this.

Purchase Belt

I’ve included an option to purchase a suitable belt through a link that is found on the column furthest to the right. This makes it easier for you and you don’t have to look for the correct belt dimensions yourself. However, you can also source Yerf Dog drive belts yourself. There are many types of drive belt manufacturers which offer belts that are suitable for your Yerf Dog go-kart. Please note that some of these links may not direct you to a belt of the original manufacturer, such as Comet but rather to a more affordable alternative of similar quality. You are of course free to choose any belt that is suitable for your kart.

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  1. Got a Jackshaft(driven) of 7.5 inch and Crankshaft(driver) with 6 inch and bolt to bolt of 8 inch… What belt do I need?


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